Rebecca’s Enema

By Jack Kinghoffe

Before I begin Dear Reader, if you are offended by subjects of an explicit nature, involving nudity, enemas, or sexual contact, and/or if you are under the legal age in your locality, DO NOT read any farther, but leave this area immediately.


This story is based in fact. It happened several years ago, when I forty, my girlfriend Netty, a nurse, was thirty four, and Rebecca, whose nickname was Penny, was 19 going on 20. All of the instances and practices are basically true, but should NOT be attempted by the uninitiated and uninformed, as the improper use of these procedures can cause injury or death. The names of the participants have been changed to protect their identity. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. And now to the story.

Rebecca, hereinafter known by her nickname Penny, was a beautiful young girl, sexy, full of life, and very erotically inclined. Her lovely teenage body was about 5’ 2", and perfectly built, with one of those teenage girlish asses that make your breath catch in your throat. Rather small breasted, she nevertheless exuded sex from every pore of her being. Netty, by contrast, was a little taller, with a fuller, womanly figure. Penny was a waitress at a local eatery, where Netty and I frequently ate, the food being good and the prices reasonable. I owned a small lumber business at the time, and was in excellent physical shape. Penny’s interest in me was made quite obvious at times, especially when her current boyfriend was out of town on business. Netty noticed it too, and remarked one evening, as we were making love, that perhaps Penny, "would like some too". "You are a great lover Jack, and I have seen how she looks at you". I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how horny Penny would be, if she knew I wanted to give her an enema. I said to Netty, "do you remember our first time, when I gave you an enema"? Netty breathed a sigh and replied, "oh yes! "I was never so excited and horny as that night". "You were gentle, but stern at the same time, - I thought I would explode, first from the enema, then with the Orgasm to end all orgasms"! I mused, "I wonder if Penny would like the same kind of treatment one of these days, especially when she gives me one of her come-hither looks". "God Jack", Netty sighed, "you would never get her out of your hair if you did". "I have dreamed of her cute little ass many nights like this one" I observed, "especially when I am super horny". "Would you mind if I did her one day Netty", I asked. Netty snuggled closer, and replied, "I think it would be interesting to watch you do to someone else what you did to me, and maybe help". "I guess it would make me relive the experience, and you know how insatiable I became that night Jack".

Over the next few days, we spoke of Penny again, and it appeared Netty was getting serious about watching Penny, "get it good from you Jack" (as she so aptly put it). Wondering and dreaming is one thing, putting the thoughts into action is quite another. Hinting and suggestive talk got us no closer to knowing if Penny was anal erotic, or not, and if so, would she submit to an enema from an older man such as myself. It all came to a head one afternoon, when I stopped for a pie and coffee. Netty had to work a double shift, and would be off duty soon. I was going to meet her there and take her home, after we had tied on the feedbag, rather than cook.

Penny was alone in the diner when I walked in. "Where’s your better half" Penny said as I sat at the counter. "She had to work part of the next shift" I said, "and we are going to want to eat before we go home". Penny hovered close to me, repeatedly touching me as she served the pie and coffee. From her actions, I knew that her boyfriend was probably out of town again, and she hadn’t had any sex in a while. She kept putting her hands on me for any reason at all, and as the clock progressed, she asked, "is Netty coming soon"? "She is late", I replied, "maybe there was an emergency, and she had to stay over". I asked, "would you please put this pie back in the cooler, as it doesn’t look like I’ll be eating soon". Penny came over to the booth where I had switched soon after I came in. As she reached over for the pie, I ran my hand up the back of her leg, my fingers like a cool breeze. She shuddered, leaned against my shoulder, and sighed, "Jesus Jack, That makes me so damn horny, I could scream". She put the pie down and draped her arm across my back, laying her head on my shoulder. I slid over and drew her into the booth next to me. Her face turned up in expectation of a kiss, and I eagerly obliged. When she drew back, face slightly flushed, I asked, "Where in hell is everyone today", as we were alone in the diner. Penny replied, "the day cook had to leave early, and the night man hasn’t come in yet". "Didn’t you notice the sign in the door as you came in"? I exclaimed, "Penny, I was looking at you and didn’t see the damn sign"! She then pulled away saying, "let me lock the damn door before someone interrupts us". "Okay", I answered, "let me phone the hospital and see when Netty is coming". She went to the door and I went to the phone. As it turned out, Netty was going to be at least another half hour before she could leave, and I asked the person to give her a message to met me at the diner, so we could eat before we went home.

