A Sexy Story

I couldn t believe it was finally happening......, it seemed like my whole life had been leading up to this moment. As I stared at the gorgeous 19 year old girl in front of me, I wondered why on Earth I hadn t done this the second I had turned 18. Now 22, I had come to this place because I was tired of trying to deny my urges to be with another woman. For years I had fantasized about being with a female, but I had never acted on my desires for fear of someone I knew finding out. It used to drive me crazy when I saw a beautiful woman walking by the retail store where I work, and not being able to say anything to her because of what my friends might have thought. But now, looking at this blond-haired buttercup smiling so sensuously at me, I no longer cared if people thought I was a lesbian. I was getting so wet just looking at her beautiful body that I could feel my juices start to trickle down my thighs.

She was dressed in a wispy white night gown, completely see-through. Her lack of any undergarments gave me a tantalizing view of her ample assets. Her breasts were large for her tight, slender body.....perky despite the lack of a bra. Her dark nipples were visibly hard, nearly poking through the thin material of her gown and all over her skin had a sun-kissed tan.

My gaze drifted down past her pierced navel to a completely bald camel toe that I just couldn t wait to put my mouth on later. My eyes traveled on down her long slender legs to her pretty bare feet, her toes were painted cherry red.

I looked back up and her big smile told me she enjoyed having me stare at her body. Her bedroom blue eyes looked like they could melt steel. She giggled so cutely as she turned around and jiggled her butt, looking back at me over her shoulder as I took in the view. Her ass was flawless.......round and just the right size for grabbing onto.....not a wrinkle in sight. She winked at me and smiled as she bent over and hiked her gown up over her bum. She spread her plump ass cheeks apart with her hands revealing a gorgeous blue-jeweled butt plug firmly entrenched up her asshole. Damn that was sexy.

She stood up and began walking towards me, I was quivering in anticipation, anxious for my skin to be touching hers. Never before had I felt another woman s touch, and the 600 bucks I had to shell out for this experience was already well worth it. The room was nice. It had a bed with white satin sheets and a canopy that reached to the ceiling. The black and white tiled floor was shiny enough to see your reflection in and a window on the far wall let in just a glimpse of the setting sun.

The girl, who had told me her name was Anna, came over to me and stroked my long black hair. I was still in my street clothes, but I was soon topless as Anna pulled my tank top over my head. My boobs flung out as she unhooked my bra and tossed it on the floor. She grasped one breast with both hands and brought her mouth down to my tender pink nipples. Her tongue outlined my areola before gently flicking across my nipples and I felt a surge of euphoria shudder through me as her warm, wet mouth sucked on my sensitive little buttons. I tilted my head back and let out a soft moan of pleasure at the arousing sensation. The cool air of the room, mixed with my desire for her, made my nipples go rock hard instantly. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it tighter into my bosom. She kept sucking as her hands moved up and down my back, going down occasionally to squeeze my butt. She finally rose up and we locked lips in a deeply passionate french kiss, my first ever with a woman.

Her hands moved down my sides and she started tugging on the loosely fitting boy shorts that I was wearing, pulling them down to my ankles. Her eyes lit up when she realized that I wasn t wearing any underwear, which I rarely do. We moved over to the bed and she motioned for me to sit down on the edge while she got down on her knees on the floor in front of me. With my feet dangling off the side of the bed and her in between my thighs, she ran her hands from the top off my legs down to my ankles where she slid my ankle length socks off my feet. She took one foot up to her face and ran her tongue slowly up the length of my crinkled sole, giving me shivers. She crept her tongue in between my baby pink toes before taking one into her mouth and gently sucking on it for a while, like it was a lollypop. She slowly began kissing her way up my gams, leaving my feet soaked and shiny with her spit as she went. As she neared the top, she gently spread my thighs apart which offered her a spectacular view of my glistening vagina. I put my hand on her head as she drew closer and brushed her tongue ever so lightly against my labia, making me shudder in pleasure. I had waited so long for this day to come, and now the suspense was killing me. She kept barely touching me with her tongue before pulling her head back, over and over again, building up my anticipation. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of teasing me, she spread my pussy lips apart with her fingers and took a long, slow slurp right up the middle. Fuck this felt sooooo... good! She buried her head in between my thighs and crammed her tongue deep into my honeypot, like a parched girl going after the last drop of water. I started bucking my hips up and down as I built up a rhythm with her tongue, my hands pulling her head tighter and tighter into my crotch as I neared climax. As she sucked on my clit, I just couldn t hold back anymore. I let go of her head and flopped down onto the bed, surrendering to a powerful, thrashing orgasm all over Anna s very talented mouth.

