My First Enema

By Kris Cooke


The first time I ever consider an enema was while cruising around the Internet looking for spanking stories.  I had no clue that people participated in this particular fetish.  I've always enjoyed erotic spanking and anal sex as a punishment part of my sex life but this was something new.

It took me six months to come back around to it before I tried.

I read several stories on and also some articles on how to do the real thing, but was feeling a little intimidated.  Some people take up to three or four quarts of water?  That scared me.  What if my colon burst?

And I didn't have an enema bag.  Where does one even find one?

However Fleet enemas are available at the local grocery store.

I was so embarrassed standing in the grocery aisle reading the directions on the enema box.  I was sure everyone who passed was looking at me and knew what I was up to.  I tried not to blush as I check out with my basket full of groceries.  In the end, I choose a mineral oil enema and a double pack of saline Fleets.

Still I was worried. I read things about people cramping up.  I wasn't worried about sticking the nozzle in me.  Jeez, I'd taken things much bigger than that little thing.  In fact I planned to use my dildo as a butt plug so none of the fluid would escape.  

I had to wait for the next morning for my husband to go to work to do it to myself.  I read as much as I could then went into my bedroom, locked the door and told myself I was a bad girl.  I needed to undress.  I took all of my clothes off and placed a towel on the bathroom floor.  I read something that recommended the first enema shouldn't be ass in the air, but rather on the side with leg bended upward.  However, I decided I'd been really bad and I was going to make sure the mineral oil made it as far down my colon as possible.

I was worried that I would cramp from cold oil and so heated it in the microwave.  It never made it to a very warm temp, but I figured hell, I was a very bad girl and if I cramped that was as much as I deserved.  I took the enema into the bathroom, knelt down on the floor with my breasts pressed against the rough towel, and stuck the tube into my ass.  Slowly I pushed the oil up my ass hole, pausing occasionally so I would loose none of the precious oil out my butt hole.  I couldn't tell if the bottle was empty or not so I got a small mirror and placed it behind me to make sure I got every drop.  When I was certain no more oil would be emptied into my ass hole, I took my dildo and worked it into my ass.  

The added pleasure was using the dildo on my clitoris.  I came and came, the dildo keeping the oil tightly inside of me.  Suddenly I had to go.  I knew I should have waited longer... everything I read said to wait a while for the feeling to pass, but I just couldn't wait.  I jumped up, sat on the pot, and pulled the big dildo out of me.  Oil spilled out, but it was a while before the real evacuation took place.  I went and went, feeling the emptiness I'd been longing for.

The enema directions suggested using a regular fleet enema after the mineral oil enema.  But I've decided to wait until tomorrow when I will do the double pack of enemas.  This time I will make myself wait 20 minutes.  And I'm certain I'll have to invest in a real enema bag.  A coffee enema sounds interesting.

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