My First Enema
by Seahawk One

My first enema, as well as my first suppository, were administered one

afternoon during my sophmore year in college. I had gone over to study for

an upcoming test with two other girls who were in my history class.

�� We�d been reviewing the class material for about an hour when I excused

myself to use the bathroom. In the bathroom, hanging just behind the shower

curtain was a red hot water bottle with a hose attached. Though I�d never

actually seen one before, I suspected this was a douche.

�� "What�s that red bag and hose contraption?� I asked innocently as I

returned to the living room.

�� The girls, Lisa and Julie, exchanged expressions of surprise.

�� Then Julie quickly composed herself and said �Wouldn�t you like to know?�

�� They giggled and exchanged conspiratorial glances. I wasn�t sure if what

Julie had said was a statement or a question.

�� �What do you mean?� I asked

�� �Do you want to find out what it�s for?� Julie pressed. Lisa laughed.:

�� �Um� well, I�m not sure� I stammered.:

�� Lisa looked at Julie. Then she said, �Come on, let us show you. It�ll be


�� �What do you mean?� I asked. �What do you have in mind?�

�� �We�ll show you.� Julie said. �But you have to promise to do what we tell

you to do.�

�� Initially, I had figured that any demonstration would involve them more

than myself and I wasn�t quite sure yet where all this was leading.

�� �What exactly do I have to do?� I asked as Julie and Lisa led me towards

the bathroom.

�� �For starters, step out of your pants and underwear� Julie said.

�� �Wait a minute� I said. �What�s going on here?�

�� �You promised� Julie teased.

�� �Yeah, but���� I was both alarmed and strangely aroused at once. Although

I�m not a lesbian, there was no denying that Julie and Lisa were pretty

girls, Julie bordering on downright beautiful. Above all else, I was feeling

a bit anxious. I was the one being asked to strip nude, not them. I suddenly

got an idea. �I tell you what,� I said. �I�ll do whatever it is you ask, but

you have to let me do the same to you in return.�

��� I figured this would keep things pretty sane, if not bring them to a

screeching halt.

�� The girls looked at each other, then agreed.

��� I was both scared and excited at the same time. It would be interesting

to see where this went. I started to remove my pants as Julie opened the

medicine cabinet.

�� Once I�d removed my underwear, the girls instructed me to kneel down in

front of them.

�� �First, let�s check your temperature.� said Julie as she dipped a

thermometer in a jar of Vaseline.

�� �Wait a minute!� I protested. �Rectally?!�

�� �That�s right.� Said Lisa. �Then you can take mine! Now come on. Spread

your knees.�

�� As I leaned forward I felt Lisa spread my cheeks and expose my anus. I

was really embarrassed to be so exposed, yet oddly excited as well. It was

all so� forbidden. I watched as Julie passed the thermometer to Lisa and

flinched as I felt the tip touch me.

�� �How far in are you going to put that?� I asked

�� �Only a couple of inches.� replied Julie. �Now relax.�

�� I hardly felt a thing as the thermometer was inserted. As Lisa massaged

my back, I rested my head on a pillow that had been supplied. I remember my

relief as Julie stepped around me and removed the thermometer but it was

quickly replaced by dread as I saw her squirt some hand lotion on her finger

which she then started to rub against my opening.

�� �Relax� said Julie. �I�m just going to get you ready for the next part�

�� �I hope you know what you�re doing,� I said

�� �Don�t worry. Everything I�m doing to you you�ll get to do to us,


�� �Have you ever done this before?� I asked

�� �Relax. I�m just going to rub some of this lotion up inside of you.�

�� I felt Julie�s finger push a bit harder against my anus and suddenly her

finger slipped inside of me. She rubbed the tip of her finger around a

couple of times just inside my anus, then removed it and applied more lotion

before reinserting it a bit farther.

�� �How far in are you?� I asked, worried.

�� �Only an inch. Now relax. I�m going to go all the way in.�

��� As strange as this whole situation felt to me, I also began to really

enjoy the feeling of Julie�s finger probing deeper and deeper up inside of

me.I started to relax as she rubbed it into and around my rectum, removing

and reinserting it several times.

�� �Let�s give her a soap suppository too,� Lisa said.�� �I�ll make one�

�� �Good idea� said Julie.�Make three�

�� I had heard of suppositories but had never had one. As a kid, I

remembered how the two boys next door had said they always got them whenever

they were sick with the flu. At the time they sounded gross.