When I had caught my breath, I opened my eyes and saw Anna smiling down at me. She brought her mouth to mine and we shared another long, deep kiss. I could taste my pussy juice on her lips as our tongues mingled together, a thin trail of saliva connecting our lips together as she pulled away from me. I licked the remaining taste off my lips as Anna stood up and let her white gown slip down to the floor, finally giving me an unabashed view of her body. "I want to taste you" I said as she laid down on the bed beside me. She smiled at me and then we arranged ourselves into a 69 position with me on the bottom looking up at her tight hole. I could see my reflection in the shiny sapphire base of her butt plug as she eased her crotch back to my face. Her bald coochie was slick and shiny with moisture and the sight of it made my mouth water. I slowly eased my tongue up to her clit and took a long lick right up the middle of her beautiful cunt. I brought my tongue back into my mouth for a moment to savor the flavor of her girl juices, which tasted a lot like a fruity red wine, then I went back for more. I sucked her little clit into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue as I kept the suction on her love button. She moaned and writhed around as she ground her crotch back tighter to my face, while at the same time furiously chowing down on my vagina. I used my arms to pull her coochie as close to me as I could, seeing how far I could jam my tongue into her juicy hole. It wasn t long before I could feel her cunt clamping down on my tongue as her pussy contracted around it in an intense, wet orgasm. "Ohh fuck!" she screamed as I continued munching on her clit for all I was worth. She started lapping at my pussy even harder as a deluge of girl cum flowed into my mouth from her coochie, which I let linger in my mouth for a moment before finally swallowing it down. After a few seconds, I could feel an orgasm building up deep inside my own love tunnel and I bucked my hips up off the bed towards her expert mouth. As the climax hit she shoved her finger up my asshole, sending me right into orbit. I screamed as I came, my virgin butthole clamping down hard on Anna s finger as spasms of ecstasy rippled through my entire body. I was left feeling like putty as the sensations began to subside, a warm satisfied feeling flowing all over me.

"That was fuckin  awesome!" I said to Anna while still trying to catch my breath.

"Uuh-hmmmm." was all she could manage to say, smiling with her eyes still closed in bliss.

We both lay spent stretched out there on the bed, butt-naked and basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. Occasionally I d reach over and lightly brush a hand up her side, giving her goosebumps and making her giggle. After a few minutes she sat up and gave me a devilish smile....

"We re not even close to being done yet! There s someone I want you to meet in the other room....and I m sure she s going to be very pleased!"

With these words Anna took me by the hand and led me over to a door on the far side of the room. I turned to pick up my clothes but Anna said that I wouldn t be needing them for what we would be doing. I was eager to find out who this lady was she wanted me to meet and even more ready to know what else was in store for me behind those doors. I knew that whatever it was I would be all for it, having driven for 2 hours to get here and paying 600 bucks for my first lesbian experience, I was going to leave no stone unturned!

As we approached the door, Anna turned aside to me and gave me a few words of advice....

"You shouldn t speak unless the Mistress speaks to you first...." she started "..and also, if she does speak to you, you should always address her as Mistress... and try your best to avoid too much direct eye contact...she can see if there is any fear or defiance in your eyes."

"Why would I be scared for?" I asked cluelessly.

"Well, you really shouldn t be scared of her,... the Mistress is usually in a kind mood. She treats me well for being a good slave to her...and I always have the most amazing and arousing sensations when we re together but.......she can be very demanding and also very intimidating when she wants to be...and I ve learned that it s best to stay on her good side."

"Alright well....I guess I m ready then,.. lead on!"

Anna smiled and gave me another one of her amazing wet kisses before we opened the door. In my mind I was both nervous and excited. I knew about Mistress  and Domination and S&M and B&D and all that stuff from reading about it in magazines. Honestly some of the things those people did freaked me out...but I have to admit I was always a little intrigued by it...even a little aroused by it. Now I thought that not only had I just had sex for the first time ever with a girl, but now it looked like I was going to experience another first in my life...domination.

My heart beat faster and faster in my chest as Anna and I entered the room, anticipation and excitement washing over me till I was nearly shaking. I looked in awe around the room, which looked more like one of those rooms you would see in a freaky funhouse or a castle dungeon. Mirrors completely encompassed the entire room, even the floor and ceiling were covered in mirrors and for a moment all I saw was mine and Anna s naked reflections. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dim light, I started seeing things that made my heart nearly sink to my stomach.

Bolted to the mirrors on the walls and the floor were all sorts of ropes and cuffs and restraints. Bars and chains hung down menacingly from the ceiling. One whole wall was full of nothing but shelves and shelves of different whips, dildos, ball gags, butt plugs, canes, bottles of lube and a whole array of other gadgets and devices I didn t even know what to call. Talk about intimidating, I was floored!