"Do you want more coffee Jack"; Penny called from behind the counter? I replied, "no thanks Penny, but it sure would be great if you would join me here in the booth". She walked sexily around the end of the counter, wiping her hands on her apron, and soon slid in beside me, her lovely face turned up for a kiss. I drew her to me with one arm, and slid the other hand slowly up her leg. Penny shuddered again, and threw both arms around me, pulling me close. The booth was well hidden from the front windows, so if anyone looked in, they would see an empty diner. My hand had slid all the way up to the waistband of Penny’s panties, and I hooked my finger in the waistband and slowly started to pull them down. Penny raised herself a little and soon her panties were around her knees. Her face was flushed with passion by then, and she hungrily sought my mouth for more kisses. Responding as best I could, I slid her panties farther down her legs, so I could pull them off over her feet and ankles. Penny’s hand sought my crotch and felt my huge erection in the leg of my jeans. As her hand stroked and fondled it, she grew hotter yet, hugging and kissing with a passion. I broke free and brought her now sopping panties to my face and inhaled deeply. "My God you smell good Penny", I exclaimed! "Jack", she replied throatily, "I want you right now"!

Penny, you know we can’t right now, - here, but if you want to come home with Netty and me, I can guarantee you one hell of an evening! Her head was buried in my shoulder and soft tears were wetting my shirt, as she replied, "God Jack, I really would like that"….."but will Netty be upset"? I said, "for what I have in mind for you tonight, Netty is okay with it". "I did the same thing to Netty the first time we made love, and she almost fainted with pleasure", I exclaimed. "But", I said, "I am not sure you will like what I have in mind for you, - it might turn you off". Penny looked at me, and asked, "what could a kind man like you do that would turn me off Jack"? I snuggled Penny close to me in the booth, and held her. "Penny", I asked, "have you ever had someone give you an enema"? Penny shuddered a little in my arms, and replied, "my grandfather gave me one when I was 16, and boy was I embarrassed". "He made me take my pants off and lay on the bed, on a towel, while he greased my bumhole, and went in to prepare the enema", she said, - "and I was trembling like a leaf when he came back carrying the full bag, which looked to me like it held a gallon". "I had never felt anything sliding into my ass like that, and I got a little excited" she exclaimed. "Then the warm water started to fill me; It felt kind of nice at first, then began to give me cramps", so I told grandpa to ‘please stop, I can’t take any more’, - but he wouldn’t"! "He made me take the full quart and one half, which he said was enough for a young girl like me", she mused. By now Penny was in the midst of her memories of the enema, and was trembling easily against my chest, - her arms holding me tightly. "Penny", I said, "this will not be like it was when your grandpa gave you the enema, - you will be so horny and excited, I think you will have a tremendous orgasm", I explained. "Let me think about it Jack", she said as she got up to answer a knock at the door. The person knocking turned out to be Netty, who, as she entered, noticed Penny’s flushed face, rumpled look, and guessed what had happened. "Is Jack here" she asked, - and Penny pointed to the booth in which I was sitting.

Netty came back to the booth, and slid in opposite me. She had a look like the cat who ate the canary, as she asked, "Jack, have you been turning Penny on"? I said, "yes, and she says she might like to have me give her an enema, but isn’t really sure yet". "She will let us know soon enough I think", I told Netty, "now let’s enjoy some supper". Penny came to the table with two menus, and told us, "the night man has just arrived, and it will be awhile before any food is ready". Netty asked Penny, "would you like to sit and have coffee with us dear, as long as there are no other customers"? Penny had put herself back together somewhat, but still looked a little flushed. She left, but came back soon carrying a Coke for herself, and slid in on Netty’s side of the booth. ‘Doesn’t trust herself to sit on my side’, I thought. The three of us made small talk for a bit, and then Penny asked us if we wanted to order. ‘I’ll give you some orders’, I thought to myself. Netty asked, "how about some of that delicious salmon loaf Penny, do you have any today"? "I’ll check and be right back", Penny replied. She returned in a few moments saying, "you’re in luck today, the cook will heat two portions up for you if you want". We said we would like the salmon and gave her the rest of our order. Still no one else had come into the restaurant, probably because no one had taken the sign from the door.