�� �How do you make a suppository?� I asked

�� �We�ll just carve them out of soap� replied Julie. �It�ll make the enema

work better.�

�� �An enema?� I asked

�� �That�s what the red bag is for� Lisa replied.

�� �I thought maybe it was a douche bag,� I said. I had always thought

enemas were the hand held squeeze bottles I�d heard about as a kid.

�� �It is� replied Lisa. �But it also works for enemas.�

Julie still had her finger buried inside of me but now removed it and got up

to wash her hands. When she returned, she stepped out of her shorts and

began to remove her panties.

�You get to do me now,� she said as she handed me the thermometer and the

lotion and bent down in front of me. She had a small compact butt and the

anticipation of seeing her small pink anus was almost overwhelming. Prior to

this afternoon, I had never really given any thought to or ever even gotten

excited about the prospect of seeing anyone�s anus. Now I could hardly wait!

��� Julie was kneeling in such a way that I didn�t need to spread her cheeks

at all. Her little pink anus was fully exposed.

�� �Go on� she said. �I�m waiting�

��� I applied a good gob of lotion to my index finger and, with some

trepidation, placed my finger against her anus and began to rub it around.

Then, as I pushed a bit harder, it slipped in past her tight anal sphincter.

I was only about an inch up into her and uncertain how hard to push. I�d

never inserted anything in anyone�s rear end before and the sight of my

finger slipping deeper and deeper into her rectum was an amazingly erotic

experience for me. I could feel her contracting and relaxing as I ran my

finger up into and around the inside of her. Finally I removed my finger

and, grasping the thermometer, slowly and carefully inserted it about

halfway in.

��� Soon Lisa returned and said she was going to give both Julie and I our

soap suppositories. She�d carved out three suppositories from a bar of soap,

each shaped like a teardrop - about three inches long and almost an inch

wide on their rounded end. Lisa had been soaking them in hot water so each

one was warm, smooth and slick.

�� As soon as I�d removed the thermometer from Julie�s butt, Lisa stepped

forward and pushed the big soap suppository deep into her. She held her

finger up in Julie for a good half minute before removing it and instructing

me to �assume the position�

�� I could feel the edge of the soap as she rubbed it around my anus for a

moment before starting to push it a little harder. I was both excited and

scared as I felt the suppository begin to enter me. It stung a little bit.

Suddenly, I felt the tapered end of the suppository slip past my sphincter

and glide up into my rectum. After a moment, Lisa inserted her finger and,

finding the end of the suppository, pushed it up into me a bit farther.

�� �OK� she said as she removed her finger. �My turn now.�

�� Lisa stripped off her pants and, kneeling down in front of me, leaned

back and spread her cheeks. She couldn�t have weighed more than one hundred

pounds and her little butt didn�t look like it would even have room for the

big suppository. I carefully rubbed some lotion up into her tight

brownish-pink hole and, grabbing the suppository with two fingers, centered

the larger rounded end upon her anus and gently pushed it home.I did it

exactly as she had to me, first letting the suppository�s tapered end slide

past her sphincter on its own, then inserting my finger and pushing it as

far up into her rectum as I could. I held it in place while Lisa moaned

happily and encouraged me to keep my finger up in her a little longer.

�� Looking back, I was amazed that this anal experimentation could be so

exciting. I was also surprised that there was no shit to mess things up.

Julie explained that the rectum is only a temporary storage area, and that

feces are stored up in the colon until ready to be expelled. She also said

that she and Lisa had taken an enema earlier that day.

�� As Julie explained this, she applied some lotion to a long plastic nozzle

which I later learned was actually designed for douches.

�� �Are you sure that nozzle�s not too long?� I asked. After all, I added, I

still had that big suppository up inside me.

�� �It won�t be a problem� replied Julie. �You�ll have plenty of room for


�� Nervously, I re-assumed the kneel � chest position the girls had put me

in earlier. I told Julie my butt stung a little bit from the soap and Julie

assured me I�d feel a lot better after the enema. She then hung the big red

bag a couple of feet above my back and ran some of the water through the

hose. Then, as Lisa spread my cheeks, Julie placed the nozzle against my

anus and began to push. As she pushed, she also twirled the nozzle a little

bit so I felt every millimeter of it as it slid up into me. Surprisingly, it

didn�t hurt at all. Julie went very slowly and I was surprised at how good

the actual insertion felt.

