My First Time

by LairdsLust


��������� I was staying with my aunt Shirley for a month during my 14th summer. I had fun playing with my cousins during those weeks out of school. I enjoyed spending time with my uncle and Aunt Shirley too. Aunt Shirley was a petite woman standing only 5�1� and weighing just over a hundred pounds. She had small breasts and slim hips for a woman that had given birth to two children. She kept her blonde hair cut very short with these sideburns that curled towards her ears. Her eyes were blue and always big and bright. Her lips full and round. I always thought she looked very elflike and at course at a time when a boy walks around with a constant erection, I was in love with her, so when I was asked if I wanted to spend a month with her I jumped at the chance.


��������� The first week and a half went by quickly with nothing but fun and fantasy filling my days. I must have beat off twice a day, my head filled with fantasies about my aunt and cousin Lisa. Then one morning I awoke with a bad stomach ache and though I tried to use the bathroom, nothing happened.

�Uh Oh, my cousin Lisa exclaimed!� �What, uh oh, I queried?� �Don�t tell mom or she�ll give you an enema, she answered.� �A what, I asked?� I had never had an enema and knew nothing about them.�She�ll fill this water bottle with warm soapy water and shove this thing up your butt and let the water clean you out.� �She�ll what, I said?� �Yep and sometimes she will do it several times in a day until she is sure you are all cleaned out and feeling better, Lisa explained.�I thought about it a few seconds and the idea of my aunt seeing my naked ass and playing with it made me get yet another hard-on, which I did my best to hide from my cousin Lisa. The thought of this enema thing made the idea of missing going with my cousins over to their friend�s house for an all day pool party flee from my thoughts.


��������� I acted like I was trying to hide my stomach problem and pretended to get dressed for the party. I would wince or groan whenever Lisa was around and watching, hoping that her motherly instincts would come to my aid. Sure enough she snuck off and told Aunt Shirley that I was feeling poorly.

When I went downstairs with my pool bag I was topped by my Aunt and she felt my head and asked me what hurt. One of the things I liked about Aunt Shirley was that since I had become a teenager was that she treated in an adult manner. When she asked me as an adult about my condition I told her about the pains and being constipated. She told me she thought it for the best that I stayed home so she could tend to me and make me feel better. She told me to go back upstairs to have a lay down and when she got back from dropping my cousins off at the party she would rush back to help me out. I waved to them as they left and then rushed upstairs to await my Aunt. My thoughts running wild at what was going to take place and all the dirty little sex thoughts about my Aunt that I hoped might come true. I was sporting a rock hard erection when I heard her car pull into the driveway. I couldn�t let her see me in this state yet so I plucked the head of my dick hard and soon it deflated back to normal.


��������� I listened as my Aunt climbed the stairs and came down the hall to the quest room where I was laying on the bed in anticipation. She came in and sat on the edge of the bed. �Feeling any better, she asked?� �About the same Aunt Shirley, I replied.� �OK then, I guess an enema is definitely in order.� �Have you ever had an enema before Gene?� �No Aunt Shirley, I haven�t ever had one.� My Aunt asked me not to be embarrassed, and went about explaining the procedure to me in a very adult way. I told her I trusted her and whatever she needed to do was fine with me. �OK bay, well since this is your first enema we had better do it in the bathroom.� �I am going in to the bathroom to get things ready. I will need you to take off all your clothes and then come in to my bathroom.� I look her in the eyes, how beautiful they were and started the take off my clothes. She smiled and left the room to get things ready for me. I had to concentrate so hard to keep my cock from engorging again, but the best I could do was semi-erect.


��������� I walked down the hall to her bedroom and entered with my hands down over my privates. She was in the bathroom and I called to her to see if she was ready. She asked me to come in and turned to look at me standing their buck-naked with my hands over my crotch. Her eyes wandered over my body and down to my hands trying to conceal a growing erection. She smiled at me. �Gene I know you�re a young man and have trouble controlling your body at this age so do not be embarrassed by it.� � I understand and am flattered by it.�I smiled and I blushed and I took my hands away from my now fully hard cock. Her eyes feel from mine to take in my cock and I saw the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile. �Why what a man you are Gene.� My chest pumped up a bit at her remark. �Well, I guess we should get started, she said� �You know this being your first time and the chances of an accident high, I think I will strip down to my undies so my good clothes will not get wet.� My cock jerked at the thought and this fact was not lost on my Aunt, whose smile became larger as she left the bathroom to disrobe.

