The longer Laura worked for me the greater understanding I gained

about her need for complete sexual humiliation to achieve the fullest

sexual release.

	The most recent example of this came on Monday morning when she

arrived for work in a very becoming designer dress.  While she looked

absolutely adorable, I couldn't allow her to get away with breaking my

rules about dressing casually in my office.

	"So you think that you can dress however you want to in my

office?" I demanded.

	"I'm tired of dressing do plainly, I'm a woman and I'm going to

dress like one!"  You respond hotly.

	"Oh is that so, I growl."  Grabbing your right breast harshly, I

back you up against the wall.  I reach up under your dress cupping your

pussy with my palm, feeling the very skimpy lace panties you're wearing.

I angrily lift the front of your dress exposing the lavender lace panties

and white satin garter belt & stockings.

	"I will NOT tolerate you wearing such sultry underwear in my

office!  Take that dress off this instant, you are going to learn to obey

my rules right now!!!"  I roared in outrage.

	"I most certainly will not strip for you, if you want my dress off

you take it off."  You yelled defiantly.

	Calling your bluff I grabbed your nipple again and began unzipping

your dress.

	"Bastard."  You screamed as you slapped my face.

	"You'll regret that, I'm going to make this by far the most

painful and humiliating experience you  have EVER had.   I'm going to

position you so that your most intimate charms are lewdly displayed and I

am going to get hard watching you cringe and blush as I describe what you

look like and I violate all of your openings with my fingers tongue and

cock, and you will be completely powerless to stop me.  I state sternly as

I twist your nipple cruelly, making you wince.

	Then I am going to give you the spanking and strapping of your

life.  Your entire ass and the backs of your thighs from just above your

knees will be thoroughly thrashed and then your anus and pussy will get

the same treatment, you will not be injured but I assure you that you will

experience pain and degradation like you have never experienced before,

and if you struggle too much I will bind you in place.  After you have

been spanked thoroughly I am going to give you a large enema with a

special large nozzle that I can hardly wait to shove all the way up that

hot little ass of yours.

	Your color pales as you realize by my rising rage that you have

truly crossed the line while I drag your struggling form over to the sofa

shoving you face down over the back of it wearing only your bra, panties,

garter belt and stockings.  Forcing your legs wide the skimpy back of your

panties slide into the cleft between your buttocks fully exposing your

cheeks leaving them completely unprotected.  Placing my thumbs deep in the

crevice of your bottom I draw them up and down slowly, "Feel sexy now?" I

taunt.  "Your panties are getting so wet they are sticking to every curve

of your hot swollen pussy."  Moving my right hand from your ass I pick up

a thick cock shaped vibrating dildo and hold it in front of your face.

This vibrator is going to go roughly up that sweet little ass of yours,

the rose bud is so tightly stretched and exposed that I am fully erect and

looking forward to fucking your tight asshole until you are senseless.

Pushing your panty crotch aside I gather some of your dew on my finger tip

and begin lightly rubbing your tightly stretched anus delighting at how

your body betrays you as you begin to squirm lustily in response to my

attentions.  As I place the tip of the vibrator firmly against your anus,

and lean forward, whispering in your ear.  "Feel the vibrator against your

ass?"  I ask grinning.  "I'm going to enjoy watching the expression on

your face as I ram it up your ass!"

	You cry out in pain and your eyes bulge out as I shove the entire

length of the thick dildo deep into your tight ass in one savage thrust.