�� �How far in is it?� I asked

�� �Only about three inches� Julie replied. �Relax, now. It�ll go all the

way in�

�� At about four inches, it seemed like she couldn�t go any farther. I could

feel the nozzle come to a stop inside me.

�� �Is that it?� I asked.

�� �No� said Julie. �We ought to be able to get it all the way in.�

I was a little scared that I might be hurt but Julie was very gentle as she

slid the nozzle back and forth and then changed the angle and the nozzle

once again slid deeper up into me. Finally, Lisa said it was all the way in.

I could feel the flange at the end of the nozzle and remember a sense of

disappointment that the nozzle wasn�t longer. The sensation of the insertion

was so new and different and exciting. It felt good. I wanted more of it�

�� I heard a click from behind me and suddenly felt the first surge of the

water and then its warmth as it flowed down into me. It was an amazing

feeling. Prior to this day, I would never have voluntarily submitted to an

enema, but now I was enjoying the sensations so much that all fear and

embarrassment had been replaced by simple pleasure. Suddenly, I felt like I

really had to go. Julie stopped the flow and both girls instructed me to

take a few deep breaths. After a minute, my cramps subsided and I resumed

taking my first enema. I was in total relaxation and enjoyment mode as Julie

slid the nozzle up and down in me. She had to stop the flow one more time

before I was able to take in the entire bagful of water in the bag. When the

bag had finally emptied, I was told to stay in position, on all fours on the

floor, for as long as I could before using the bathroom. I lasted only a

couple of minutes before I could wait no longer. I had to go Now! What a

relief to hit that toilet and let it all go! Though it had felt much better

to actually take the enema, the relief in expelling all that water certainly

was welcome.

��� After about ten minutes, I returned to the living room and found that

the girls had already refilled the red enema bag. While Julie returned to

the kitchen, Lisa suggested I go ahead and administer her enema now. Though

she�d expelled her soap suppository while I was receiving my enema, the

residual soap inside her had left her in need of some immediate relief.

�� She quickly knelt down with her beautiful little buns facing me. As she

leaned back and exposed her little pink opening I found myself as excited as

I have ever been sexually. I applied a bit more lotion to my finger and

slowly pushed it all the way up into her, in and out, back and forth, around

and around�

�� Finally, we both agreed she was thoroughly lubed and I reached for the

enema hose and its six-inch long nozzle.�� This was my first time ever giving

someone an enema and though I was determined to do it well, I told Lisa I

was concerned about possibly injuring her during the insertion. She assured

me that the she could take the entire nozzle and encouraged me to just take

my time, go gently and don�t force anything.

��� I placed the tip of the nozzle against her and began to carefully push

it with a slow twirling motion. I went very slowly and watched in amazement

as the nozzle slowly slipped in, inch by inch, until all six inches were

totally buried inside her. There were no problems � it just slid right in

real smoothly. Watching that long nozzle slowly disappear up into her was a

real and unexpected turn on for me. I couldn�t believe how easily it just

slid up into her and at Lisa�s insistence I was more than happy to remove

and reinsert it several times before finally unclamping the hose and

allowing the warm water to rush into her. She then lay down flat on the

floor as the water flowed into her.

�� Julie had returned by now and watched as I administered my first enema.

She praised me on my �technique� and said that as I�d done such a good job,

she had a special surprise for me.

�� �On your hands and knees� she said. �Bottoms up!�

�� I stepped back out of my underwear and assumed the position. Julie wasted

no time in slipping a well-lubricated finger up into me. Then she removed it

and I felt a totally new, very warm and very different sensation pushing

against my bottom.

�� �What is that?!� I cried.

�� �I�m not going to tell you� Julie replied. �You just finish giving Lisa

her enema and see if you can guess!�

�� �Remember, whatever you�re doing to her we�ve all got to do!� Lisa cried.

�� I had stopped the flow of water for Lisa�s enema but now restarted it at

her insistence. I slid the nozzle back and forth in her as Julie increased

the pressure on my backside. Whatever she was pushing against me was much

bigger than the nozzle, and very warm. Almost hot. Suddenly, my sphincter

relaxed and the mysterious object slid in about an inch. The warmth

spreading through my backside felt fantastic! Julie pressed her object ever

deeper inside me. What was that thing? It felt about an inch thick! The

warmth of it just flowed through me like water. It was an incredible


�� It was all I could do not to collapse on top of poor Lisa as Julie worked

me over from behind, in and out, slow and steady until finally she kept the

pressure up, sliding the mysterious object�� up into me until I felt my

sphincter close around its tapered end. Wow! Then her finger pushed it in a

bit farther. Whatever it was, it was totally inside of me now. It felt huge!