��������� When she reentered she was wearing a black bra and a matching pair of bikini panties. My eyes roamed over her body. Focusing on the soft white skin in contrast to her underwear. My cock drooled over the sight of her. She watched my eyes as the undressed her and looked down at my twitching cock. �I see we are more than ready, she said as she took a seat on the closed lid of the toilet.� �Ok, the way I usually do this is to have my patient lay across my lap as I administer the enema, is that OK with you Gene?� I stammered that would be Ok if I weren�t too heavy. She laughed. �No it will be fine, come her love and lay across my lap.� I stood by her for a moment not sure how to do that with a raging hard-on. She guessed my dilemma. �Don�t be embarrassed, your uncle has the same problem whenever I have to give him one of these too.� �He lays over your lap, I questioned/� �No way he is too heavy for that we use different positions, but he is always in the same state you are in right now, she said looking at my cock.� �Maybe if we have to do this more than once I will show you one of the positions we use.�

�I think it best if you put your manhood between my thighs as you lay down and that will help to keep you from jumping around during the enema.�


��������� I lay down across her lap bending my cock down so that I could place it between her soft white thighs. I shook as it slid down between her legs. She squeezed her legs together holding my cock tightly between them. I groaned at the pressure. I could feel the soft silky fabric of her panty clad crotch against the side of my hard dick. The heat of her pussy through the material made my head spin and my cock harden even more. Aunt Shirley made a soft gasp as my cock twitched and moved against her legs and groin. She rubbed my back and finished getting me into position for the enema. I folded my arms on the edge of the tub and lay my head upon my arms, as I waited and held my breath in anticipation to what might happen next. What a sight it must be to an outsider. Me prone across the lap of my Aunt, my ass up in the air and my cock nestled between her thighs, as she gets ready to insert her enema nozzle into my asshole.


��������� I moaned and moved my cock up and down between her thighs. It felt so good. She tightened her thighs even more and told me to stay still. �You don�t want to finish to soon!� �Now first I need to take your temperature with the rectal thermometer.� My mind went to her remark about finishing to soon. �What was she talking about, I thought� �She is the one that has to give me this thing.� Then it dawned on me she meant for me not to cum to soon, so I tired to control myself so as not to spoil the fun she was having. I came back to reality as I felt her rub something greasy on my asshole and then I felt her push the thermometer into my rectum. �Hold still baby and let me take your temperature.� She moved the thermometer in and out of my ass several times before she left it deep in my ass. It felt kind of strange but good at the same time. My dick started to leak precum between my Aunt�s thighs making them slick and wet. She seemed not to notice or to care. I moved myself up and down slightly in a slow fuck of her tender thighs. She smacked my ass and told me to be patient. She removed the thermometer. � You have a slight temperature baby.� �Ok, now for the treatment.� �Relax baby, I need to grease your butt hole, so that the nozzle will not hurt you.� I heard her get her finger ready and then I felt the greasy digit touch my exposed asshole. First, she ran her finger around the hole, causing me to shiver with delight. Then I felt her put press on the center of the hole and her finger started to slide up inside me. It felt so good! She moved it around inside me and then slowly pumped it in and out of my ass. I smiled as she finger fucked my ass. She removed her finger and reapplied more Vaseline and now worked two fingers in and out of my ass. I groaned as she pushed them in and out. �There that should do it.� � I am going to put in the enema nozzle.� I felt her push something hard into me. Then I heard a metallic sound and felt the warm water push into me. She rubbed my lower back and ass cheeks as the water filled my bowels. My cock jumped and jerked and before I could stop it I came between my Aunt�s warm thighs.I felt her jump a little and gasp as shot after shot of my warm sticky cum coated her inner thighs. � Mmmm, that�s OK baby, you held it for a long time.� �There will be time later for more.�


