My First Enema


My first enema experience was when I was 14 tears old. My parents took me to visit my cousine for a week. On the third day of our visit, my parents had to go away for a day, to return the next day. I was left alone in my cousin's home for the day, while she went to work. I started looking around for something interesting to read, and found some porno mags in a closet in her bedroom. Expecting that I had several hours before she would come home, I made myself comfortable on her bed, and starting looking at the mags. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I started rubbing myself. I go undressed, and started stroking slowly, while I read the erotic stories. I was so involved that I did not hear my cousine enter. She caught me "red handed". I was awfully embarassed, and she told me sternly that she would have to inform my parents about my behavior. I begged her not to, and she said that she would keep it to herself provided I was "punished". I felt that I had no choice but to agree. She spread a plastic tablecloth over her bed and had me lay on my back. She then put a broom stick behind my knees and tied the ends of the broom to the bed's headboard, so that my virgin ass was totally exposed. She then went into the bathroom. I heard the water running, and became very nervous as to what I was in for. She came back out a few minutes later wearing a bathing suit, and carrying a red enema bag filled to the brim, a long hose, and a large douche nozzle at the end. I was about to say "no way" when her stern look reminded me about my parents, and I decided to keep quite. She hung the bag from a light fixture in the ceiling over the bed, and pushed her finger with a glob of vaseline into my anus. I started to become aroused, and my penis shot up straight and hard. She noticed that, and gave me an enigmatic smile. She roughly shoved the nozzle in my anus and opened the clamp, allowing the hot sudsy water to shoot into me quickly. She warned me that I better not let even a drop out or it would be even worse for me. I struggled to hold it, while she emptied the 2 quart bag into me. She then inserted a finger in my anus, and started to stroke me very very slowly. In about 2 or 3 minutes, I was so hot, I was ready to cum. But just then, she stopped stroking. I begged her not to stop, but she smiled at me. She waited till i was soft, and then strated the stroking again. What I did not realize at the time was that she had her finger pressed against my prostate, and whenever she would feel it get hard - indicating that I was about to cum - she stopped stroking. This went on for an hour and a half, at which time I completely lost my erection and got this terrible pain in my balls. At that point she walked out and told me that I was finished with the punishment. She never did tell my folks what happened, but I came to realize that she would never want my parents to know what she had done to me. The next year, when we visited her again, I told my cousine that if she did not accept punishment for what she had done to me, I would tell my parents what happened. She was appalled, but could not get out of her predicament. One day I told my parents that I wasn't feeling to well and they should go out for the day without me. They did, and I was left with my cousine. I told her to go to the bank and take out $1,000 - but told her she could earn it back. She didn't like the sound of this, but had little choice. When she returned with the money I told her to get undressed. I put her on the bed in exactly the same way that I had been. I put a cup of a mixture of hot water and shampoo into the enema bag. I told her that I would give her this enema and for every minute she held it in, I would give her back $10 - for the first 10 minutes. If she let any of it out, she lost all the money that had not yet been returned to her. I took the nozzle off the hose, and just inserted the hose end into her ass hole and let the enema in. She squiggled and moaned, but did not say a word. After 10 minutes, I told her she was going to get another cup of water and shampoo and get $20 per minute for every minute she held it - for another 10 minutes. After about 15 minutes she started to complain that she couldn't hold it any longer. I said, "o.k., so i keep the rest of the money!" She got quite and just continued moaning. After 20 minutes I gave her another cup and told her she would get $30/minute. She was sweating and panting, but she took it. After 30 minutes, I gave her another cup of almost all shampoo with just a little water to make it flow. I also pushed the hose into her till a full 2 feet of it disappeared into her hole. After 40 minutes, she had earned back all the money. I then told her she could let it out - after I gave her the finishing touch. I gave her 2 cups worth of strong baking soda solution, and followed that with 2 cups of white vinegar. It started to fizz inside her and finally erupted from her hole like a suddsy volcano. She ran to the toilet to let the rest out, and I stood in front of her and had her lick me and suck me till I came while she let out all the shampoo and stuff in big bursts. We were even!

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