�� By now Lisa�s bag had thoroughly emptied inside her and she removed the

nozzle from her backside before heading off to the toilet.

�� �What is that thing?!� I cried.

�� �Here� said Julie, showing me a pan of hot water filled with four big

quarter pound hotdogs. �I�m ready for mine now.�

�� �How can you take an enema with one of these in you?� I asked, pointing

at the big sausages.

�� �I won�t� Julie replied. �I�ll remove it before the enema.�

�� �Well OK then� I said. �Why don�t you kneel down again? This could take a


�� Meanwhile, I could still feel the entire hotdog inside of me. What an

incredible sensation! I wanted more.

�� I was just about to push the hotdog all the way up into Julie when Lisa

reentered the room and knelt down beside Julie. �I want one too!� she

chirped. �Then I want to give you one myself�

�� I removed the hotdog from Julie, lubed both index fingers with Intensive

Care lotion and plunged them both deep into each girl�s bottom. Then I tried

to insert the hotdogs; one in each hand, but they bent too much and I was

afraid they�d break. Instead, I grasped a single dog and started to push the

end of it against Julie�s anus. Her sphincter was already pretty relaxed and

it easily entered her.

�� Suddenly, Lisa jumped up. �I want to watch!� she cried as she

repositioned herself behind me.

�� I had only inserted about an inch and a half of the hotdog into her and

though she was excited about what Lisa and I were doing, she was eager for

more of her own. I carefully pushed the hotdog inch by inch up into her

until only about an inch protruded.

�� �Do you want me to push it all the way in?� I asked

�� �Do it!� she pleaded. �All of it!�

�� I let a couple of inches of it slide back out of her and slowly pushed it

in and out before resuming steady pressure for the home stretch. I watched

in fascination as the end of the big quarter pounder disappeared entirely up

and into her.

�� �Push it farther in!� Julie cried.

�� I inserted my finger and amazingly was able to push the big dog as far in

as my finger would go. Was it up in her colon by now? How far up could it

go? I wished my finger were longer.

�� I had let Julie�s hotdog slide all the way back out of her rectum as Lisa

came around to in front of me and knelt down for her hotdog. I grabbed one

and started pushing it against her tight little anus. She gasped as it

started to slide in and moaned as it slowly slid up into her until it was

finally swallowed entirely inside her rectum.

�� Julie still hadn�t had her enema yet and as I headed back to the bathroom

to expel my hotdog, Julie was refilling the red enema bag in the kitchen.

Upon my return, she had the bag hanging on the doorknob and was ready to go.

As she knelt down in front of me, Lisa had returned with another pan of

hotdogs and slid one of her long soapy fingers up Julie�s asshole. I quickly

followed with the six-inch nozzle, twirling it deeper and deeper into her

until only the hose was left. As I unclamped the hose and the water gushed

into her, Julie�s whole body shuddered and she screamed as she erupted in

orgasm. I had to shut off the water until she�d ridden it out. Fortunately

the girls had put a couple of towels down on the floor.

��� And so the afternoon went. We each took one more enema and never really

did get much studying done that day, though we sure got a lot of

experimentation in. We had the opportunity to repeat our experimentation

three more times that year, each time focusing only on anal pleasures. I

later discovered that as a child, Julie had received an enema once a month

as part of a household tradition. She had always enjoyed them and she

occasionally talked about them with Lisa, her lifelong childhood friend. One

day Lisa was over visiting when Julie�s parents were out and she talked Lisa

into trying an enema. Both girls gave each other enemas that afternoon and

had enjoyed the practice ever since.

As for me, I would never have imagined that such pleasure and eroticism

could be derived from this part of the body. The only aspect of anal sex I�d

ever heard of was anal intercourse and the thought of that had never really

appealed to me. Lisa said she considered it demeaning. It was all about

feeling good and making each other feel good. No pain. No punishment. Just

pleasure. It was a great introduction to enemas.

�� Lisa, Julie and I repeated our enema sessions perhaps a dozen more times

since that afternoon. These days I take an occasional enema, as in once

every few months and although I no longer eat red meat I still enjoy the

occasional hotdog as well. Hopefully, Lisa and I will meet up again next

spring and will have a chance to repeat our sessions.


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�2003 The Collector