��������� �More, I thought.� �More what?� I trembled at the possibilities. I mean she didn�t mean the enema, because I was still holding it. The only thing I didn�t hold was my cum. She must mean that there will be more time for me to cum again. �No way, she really couldn�t be thinking about making me cum again.� �I couldn�t dream of something this good. �Ok, Gene I am going to remove the nozzle.� �Hold it until you we can get up and you can sit on the toilet.� I slowly stood, the cum hanging in a string from my cock connecting me to her thighs. My Aunt ran her hands over her thighs rubbing my cum into her skin. Then she brought the fingers of her right hand up to her lips and licked the tips. �MMMmm Good, not as tasty cold as it would have been warm, but still delicious.� My cock jumped at her words and began to rise again. She watched it harden before her and she looked up into my eyes and smiled. �That�s my man, as good as new and good enough to eat.� I trembled and started to leak water from my ass and we just had enough time to change places before I emptied my bowels into the toilet. My Aunt rubbed my belly as I voided, the back of her hand brushing against my hard cock. � That�s it baby, you should be all clean and feeling better soon.� Then to my surprise she took hold of my cock in her soft hand and stroked my cock several times before she ran me a bath to clean off in.


��������� She helped me into the tub and then grabbed a towel and washcloth. �I hate to get this new bra wet, she said.� �Would you mind it I took it off while I bathed you?��No I don�t mind Aunt Shirley, I don�t mind at all, I stammered.� � I didn�t think you would, she said.� I watched as she reached around behind her and released the hooks. I could not take my eyes off her chest as she pulled the bra away from her breasts. Suddenly they were there in front of me, her pale white breasts topped with hard pink nipples. I caught my breath as she ran her hands over her small mounds and pinched the hard nipples. �That�s better, I hate wearing a bra!� � I am so glad you don�t mind me being so free.� I heard her words but could not take my eyes off her pert breasts.She knelt down next to the tub and put the washcloth into the warm water. She began to wash my chest and back and then had my roll away from her so she could wash my lower back and ass. Then as I was hoping she moved the cloth around and cupped my balls and washed them so softly. She then ran her cloth-covered hand up and down my rock hard prick. I closed my eyes and moaned as she thoroughly cleaned my manhood.


��������� She finished her cleaning of my entire body and then said to me, �Come get out and let me dry you off.� �We have a lot more to do today, at least I hope you will want to continue having fun with me that is!� �What do you think, you up to more fun with Aunt Shirley?� She looked at me with those lovely eyes and I heard myself saying, �Yes, I want to spend the day with you having as much fun as we can.� She smiled at me. �Good, she said.� �Then I won�t be needing these�, and with that she removed her black bikini panties. I sat in the tub staring at her neatly trimmed blond pubic hair and her swollen wet pussy. It glistened, the pink inner lips protruding from the vulva. My cock jerked and if possible grew even longer. I climbed from the tub and my Aunt began to dry me off with a large soft towel. Being so close to her totally nude form made me quiver, but I was too afraid to try anything yet. I would let her lead the way, so that I know that she was thinking the same thing I was. When she had finished drying me she stood in front of me looking me over from head to toe. �You are becoming such a handsome man, Gene.� �Thank you, I stammered.� �You are beautiful Aunt Shirley, I said as I took in her nakedness.��You are so sweet and I am glad you find me so, because I hope we will enjoy each others bodies for a long time.� With that she stepped closer and my cock was pressed against her belly. I could feel my balls resting against the trimmed bush and I moaned as she leaned in and kissed me.Her soft lips felt good against my own and then her tongue pushed and teased mine open. I almost swooned as her tongue began to dance with mine. Her arms went around my shoulders as my hands moved to hold her hips. The kiss intensified and before I knew what I was doing my hands moved round and cupped her tight ass. She moaned this time as I pulled her closer to me. My cock began twitching harder against her stomach leaking a trail of precum. The kiss came to a close and my Aunt took my hand and led me down the hall into the guest room where I was staying.


��������� �Aunt Shirley, I Love you, but isn�t this kinda wrong?� She stopped and looked deeply into my eyes. �Gene we are not related by blood, so there is no chance of birth defects and besides my tubes have been tied and I can�t get pregnant.� �OK, but you are married and you are married to my Uncle.�

�Baby, you Uncle is having an affair with another woman and hasn�t had any physical contact with me in over six months.� �I need someone to love me, and if it makes you feel better having you to love me will keep me here with your Uncle.� �In a sense you will be saving my marriage.� I knew it was warped logic, but hell I wanted to fuck her so bad that anything that made any sense to justify it in my mind was good enough for me. I smiled at her and said, �That makes sense to me.� Nothing more was said on that subject ever again. I followed her into the bedroom like the excited schoolboy that I was.


