Return of Siobhán

We pre- released this video in advance at a $50 discounted price as part of our April Sale and now, because the final edit turned out to be only 3/4 of an hour long, we've decided to leave it at the discounted price upon release!

It's very seldom we see an enemate retire from video, then return ten years later. And it's incredible that the returnee is the most-requested Enemarotica model ever: Siobhán.

For ten years, everyone's been saying, "Whatever happened to Siobhán?" Here's your answer!

We'd say she's aged well, but the truth is, she's hardly aged at all. We just met up with her in early April in some plush digs in the desert Southwest and we've videotaped a 4-enema "return" movie.

She started with a 1947-vintage Davol "Comfy" fountain syringe.

And we'd probably better mention a few bruises you'll see here and in the video. Don't worry - nobody's been abused, unless you consider an outdoorsy, rough-and-tumble lifestyle self-abuse. We don't.

Can you say, "Extreme Sports"? We'd call her a grown-up "tomboy", but she'd probably punch our lights out.

Ja;fway through the enema, she decided to move a little closer to the fireplace.

We didn't mind. It gave us a better view of her curvaceous bottom!

When she finished the bag, she left the nozzle in as a buttplug when she dashed for the bathroom.

We'd used water a little warmer than she was used to using, herself (about 42ºC or 105ºF) and she kept commenting on how much easier the warmer water went in - and came out!

She had to go to the potty twice for most of the enemas.

After relaxing a bit to let her colon settle down, Siobhán was ready for something larger, so we gave her a Faultless Wearever No. 90 which holds 2½ quarts.

It was a real gut-stretcher for Siobhán.

She was feeling pretty full when she grabbed the bag, left the Silver Bullet nozzle in and ran for the toilet.

She hung the bag and uncorked. What a relief!

Next, she requested one of her old favourites from The Collector's Collection, the "Nearkid".

She decided to give it a go, standing up in the bathroom.

We managed to get a few good views through the mirror, as well as directly.

By the time she finished the bag, she was full-to-bursting!

Still, she managed to hang the bag up, uncork and hang the nozzle before she let go.

And when she did let go, it was nothing short of thunderous.

She decided to stay with a big bag for her last enema and chose the rare green Kantleek.

This time, she was feeling more cleaned-out and relaxed and the water gushed in with very little resistance.


By the time she was about half finished, she needed to get up on her knees to relieve the pressure on her tummy.

"Almost done!"

Another dash for the toilet and, this time, the backpressure blew the nozzle out just as she reached the toilet.

She plopped and fizzed to her delight and ours!

What more can we say, besides "Siobhán's back"?

Time: 43½ minutes (Man, she takes a fast enema)

Price: $50.00


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