I love how you look with your anus stretched to its limits by that dildo

that is protruding so lewdly from your ass."  I whisper in your ear.  I

roughly pull you to your feet by your hair and rip your bra off.  I pick

up the thin pussy strap and force your legs far apart. "I'm going to bite,

suck and pinch your nipples and strap your tender pussy harder than I have

before, I assure you that no damage will be done but I will push you

beyond what you have experienced before."  I take a pair of scissors from

the desk and cut off your panties.  "I am going to strap your pussy until

the dildo falls out of your ass and then you are going to get spanked and

strapped longer and harder than you have ever been punished before."  I

begin whipping your entire pussy and inner thighs as I bite down on one

breast sucking hard on the nipple while I roughly pinch and twist your

other nipple with my free hand.  I feel my cock begin to swell as  I watch

you jump and your breasts pull each time the strap strikes your pussy and

the expression of mixed agony and ecstasy washes over your face.  I stop

whipping your pussy briefly and look around you and see that the dildo is

almost all the way out.  I lightly strap your engorged breasts several

times before resuming your pussy whipping, tears are beginning to stream

down your lovely face as I hear the dildo drop onto the carpet with a dull

thud.  My cock is aching for your attention as I force you to your knees

and I open my fly and pull out my fully erect cock and shove it into your

mouth and begin wildly fucking your face.  When I feel that I am about to

climax I pull my cock from your mouth and order you to begin stroking my

cock while I hold your head tightly in front of my cock.  "You are going

to make me cum all over your face." I say gleefully.  "You are going to

cause your own humiliation, you will wear my sperm on your face!" I

exclaim in ragged gasps as your fingers bring me over the edge and I shoot

wad after wad of semen onto your face so that it is dripping down your

nose and both cheeks.  I push my cock back into your mouth as you lick it

clean I remove it again from your mouth and replace it in my trousers.  I

walk over to the sofa and sit down

	"Crawl to me my pet, keep your head high and your arms wide so

that I can see my sperm on your face and your swaying tits."  My arousal

is incredible as I watch the small rivers of my semen running down your

face and dripping of your chin, and your lush busom swaying to and fro as

you crawl towards me.  The very fact that you are crawling towards me is a

sign of acceptance of the fact that it is your function to please me.

When you stop in front of me I reach down and grab both nipples and pull

you upright so that you are again kneeling before me.  "Masturbate for me,

and don't ignore your tits." I instruct.

	Blushing deeply, you cup your breasts and begin fondling and

caressing them deeply, twisting you nipples with your soft fingers.  Your

hands begin trailing slowly down your soft belly to your inner thighs and

you begin caressing them slowly working back up towards your sopping wet

pussy.  You delicately spread your labia and caress your swollen clit with

fingers of one hand while the fingers penetrate deep within your pussy and

begin slowly moving in and out rapidly as you come closer to climax you

move your hand from your labia back up to your breasts where you resume

caressing and pinching each breast.  Your climax is approaching but the

fact that this act that you are performing for me will bring you pleasure

is purely secondary to the fact that it is giving me great pleasure

watching you subjugate yourself in this manner.  You collapse into my lap

 as a major orgasm explodes deep within you leaving you gasping for


	Once you have regained your breath, I draw you up and over my lap,

taking great delight in once again having this sexiest of bottoms up ended

in the time honored position for spanking its full swells and curves and

supple smoothness could not haven been equaled by any of the worlds

greatest sculptors.  I pull your cheeks roughly apart and draw a string of

five large anal beads over your dripping pussy and then begin forcing one

bead after the other deep into your ass until all five are deeply embedded

in your twitching anus.  I rub both hands over your up thrust ass and in

between your slightly spread thighs to your pussy as I describe what I

have in store for you.

	"I am going to spank you long and hard simply because it pleases

me to use you in this fashion.  I am going to give you twenty hard slaps

then I am going to remove the first bead, then I will give you twenty more

slaps before removing the second bead, I will repeat this procedure until

all five beads have been removed then you will get a final twenty slaps.

Then you will stand with your feet spread apart and your hands on your

head as I fasten one end of a weighted chain to each nipple then you will

receive ten strokes from the tawse in that position, then you will bend

over and place your hands on your knees for ten more, then you will bend

over grabbing your ankles for ten more.  I will then remove the nipple

clamps and you will bend across my desk for a final twenty strokes.  Then

I will carry you to the bedroom and I will have my way with you."

	The first slap lands resoundingly on your firm ass, you gasp and

moan and squirm as my punishing hand lands time after time on your tender,

vulnerable backside as a light blush begins to spread as I administer the

last swat of the first batch  I take hold of the string and tug on it

lightly teasing your anus from within for several minutes before actually

removing the first bead.  "I run my fingers over your pussy exploring your

growing lust.  "You're loving this you little slut!"  I declare as I begin

the second batch of twenty.

