As I have always been very turned on by enemas over the years, I think back how many of these delightful fillings I have had by many different practitioners. One such incident still stands out in my mind as being the ultimate enema of my life, so far.

It all started one summer in Los Angeles when I was sifting through an Enema magazine and came upon an ad that excited me so that I immediately got an erection just thinking of the possible outcome. The ad read, "Are you running on empty? Discreet and various water treatments available from qualified Nurse to help ease tension and contribute to good health. Call -----." Well I knew what was meant by water treatments you bet. This little nurse was giving enemas and whatever else that guys, (or gals) could think of to have done for their pleasure.

Thinking about it all night made me real horny and as Saturday morning rolled around, I took the plunge, picked up the phone and dialed the number in the ad. Shaking with anticipation as it started ringing, I almost backed out when this soft and sexy voice on the other end asked if she could help me. I stuttered and stammered that I was calling about the ad in the Enema magazine and needed some information about prices and procedures. "Sherry" then proceeded to tell me how much her "treatments" were and asked if I had ever been to a professional before. I answered no and she said that she would love to do something special for me as I was a virgin as she put it. I set up a two hour appointment for that afternoon and hung up shaking and full of excitement about this afternoons unknown adventure.

Arriving at the address she had given me, I nervously knocked on the door and was blown away when a petite girl around thirty dressed in a short nurses uniform answered and asked if I was her two o'clock appointment? She took me by the arm and showed me to a dressing room and asked me to remove all my clothes and put a gown on if I felt more comfortable. Well, let me tell you, by that time I was sporting an erection that I couldn't hide under a basket if I tried. With a smile she said "I think you will be an excellent patient today and you will have a great time."

All kinds of things were going through my head by this time as she lead me to another room where a large bed covered with rubber sheets stood. Various articles were hanging from the ceiling and several standing racks like you see in the hospitals were scattered around the room. "Sherry" then asked if I knew what her treatments consisted of and I wanted to back out now. I said no and said if she gave enemas that was what I came for. She said yes and other "treatments also and as a special bonus she would give me all the extras today as I had requested a two hour session.

My imagination was running wild as she led me over to the bed and asked me to remove the gown and lay face down. I did as she asked and she started massaging me saying to get the desired effect from the treatment I should be relaxed. Well let me tell you, the massage was doing anything but relaxing me and my penis was again at full mast under me and hurting some by this time. "Sherry" then told me to roll over on my back which I did and my erection was standing straight up as she nonchalantly massaged the front side of me taking care not to touch Mr. Happy, although she was smiling all the time. After a few minutes of this I was ready for anything she would care to do to me although at that moment I could not begin to foresee what she had in mind.

Getting up she asked if I would like something to drink to which I replied I would. She came back with something sweet that kind of tasted like lemonade and I drank it all. She said to relax and she would be right back so I lay back down and closed my eyes. I guess it must have been about ten minutes and I heard her come back in the room and tried to open my eyes but everything looked kind of blurry. "Sherry" came over to the bed and said softly, "now I am going to make you feel so good you will want to come back to see me again and again."

Unbeknown to me she had brought in ropes and proceeded to tie me spread-eagled to the bed. My legs were spread apart although not painfully and my arms were tied over my head not allowing me any freedom of movement except I could move my hips up and down. As I pondered my position my vision started clearing and I became aware that "Sherry", my nurse was wheeling this huge contraption over to the bed. Taking a look I could see that it consisted of a large red enema bag, obviously filled to the brim by the way it was bulging, hanging high on a stand with a larger than normal hose coming out the bottom. Smiling seductively, my nurse was busy looking through a drawer holding up different enema nozzles trying to decide which one to use. All this time I was starting to get pretty horny watching this and figured that once she gave me the enema, I would get up go to the bathroom, get dressed and leave. She selected a large nozzle and brought it over to where I was tied and said , "this little balloon on the inside will keep you from any accidents, and this balloon on the outside will keep the nozzle from going in too far.