��������� When we got in the room, she walked me to the side of the bed and turned to hold me once again. Our mouths met in a deep tongue sucking French kiss only this time my Aunt�s hand captured my hardness in her hand and stroked it. She then pushed me back to sit on the edge of the bed and then she knelt in front of me. I knew what was coming and almost exploded on the spot. Her lips came closer to the head of my cock. She blow gently over the tender tip before her tongue snaked out and lapped at the precum oozing from the hole. I gasped and she moaned at this first oral contact. Her tongue circled the head of my dick and then traveled down the underside of my shaft. She lapped at my balls and then took each one in turn into her warm mouth to suckle them. She continued to stroke my cock as she sucked my young nuts. I groaned and arched against her mouth. Aunt Shirley then moved her mouth over the head once again and lowered her face down to the base of my young dick. She began to suck on it like a lollypop. Her mouth moved up and down on my shaft, stopping at the top to suck and lick the head. Her tongue tip would tease the pisshole at the tip causing me to writhe upon the bed. It felt so good. Before I knew it cum was surging from my balls into the shaft to spurt across her sweet tongue. She swallowed every drop and then squeezed the shaft to push out any remaining droplets. Mmmm, you taste so good baby.� �Thank you for letting me suck your hard cock.� �Now, how about making Aunt Shirley cum too?�


��������� I was more than eager to help her climax too. She stood and walked around the bed and lay down with her head on the pillows and her legs pulled up and open. I stared at her open pussy. It was so wet and glistening in the light of midday. She motioned for me to climb up between her thighs. I crawled up her body and we kissed deeply. I could taste my cum on her tongue. My hands slide up to rub and squeeze her small breasts. I kissed her neck and went down to suck on the first nipples I had in my mouth since I was breastfed. I flicked my tongue against the hard nipples, relishing the fact I was able to make my Aunt moan and move under me. I felt her hands on my shoulders urging me to move lower. I continued to kiss and lick my way down her petite form. Stopping to take time to lick and suck upon her navel. Then I was there between her thighs. Face to pussy. She moved her hands down to spread herself open for me. She pulled back the hood of her clit and told me to pay a lot of attention to this special place.


��������� I let my tongue slide out to get my first taste of a woman. I like it. My tongue flicked across her clit and she gasped. �That�s it baby, so fucking good.� I continued to lick and suck upon her clit and labia. �Put two fingers in me, she moaned.� �Now turn them and feel along the top of my pussy�. �Do you feel the little rough area?� I nodded that I did. �Good, rub and tap that with your fingers as you eat my pussy.� �You will feel it swell, and if you are really good at eating me it will make my pussy squirt when I cum so you can drink me too.� I became excited at the thought of her squirting cum like me when she came. I didn�t know girls could do that. I sucked her clit and rubbed and tapped her special spot. I felt it getting bigger as I eat my Aunt�s pussy in earnest. She began to arch against me and moan deeply. �All most baby, all most there, she groaned.� �Open your mouth wide, I am going to squirt cum into it, she screamed.� I opened my mouth as wide as I could and then it happened. Her liquid love spurt from her pussy directly into my waiting mouth, and I had to swallow causing the second spurt hit my closed lips and nose. I licked her pussy clean. Devouring all of her delicious cum that I could find. I ran my tongue around my lips to get every little drop. �Fuck, that was so good Gene, you are quite the cunt lapper.� My chest expanded with pride, knowing I had given her so much pleasure. My cock was once again as hard as a rock. �Come up her and put the sweet cock of yours in me.� �Can I do that, won�t I get you pregnant, I asked?� �It is OK baby, I wouldn�t care if you did make me pregnant, but you can�t because I had my tubes tied.� �Oh, I murmured as I crawled up her body once again.�

I rubbed my cock against the wetness over her opening. She brought a hand down to guide me in. I pushed into her warm wetness and did not stop until all of me had disappeared inside her.

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