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The Faces of Enemarotica

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Kajira, Buffy and Onyx Raye

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Spring Cleaning

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Once you buy a Collector video, you've paid for the content. We believe you should be able to get the content converted to a different medium without buying it twice. Videotapes wear out and if your older Collector videos are wearing out, you can replace them with DVDs by sending us proof-of-purchase, along with $20 per tape (plus the usual $5 per order shipping). Proof-of-purchase can be your online order receipt (the "thank you" page") or any other acceptable means of proving to our satisfaction that you bought the videos on tape. You can even send copies of the labels on the tapes. Actually, you can send the old tapes, themselves, if you can't photocopy the labels and feel like wasting the postage. Email us if you're not sure what to send. Then, use the check/money order/fax order form.

Wonder what the big deal is with "erotic enemas"?

Click Here for an article on enema fetishism (Klysmaphilia).

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