As Anna slowly led me on into the room, letting me get an eyeful of all the various implements of pain and pleasure, I heard from out of the darkness a female voice......

"Welcome young, foolish slaves....you are late!" said the voice.

I knew that something was wrong right away just from the look on Anna s face. I could tell that this was not what she had been expecting and I suddenly felt a grave sense of dread come over me.

"Surprised to see me again Anna?" the voice said, definitely closer now. "I see you ve brought me another toy." From a far corner of the room the owner of the voice emerged slowly into the light.

"Mistress Ellie! Y-y-yes I am surprised to see you again." Anna replied almost trembling.

"I thought you would be....Mistress Katie told me that you were one of her most favorite playtoys....but I didn t know you would be so kind as to bring me a fresh new slave! I ll have to inform her of how generous you were when she returns from overseas."

"Mistress Ellie, this is Megan, and it s the first time she s ever been here to the dungeon." Anna said as she turned a hand towards me.

"Oh I see." said Mistress Ellie walking towards me. She was a beautiful woman of definite exotic heritage. Her skin was a deep tan and her gorgeous face was draped by dark wavy hair that set off her hazel green eyes. She was dressed in black leather. A stringy corset laced up the front showing off her navel and almost exposing her breasts, which despite their large size, cantaloupe in comparison, were pushed up till they appeared ready to burst out. Her legs were draped in only chaps, which left nothing to the imagination because of her lack of any panties. She wore shiny, high-heeled open toe boots which went up to just below her knees. Three silver toe rings adorned her fat toes, which were bulging out of the opening of her tight boots and dangling off the sides.

"Well you are quite attractive!" Mistress Ellie stated as she looked up and down my naked frame. "I m certainly going to enjoy our session today! It is unfortunate that you ve both already displeased me though by walking in here barefoot and leaving your footprints all over my freshly shined mirrors!"

Both Anna and I looked down at our feet and saw the footprints we had left coming in.

"I just had my last slave shine those mirrors, and now you two have come in here completely oblivious and made a mess. I m going to be certain that you don t make anymore!" The sternness with which Mistress Ellie had issued these words told me that maybe Mistress Ellie was a bit more hard to please than the usual Mistress Katie.

As Anna and I stood there motionless, Mistress Ellie went over and grabbed a stepstool. She set it down in front of us and stepped up towards the ceiling, bringing down with her a straight black bar, about three feet in length attached to ropes that were fastened to the ceiling by a pulley. ‘Ohh shit!  I thought. What the hell was going on?! The bar had a pair of cuff-like leather restraints on either end with a little lock and key. She pulled it all the way down to the floor and fastened the cuffs tightly around Anna s ankles, making her spread her legs wide apart to accommodate the length of the bar. She locked the cuffs in place and put the key in a little pocket on her chaps. She stepped back up on the stool and brought down an identical bar which she proceeded to fasten around my ankles in the same manner, making my heart beat faster as my wild imagination started to wonder what Mistress Ellie was going to do to Anna and I.

Once we were securely fastened, Mistress Ellie walked over to the wall with all the shelves full of toys and came back holding two ball gags with dildo s protruding from the mouth of the gag. I opened my mouth wide as she strapped them on both me and Anna, rendering us unable to speak. After she was done, she took a step back and looked us over.

"Now, what s going to happen next is one of my favorite activities of all! Anna I know is familiar with the procedure, but Megan this might be new to you. It s something I insist on giving all of my slaves not only for my benefit but for their s as well. I do really enjoy doing it, and I don t actually consider it a punishment at all,....but they will be rather large!"

I didn t have any idea what Mistress Ellie was talking about...but I was soon about to find out! The Mistress forced me and Anna to lie down before she started tugging on the ropes, slowly but surely hoisting us up by our bound feet until we were both vertical and upside down. The blood began rushing to my head giving me a wave of dizziness that was slow to dissipate, my hair was barely brushing the floor and I was attempting to steady myself on the ground with my arms. The Mistress left us dangling there, unable to move or speak, while she walked off out of sight. I was really nervous now, being so helpless here in this position, my legs splayed lewdly apart and a dildo stuffed into my mouth, I was at the mercy of Mistress Ellie. I looked over at Anna, bound and suspended the same as me, the look in her eyes told me that she knew what was coming and wasn t looking forward to it.

After a few minutes I heard the sound of Mistress Ellie s boots tapping on the floor as she returned and I got that feeling like you have when you re on a roller coaster about to plummet down. My eyes fell on Mistress Ellie s toes as she squatted down in front of us, I looked up and saw that she was holding two big red enema bags bulging full of water in either hand.