Netty and I talked about how each other’s day went, when Penny came to the table with two glasses of water, with a breadbasket and salads. I asked, "would you come and sit with us a moment Penny"? She replied, "might as well, no other customers have come in". I craftily moved over to give her room to sit on my side, and after a moment’s hesitation, she slid in beside me, being careful to keep a small space between us. Nonchalantly I yawned and stretched, letting my hand slide down Penny’s back as I relaxed. Penny didn’t jump, but she looked a little nonplussed as to how to handle my touch, especially after what had transpired earlier. I drew my hand slowly across her ass, and let it lay against her thigh. She was still panty-less, and her skin felt very warm. Netty then dropped her bombshell, by asking, "Penny, did Jack invite you to come home with us today"? Penny’s face got really red, with a pretty teenage blush, and said, "I would like to go home with Jack, but I don’t want to make you angry Netty". Netty replied, "I am not upset with either you or Jack, and it might turn out to be an interesting evening". "Do you have to work this evening shift Penny", I asked. "No", she replied, "Mary will be here in a few minutes, and I can leave at my regular time". Netty said, "Penny, do you know what Jack wants to do with you"? Penny blushed to a deeper shade of red, and nodded her head Yes. "I have thought about it, and I might like it", she replied. Netty nodded, and told Penny, that as soon as Mary came, and we had eaten, we could all leave together. Penny leaned her head against my shoulder, and nodded in agreement, - then went to fetch our food.

While Netty and I were eating and chatting, we saw Mary come in the front door. "I guess the big night is on Jack, unless Penny chickens out in the meantime", Netty observed. I nodded in agreement, and felt my cock stiffen in my pants at the thought. I said to Netty, "anticipation is more than half the game Netty". "You remember how uptight you were when I told you I was going to give you an enema over my knee and then screw your brains out that first time we made love"? Netty sighed, and said, "I’ll bet Penny is about half out of her mind with anticipation by now Jack, she’ll be hot to trot tonight". "I have her nice damp panties right here in my pocket", I informed Netty. "Jesus Jack" Netty exclaimed, "you are one fast working dude". "I was horny today Netty" I explained, "and it just happened". "Are you sure you are okay with this Netty", I asked. Netty said, "it isn’t the way I had our evening planned, but I guess it could be an interesting night, - for us all"! Just then, Penny returned to the table with our checks. I gave her the money and a substantial tip, thinking, ‘you will get more than one substantial tip today Penny’. I told Penny to drive her car to our house, so she could go home from there and not have to come back here, - if you go home at all tonight……….(I let the rest hang in mid air, for her to chew on while she drove to our house).

Netty and I left shortly thereafter, and I watched Penny’s face as we walked out, trying to read her mood. In the car, Netty asked me, "what did you do to her Jack, she was as horny as I have ever seen her"? I replied, "I held her, stroked her back, kissed her, felt up her legs, and pulled her panties off", which were sopping wet, I added. Netty thought for a moment, and said, "I know she will turn up at our house after a while, but she needs time to bolster her courage Jack". "You had better be able to deliver tonight, because I am going to want you to fuck me like never before, if I am to watch you give Penny and enema", she breathed. Netty snuggled closer to me on the seat, and laid her hand over my hardening cock. Her head was against my shoulder, and her warm breath was hot against my arm, - giving me more ideas about later. Penny’s car had still not left the parking lot as we turned off the main street onto our street, and I wondered if we would see her at our house that evening. Netty was sure she would be there she told me later, and so we drove home expecting a very sensual, sexual evening and night.

When we got in the house, Netty hung up her outer clothes, and went to the bathroom. She emerged in a few minutes carrying the enema bag, the surgical gloves, and the tube of KY. "If Penny doesn’t show up Jack, you are going to do me again, - I am so goddam horny", she ordered. "But Jack", she cried, "I am pretty sure she will be here very soon". Netty went into the bedroom and changed from her working clothes to her sweater and mini-skirt, and heels. She let her long hair down, and when she rejoined me in the kitchen, she looked like one very sexy broad indeed. I got out three glasses and poured some wine into each of them. Netty looked and said, "pretty sure of yourself aren’t you Jack"? I replied, "yes dear" in that funny way husbands do, and Netty lost it. She started to laugh and came to my arms with her face up for a kiss, which I obliged eagerly. We were just about to go to the bedroom and make love, when the doorbell rang. Netty said, "ten to one odds it’s Penny". I replied, "no takers Netts, I am no fool", and started for the door. Sure enough, it was Penny standing there with a sheepish look on her face, as though to say, ‘what the devil am I doing here’. I let her in and took her in the crook of my arm, shepherding her toward the kitchen where the glasses of wine waited. I accepted her light jacket, and hung it in the hall closet, while Penny and Netty sat at the table, starting to sip the wine. Walking back to the kitchen, I had a chance to admire Penny’s girlish figure, and became suddenly hard as a rock! ‘I am going to enjoy this’, I thought to myself, and sat down to my wineglass. The three of us made small talk for a few minutes and Penny finally said, "Jack, I am excited and horny as hell, are we just going to sit here drinking wine, or are we going to get on with it"? "Enjoy your wine Penny", I said, "you will be naked and over my knee soon enough"…like the little girl you are, I thought to myself.