	As the spanking resumes your reactions become more animated your

legs begin to kick up and down causing your bottom to sway gently from

side to side as if you are taking a slow walk and your gasps and moans

become louder and deeper.  Each time you rock your hips over my lap your

belly rubs the tip of my cock through my trousers sending shivers of

delight through my body.  "I am getting so excited punishing you like

this, the more you accept from me the more I desire you."  I state.  I

continue to spank you until you have taken forty strokes, thoroughly

enjoying the way each buttock flattens and shudders with each smack.

	I begin removing the second bead, "Once I have thoroughly punished

you I am going to fuck your tight little ass hole like it has never been

fucked before."  I declare as you sigh in delighted anticipation.  The

spanking continues and your reactions keep getting progressively stronger

as the pain and burn in your bottom races to your nipples and pussy as do

the erotic sensations coming from your anus.  By the time your hand

spanking ends your bottom is crimson and your bottom and legs are moving

like you were running a marathon and the room is filled with the combined

sounds of flesh smacking flesh and your wails of pain, sorrow, and joy

along with the sounds of your hands and feet hitting the sofa.  I every

bit of my resolve not to throw you on the floor and ravish the body that

so excites me.  I deeply fondle and caress your hot crimson bottom and

superheated pussy for several long minutes before ordering you to your


	You stand on weak trembling legs placing your hands on top of your

head while I retrieve the weighted chain,  I trace a slow circle around

your right nipple before sucking it deep into my mouth and then fastening

the clamp very tightly to the aroused nipple then I give your left breast

the same treatment as you gasp in a mixture of pain and sexual

gratification.  The first stroke of the tawse catches you off guard and

makes you jump up and the chain suspended from your nipples swings freely.

 I watch in delight as your body moves wildly in response to the first ten


	With no more instruction than gentle pressure on your back you

obediently bend forward resting your palms on your knees as your eyes

become filled with tears as your most intimate of charms become fully

exposed to my lustful gaze.  I resume the strapping on your stretched

bottom, these strokes inflict more pain and you yell out as each one

lands,  each yelp once again confirms the fact you are completely in my

control and that posses you completely.  Each stroke that lands across

your out thrust ass in this position makes you hips move forward and back

as if you were fucking a phantom lover as the chain swings from your

pendulous breasts sending delightful sensations directly from your nipples

to your pussy.  Finally the twentieth stroke lands on your scarlet bottom

and you are crying freely.  "You are taking your punishment well my pet, I

am very pleased with you, now take hold of your ankles."

	You take strength from my words and with out having to be told you

open yourself all the more and stick your deserving ass as far up and out

as possible.  "These next ten will be the hardest yet and the hardest for

you to take but you have brought this punishment upon your self by your

naturally willful ways and now you must pay."  I explain.  You whimper

softly and arch your back even more.  The first stroke lands hard across

the very tops of your thighs, you shriek loudly and stamp your feet as you

garb your ankles even tighter.  I give you the final nine in rapid

succession as you continue to shriek in a mixture of agony and desire.

Your scarlet welted ass and drenched pussy wave about wildly in a highly

stimulating dance as my cock strains against my zipper.  The final stroke

nearly knocks you off your feet.  You jump stand bolt upright clutching

your sore red bottom as I take you into my arms and kiss your tear

streaked face.  I push your hands out of the way replacing them on your

hot tail with my own, you wrap your arms around my neck and your legs

around my waist as you grind your needy pussy against the prominent bulge

in my trousers as I carry you over  to the desk. You flinch as I set your

sore bottom on the cold wood of the desk as I remove the clamps from your

nipples and massage your heaving tits.  I reach inside my desk and

withdraw a special new paddle I purchased specifically intended to be used

on the breasts and pussy.  "This will sting like crazy but will do you no

harm."  I explain as I draw it across you right breast  Sensing what I

intend you pull your shoulders back, pushing your breasts outwards.  I

begin applying ten strokes to each breast paying special attention to each

nipple, tears again begin streaming down your cheeks as your subjugation

nears completion.  When I'm finished with your breasts I press the tip of

the slapper between your spread thighs.  Sighing deeply as you realize

that your punishment is almost over you slide off the desk and turn

bending forward resting your punished breasts on the desk.  You slowly

reach back and pull your buttocks apart.