"I wanted you two to see what was in store for you before we begin." she started "These bags hold around two and half quarts of water each, and I dropped in a little mineral oil to lube up your insides as well! Once they start, I m not stopping them until they re empty, so suck it up and no complaining!" she laughed knowing full well that we couldn t utter a word anyway!

She slid the stepstool around behind us and got up to eye level with our exposed holes and pryed open legs. She squirted some lube on my asshole and worked a finger down inside me, and then another one! The nozzle had appeared very large from the brief glimpse I got of it earlier, chrome with a round bulbous ending, and I didn t know if my sphincter could stretch to accommodate it! I kept craning my neck to look up at the mirror on the ceiling to see what she was doing and I saw a sparkle of light reflect off the nozzle before I felt it being jammed into me. The girth of it painfully stretched my rectum and my breathing got faster as I tried to adjust to the feeling of my asshole being stuffed so full. She hooked the enema bag on a chain hanging from the ceiling and left it there while she slid over to Anna. Mistress Ellie lubed up the nozzle and removed the sapphire butt plug that was still in Anna s butthole, immediately replacing it with the enema nozzle. She hooked the bag and stepped down off the stool, strolling over in front of us and squatting down by Anna. She looked Anna directly in the eyes and rolled her tongue slowly around the big end of the butt plug that she had just plucked from Anna s ass, glazing it with her spit and sucking on it like candy. She pulled it out of her mouth with a pop and grinned at Anna, commenting on the palatable flavor of her ass juice before turning around and shoving it up her own butt. That being done, it was time for her to start the enema s flowing. Grabbing both clamps in each hand, she told us to get ready and not to spill a drop of water, she was going to see who finished the fastest! After a countdown of 3...2....1, I heard the clicks of the clamps being released and felt the warm water start flowing down into my bowels.

It was an amazing sensation, being slowly filled with water and mineral oil as I hung there helplessly. Mistress Ellie was on the stool above us, intently watching to make sure that we weren t leaking.....so much as a trickle and she would sting us with her riding crop, reminding us to clench our asshole s tight. She got down off the stool and positioned herself on all fours between Anna and I, intending to make use of the dildo s stuffed in our mouths. She slid her pussy down on Anna s prong, slowly fucking herself with it while she sucked on mine like she was giving a slobbery blowjob, jacking it up and down as it became slippery with her spit. I could only watch as Mistress Ellie proceeded to bring herself off on the toy pricks, taking the thing in my mouth so deep down her throat that our lips nearly met. We had to push our arms tight down onto the floor to keep from swinging about from the force of her fucking and sucking. She switched positions back and forth, spending a few minutes with her mouth on my gag and then with her pussy on it, over and over again until finally she came, the juices from her coochie slowly dripping down the cock till they coated my lips.

I had completely gotten used to the sensation of being filled with the liquid from the enema, so much in fact that when I looked up, the bag had gone completely flat! All two and a half quarts of the warm solution were now inside my bowels and my stomach was bulging! My little innie belly button was now poking out like I was pregnant and I couldn t believe the volume of water that I had taken! I hadn t felt cramped or anything and it actually felt quite good being so full inside! I looked over and the last little bit of water was just draining into Anna s insides, her belly also tight and bulging. Mistress Ellie got up and examined the bags, checking to make sure that they were completely empty, which they were, and then instructed us to clinch our sphincters tight while she removed the nozzles so as to avoid spilling out any water. She patted our distended bellies and commented on how tight they felt, obviously amazed at the sight.

She walked back over to the toy shelves, no doubt retrieving some other device to manipulate our bodies with. I glanced over at Anna and saw that she was having some trouble retaining all of the fluid in her intestines, much more than I was. I saw a few drops of water dripping down onto the floor from her leaking asshole and worried that Anna might expel the entire contents of her bowels up into the air, consequently soaking her with her own dirty enema water. She somehow managed to keep it all inside her though until Mistress Ellie returned with two inflatable butt plugs, which she then proceeded to jam rather irreverently into our buttholes and inflate them up to the point of mild discomfort. This had the effect of sealing our asshole s shut, creating a water-tight seal that wouldn t allow even the smallest drop of liquid to escape.

Having secured the enema s inside of us, Mistress Ellie untied the rope keeping us suspended and lowered us gently to the floor. She unlocked the cuffs around our ankles and removed the spreader bar from between them, hoisting the contraptions back up to the ceiling. She took the ball gags out of our mouths and I took a much needed deep breath as Anna and I lay there on the floor, admiring our swollen bellies until Mistress Ellie ordered us to our feet. As soon as I stood up, the force of gravity on the water inside of me had it s effect, making my whole body involuntarily spasm in a useless attempt to void the enema, but nothing was leaking past the plug inflated inside me!