Very soon, our wine glasses were empty, and I stood up, taking Penny’s hand and drawing her to her feet. She stood shakily and leaned against me for support as I walked her to the bedroom. We went in and I closed the door, leaving Netty to her mental picture and remembrances of herself in just that situation not all that long ago. She said later, that as the door closed, she pictured herself naked and across my knee again, and the juices started dripping from her pussy like a small flood. In the bedroom, I gathered Penny into my arms and kissed her deeply. My hands found the zipper on her skirt and pulled it down. Penny was bare underneath, her panties being still in my pocket. Her arms went around my neck in passion, and for support, because her knees were shaking so badly she could hardly stand. I scooped her up in my muscular arms and carried her to the bed. "Penny", I ordered, "on your hand and knees on the bed, I am going to grease up your rectum". "Jesus Jack", she cried, "you don’t give a girl a chance to catch her breath do you"… but she complied, and was soon spread before me, her pretty ass wide open and ready to be greased. I could see her arms shaking from the anticipation, as I parted the cheeks of her ass and smeared a gob of KY on her rectum. "Stay right there Penny", I ordered, I forgot to use a surgical glove, I’ll be right back. I left her kneeling there in a completely vulnerable position and returned to the kitchen to get the surgical gloves.

"Jesus Jack", Netty exclaimed, you aren’t giving her a chance to get used to the idea are you"? I replied, "she is already horny, now she is going to get it". I went back to the bedroom and Penny kneeling there so vulnerable, and put on the gloves. Her head turned as she saw what was happening and she shuddered again. This time, I spread her ass cheeks wide and pushed my KY laden finger up into her rectum in a twisting motion, spreading the grease all through her insides. Penny shuddered powerfully, and looked at me with a totally wild look in her eye. "You can stand up now Penny", I said, and she complied. I took her trembling figure into my arms again, and held her. "Penny", I said, "now I am going to put you across my knee and give you an enema". "Do you hear water running", I asked? "It is Netty filling the enema bag just for you". "You just stand there and wait until she comes in here with it", I ordered, and began removing my trousers. Her eyes grew wide, as she watched me disrobe, my hard cock very evident inside my boxer shorts. I placed the straight chair next to the bed, and led Penny toward it. Sitting down, I placed her across my left leg, so that her hips were on the leg, leaving room for her tummy to expand, when the enema started to fill her. Her lovely upper body was lying on the bed, in a supplicant position, and her head turned as I freed my swollen cock from its prison and it pressed against her bare leg, making both of us hotter still. Just then, Netty opened the door and entered the room, carrying the bulging enema bag.

Penny glanced back over her shoulder and saw the size of the bulging bag, and shuddered some more. I had hooked my right leg over her left one to spread them apart. My left hand parted the cheeks of her lovely ass again, and taking the enema tip from Netty, I placed it against Penny’s rectum and started to push gently. "Push out Penny", I said, "like you do when you have a bowel movement". When she did, the tip entered her well-greased rectum easily. The enema tip is one I made myself in my shop, being of polished brass, which shone like gold in the lamplight, and finished with lacquer to keep it from tarnishing. It was nearly six inches long, and increased in size from its tip to three-fourths of an inch diameter in the middle, reducing in size to about nine- sixteenths near the flange at the base. The brass heats up when very warm water flows through it, and as I seated the tip in Penny, and opened the clamp with a loud click Penny moaned softly. Soon the tip began to take the temperature of the water, and her moans increased in frequency. They were urgent, rather than stressful, and I began to move the tip slowly in and out as Penny began to squirm prettily. I glanced at Netty, and saw that her hand was underneath her mini-skirt pleasuring herself. I told Netty, "please lower the bag a little, to reduce the stress on Penny, and to prolong her passion, - and yours"! Netty did so immediately, and Penny turned her head to thank me for reducing the stress, though her belly was getting rather full and swollen. The look on her face was wild with embarrassment and pleasure, and her fingers plucked at my arm.