	"Very good my darling you are learning, that's just how I want you

freely offering yourself to me in the most shameful pose, Ten on each

opening I think will do nicely, don't you agree?"

	"Yes my love, take me however you want, I'm yours."  You reply

almost contentedly

	"Laura, your pussy is all spread open yearning to be stuffed with

cock and your anus is twitching lewdly upwards."  Your pussy gets hotter

and wetter as I describe in delight the view spread before me.  I stroke

your pussy roughly with my fingers while I move my callused thumb over

your anus.  Moving the slapper up and down I land ten burning strokes on

your pouting pussy and puckered anus while you lurch against the desk top,

sobbing heartily at this chastisement of your already sore pussy.  You

collapse across the desk as you hear the strap drop and you release your


	Gathering you up in my arms I carry you into the bathroom and set

you down by the tub, Your eyes widen when you see the new large enema bag

and huge nozzle, as I finished filling the bag you draped your self

submissively over the side of the tub and again spread your well spanked

buttocks.  You blush bright as you hear me purging the air from the tubing

before rubbing the nozzle against your pussy, lubricating the nozzle

slightly.  I press the nozzle against your clenched anus,  "I want to hear

you beg for the nozzle."  I demand.

	"Please giv. . .AAgggggghhhhhhhhh that’s huge."  you exclaimed.

	"Yes, I thought you'd like it my darling."  I replied as I opened

the nozzle.

	"Play with your pussy."  I order

	"What?" you ask incredulously

	{!!SMACK!!}  "I said play with your pussy!"  {!!SMACK!!}  I

repeated emphasizing it this time with two hard swats on the lowest

portion of each buttock.

	Quickly you raise your hips off the edge of the tub and begin

playing with your labia and clitoris to my great delight as your face

became as red as your bottom, your subjugation was complete.  You achieve

another climax just as the last of the warm water drained into you.  I

slowly removed the nozzle as you raced for the toilet and sat down.

"Aren't you going to leave?" You asked nervously.

	"Not this time my dear."  I replied as I turned my back and turned

on the water in the sink and began wetting and soaping one wash cloth and

wetting a second.  Closing your eyes tightly and blushing furiously at

this latest humiliation, nature takes it course and you loudly expel the

invading fluid.  After you have finished I take you by the wrist and raise

my left leg resting my foot on the tub I bend you over my knee and put the

hot soapy wash cloth on your bottom you flinch and whimper as I rub the

rough fabric over your throbbing bottom and pussy, after your bottom has

been thoroughly scrubbed I rinse off your bottom with the second wash

cloth.  After your sweet sore bottom is thoroughly washed I gently rub it

dry with a plush towel and carry you back into the bedroom and lay you

down on your bed on your back.  I quickly remove my clothes as you spread

your legs wide and caress your tits.

	I climb on top of you and begin licking your earlobe as I roughly

squeeze your breasts, then I kiss and lick my way down your neck and bite

each nipple hard as I move down your body to your spread thighs, reaching

your wet swollen pussy I take a great deal of time licking every fold of

skin before inserting my tongue as deep as possible into your pussy making

you writhe wildly under me And you grasp the back of my head trying to

pull me in closer I continue lapping at your succulent pussy until you

climax then I move down to your dusky rosebud and tease it with my tongue

until you are screaming with desire and I plunge my tongue deep into your

anus driving you crazy as I ream you out fiendishly .  Grasping your

ankles I spread your legs even wider as I lift them onto my shoulders as I

press my cock against your anus and a long thick dildo against your vulva

and shove them both into the hilt simultaneously, fucking you slowly at

first then increasing gradually in intensity as I continue to roughly

handle your swollen tits until I fill your ass with hot sperm.  I collapse

exhausted next to you I pull you close and kiss you deep on the mouth as

you squirm closer and drift off to sleep with the huge dildo still

embedded in your hot satisfied pussy

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