We found out that before we would be allowed to expel our enema s, we would first have to clean up the mess we had made earlier by leaving our footprints on the mirrored floor. The only catch was that the only instrument of cleaning we were allowed to use was our tongues! Me and Anna shamefully began the task of licking our dirty footprints off the floor, given a towel to both dry the spit and to avoid leaving any more smudges. We were further hindered by the intense reaction of our intestines trying in vain to release the enema s as Mistress Ellie turned on the vibrators inside our butt plugs, stirring up the water inside us.

After our task was complete, Mistress Ellie announced that since I had finished my enema first, I would be the first allowed to evacuate. Having no toilet in the room, I was given a bucket to expel into. I felt myself turning red with shame as the two women watched me squat over the bucket and deflate the butt plug, letting loose a surge of water that splashed down into the bucket with strong force. I went weak in the knees as I continued evacuating the contents of my bowels, my sense of relief overriding my feelings of shame that came as the loud splashing and farting noises continued and echoed throughout the room. I was done after nearly 10 minutes of expulsion and I felt a whole lot better having squeaky clean insides and my normal sized tummy again. Anna went next in a different bucket, apparently unashamed from having been forced to do it so many times before.

When Anna was done expelling, we were led over to a corner of the room where plastic lining had been laid down on the floor. There were large bottles of lube and three extra-long and large double-ended dildo s sitting in a basket nearby. Mistress Ellie said that now that she was assured of the cleanliness of our rectums, we could all have a little fun. I took a minute to think about all the new experiences I had already encountered today, not bad for 600 dollars I thought, and no one back home would know about it!

Anna was told to lay down on her back and for me to straddle her like I was a boy fucking her in the missionary position. Mistress Ellie applied an ample amount of lube to one of the double-headed dongs and gently thrust one end into Anna s hairless pussy, the other end went into my waiting coochie, which I clamped down on with my vaginal muscles, enjoying the feeling of finally having my girl hole stuffed full. One end of a second double-dong went into Anna s asshole, the other end left without a hole to plug for the moment. The end of the third dildo went up my ass, leaving both my holes crammed full of plastic dick. I could see that Mistress Ellie had some strategy in arranging us this way as she got down on all fours and backed her hind end up to us. When the free end of the dildo hanging out of Anna s ass was inserted into Mistress Ellie s vagina...and the free end of the dildo hanging from my ass inserted up her asshole,... it gave Mistress Ellie total control over both mine and Anna s dilated buttholes! It was pure genius! None of our six holes were left unstuffed! I felt so sexually awakened as I laid there, gently squeezing my ends of the dildos with my cunt and ass muscles.

Slowly, the three of us began working up a rhythm as the double-headed dongs moved back and forth in all our slick holes. Mistress Ellie was pushing back hard, driving the toys deeper up both Anna and I s stretched assholes making us moan in pleasure! The room was flooded with the sound of us three gorgeous girls moaning and panting in delightful ecstasy as we all enjoyed double penetration, the only other sound being the slurping noises the slick dildos made as they moved back and forth in our orifices! Anna and I were making out like a couple of depraved teenagers, jamming our tongues deep into one another s mouths, and I suddenly remembered the fact that she was only 19 herself! Looking over beside us at one of the mirrors on the wall, I could see that all three of the big double-headed dicks were completely engulfed by our hungry holes and were hardly visible at all! The sight of us jumbled up like that pushed me right over the edge! I felt my asshole tighten around the toy and my pussy clamp down around the other one as I surrendered to a screaming anal orgasm! My pussy was convulsing non-stop as I pushed back harder towards Mistress Ellie, our butt cheeks slapping noisily together while gooey white girl cum ejaculated from my pisshole and puddled in Anna s belly button! She scooped it up with a finger and brought it to her mouth, letting us both suck it off her finger and roll it around our tongues. A nuclear bomb could have went off right outside and we wouldn t have noticed, the climatic screams of three girls cumming simultaneously drowned out all else!

When it was all finally over I could barely walk out the front door! My knees were weak and I was exhausted and deeply satisfied from the previous three hours of intense pleasure. I did the math and figured that 200 bucks an hour wasn t much to pay for the extreme bliss that I had experienced as well as losing my lesbian virginity. In fact, on my way out, I picked up an application for employment. I just received notice today that I was hired and I start work tomorrow, inspiring me to write this story while a 5-inch butt plug holds back 3 quarts of warm enema water deep inside my bowels!

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