Slipping the nozzle on the tube she set about greasing it up and pursing her lips said, " are you ready for my treatment K__?" Climbing on the bed I all of a sudden noticed that she didn't have any pants on under the uniform but this exciting sight was replaced immediately by the feeling of the enema nozzle entering my ass. It felt great going in and only served to make my cock harder as she pushed it in further and further. She stopped and then pumped up the balloon inside me. It felt like I wanted to go to the bathroom but knew I couldn't then. Straddling my legs, Sherry said, "are you ready for the enema?" I weakly responded "I think so" and I heard the click of the clamp that had been holding back the hot water that was about to invade my insides. I suddenly felt the force of the water gushing into me, warming my most inner parts, filling me with a delicious feeling that took away all my inhibitions and embarrassment about being naked in front of this gorgeous nurse. As the enema continued to fill me My Enema Nurse softly stroked my legs and stomach which was rapidly filling up and I indicated so to her. She cooed that just a little more and she would stop. As my insides filled to the point of being uncomfortable she finally shut of the flow and said, "lets let the water soak a little before you let it out." I wasn't in a position to say no so I laid there and waited. She then took the hose apart and stuck the other end in a large drain in the table and opening the clamp let the enema inside me run into the drain. I was amazed that so much water was in there as it kept running out for several minutes. After a while my nurse says, "well that was good for your first one but the next one should do even better." Another enema, oh well and as she hadn't removed the nozzle I was feeling pretty good by this time and said, I could probably take more water this time as there was more room now and she agreed.

The second enema was much like the first except she stopped and started several times to give it a chance to work up higher in me. Letting this one out the tube took much longer than the first and it was about twenty minutes before I stopped running. Thinking that she would now let me loose so I could get dressed I asked her if that was all there was to the treatment and she exclaimed, "goodness, no. The best is yet to come." Not knowing what she meant I could only assume that she was going to stroke my cock to orgasm as the next part of the treatment. Boy was I surprised. "Sherry" came back in with another enema bag which was see through filled to the brim with "hot" soapy water and hung this one up beside the other one which now had been drained. Attaching the tube to the part sticking out of my ass, she said to me softly, "this is the best part of my service and I'm sure you will enjoy it." Slowly opening the clamp on the enema hose I could feel the hot water shooting against my prostate which made my cock harder than ever standing straight up and leaking pre cum down the sides. My Enema Nurse then leaned over and kissed me making me hornier than ever. Getting on the bed she put her lips around my hard member and licked and sucked on it a few times. Looking at me with her big brown eyes she peeled of the top of her uniform, baring her beautiful breasts which looked like the breasts of a much younger girl. Sliding off the rest of the uniform, she continued to kiss me making me want to tear off the restraints and mount this gorgeous creature. I did get my wish however as she straddled my cock and slid her warmth down over it and proceeded to move slowly up and down on my blood engorged prick. She reached over and opened up the enema flow a little more which served to further excite me. I looked up at the rapidly collapsing enema bag and saw it was only half empty and I suspect she knew how I was feeling because with one quick move opened the clamp all the way and I felt the hot water crashing against my insides stirring a lust inside me that I couldn't control.

My Enema Nurse then rode my cock rapidly up and down, in and out while the enema continued to fill me. I was out of my mind thrusting my hips up to meet the downward push of her hot wet vagina knowing that only too soon she would be the recipient of my built up load of sperm which had been trapped for so long. She was sweating with passion riding my love pole and all of a sudden it happened. The cumulation of our lovemaking coming to the ecstatic moment as I felt the pent up sperm leave the sanctity of my testicles, journeying to its ultimate goal, shooting deeply inside of her throbbing pussy, touching off her orgasm with a fervor. I screamed, she screamed, we all screamed for I'd creamed. (little humor there) It seemed that I would never stop coming but finally it slowed to a trickle and she collapsed on top of me with my cock still inside her. How much time passed I don't know but I did know I had to go to the toilet real bad. She got up, looked at me, smiled and said, "see I told you the best was yet to come."

I was let loose, went to the john where I shit my insides out for over a half hour. As I was getting ready to leave, "Sherry" said This was the best session I've ever had", kissed me and asked me to come back very soon. I had a standing appointment once a week all that summer and each time she managed to excite me more and more.. Unfortunately the last time I went to "get my treatment" Sherry had had to move out of state because of legal complications. Would sure like to find another Enema Nurse as I miss my treatments.

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