Soon, the first quart of water was in Penny, and she began to complain about the distension of her sweet belly. I had been rubbing her back with my left hand, to ease her fears. Now, I placed my left hand under her to feel her swollen belly. I rubbed it gently and easily, and Penny began to relax a little. Soon, the second quart made her belly swell more, and increased the tension of the situation. "Penny", I said, "the enema is a very stressful procedure, but in this case, I think you will be more horny than in pain". "Oh God Jack", she replied, "I have never felt anything like this before". "I don’t know which is worse, the urge to shit, or the urge to turn over and fuck your brains out", she cried. "You might get to do both Penny", I replied. Her face was streaked with sweat and flushed a deep red, - a sure sign of passion. The rest of her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, and her legs and arms were trembling. As the water filled her lovely belly, Penny’s moans increased in volume, but without distress. She stole a look at the bag and asked, "how much more do I have to take Jack"? I glanced at it, and said, "you have less than two cups of water left Penny, just try to relax and take it". I put my thumb on the enema tip to hold it in place, and slid my index finger back and forth through her dripping vaginal folds. Her clitoris sprang to meet my questing finger, and soon Penny’s moans became soft screams of pleasure. Her breathing was very ragged, and her head thrashed about on the pillow I had given her. Netty lowered the bag, so the flow was almost stopped, to prolong Penny’s pleasure. As the last drops of water entered Penny’s rectum, her body shook like an earthquake, she emitted a loud scream of passion, and an orgasm overtook her. I held her bucking body through the orgasm, keeping the tip firmly seated, to prevent any leaks. After a few moments, Penny’s concern became for her swollen belly, and she cried, "if you don’t let me up Jack, I am going to shit right here in your bed and on your leg".

I closed the clamp, and holding the tip against her, I helped her shakily to her feet. She moaned with some distress and looked at her swollen belly. "My God, I look like I am pregnant Jack", she cried. "Please help me, I don’t think I can walk to the bathroom without erupting", she murmured. Her arm went around my shoulder, as she leaned against me and tried to walk. She staggered toward the bathroom and the waiting toilet as I helped her. Netty followed with the now empty bag in her hands. I positioned Penny over the toilet, and pulled the tip out of her rectum. She moaned loudly, started to leak water and sank to the toilet. A gushing cascade of water and shit erupted from her rectum; large chunks mixed with a stream of water, followed by a loud fart. The eruptions of shit, water and gas continued, as Netty put the empty enema bag in the sink and grabbed my arm. Netty had the strength of a horse, as she pulled me toward the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Netty jumped up, wrapped her legs around my back and said, "Jack, I am going to fuck you until your eyes fall out, I am so horny". Plastering my face with kisses, Netty pulled me down on top of her, and with her legs spread wide literally sucked my cock into her sopping vagina. My throbbing eight inches smoothed a path which didn’t stop until it touched her cervix, at which point Netty began to come like a wild woman, weeping and moaning into my shoulder like she was dying. I was so horny now, that I just took her, without gentleness, just raw passion, until a stream of semen flooded her vagina. My in and out motions were making loud sucking sounds, and Netty’s juices were running down her legs and ass, soaking the towel I had put there to catch the juices. Netty’s cries and moans grew louder and more panicky, and when I erupted my semen into her, she fainted! I held her and listened to Penny’s sighs and moans coming from the bathroom, interspersed with loud cascades of water and shit into the toilet. I just lay catching my breath, and soon, Penny stumbled into the bedroom and saw Netty and I locked together in the aftermath of a stupendous fuck. Penny crawled onto the bed next to me and sobbed quietly. Her swollen belly was flat now, and she curled up against my shoulder. Running her hands over my back and thighs, Penny sighed softly, and said" my God, that was incredible"! I rolled over, and pulled Netty close on one side and Penny on the other, as both women drifted off to sleep. Later, Penny awoke, and took my cock in her hand, and started kissing my neck and shoulder, but what happened next will be told in Rebecca, Part Two.

End of Rebecca’s Enema, Part One

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