The Turkey Baster

By Dani

When he walked in the house he heard two voices coming from the room. For several minutes he didn’t think anything of it, assuming she had one of her girlfriends over, so he went into the kitchen to get things ready for supper. He ran a sink full of warm, soapy water, preparing to do dishes then busied himself making preparations for supper.

After a bit she walks by the kitchen doorway with her friend on the way to the front door. He glances up and sees them, then goes back to what he was doing. All of a sudden his head jerks up and he looks at the doorway, he had just realized that the person she had walked to the door with wasn’t one of her girlfriends, it was a boy. She had had a boy in her bedroom! He gritted his teeth, he was getting angry with her. Knowing her the way he did he could only guess what they had been doing! When he heard her tell him goodbye and the front door shut he asked her to come in the kitchen.

She walked in, “What’s up Daddy?”

He turned around, facing her, “What were you doing with a boy in your bedroom, alone, young lady?”

She shrugged, “Studying.”

He glared at her, “I don’t believe you young lady. I know you far too well. Now tell me what you were doing with him!”

She glared at him, then in a soft, even voice she replied, “We were just studying, despite what YOU and your dirty mind might think.”

He walked over and stood in front of her, “I don’t like your attitude young lady! You WILL tell me exactly what you were doing with him.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “All we were doing was studying.”

“I have had ENOUGH of your attitude young lady!” He grabbed her wrist and drug her across the room. He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, pulling her across his lap.

She struggled mightily against him, wiggling, squirming and trying to pull away. When he pulled her across his lap she even tried to bit him, anything to get away.

He ignored her attempts to get away, including the bite. He yanked the back of her skirt up, holding her down with one arm across her back. He gave her a couple quick swats, hoping that would settle her down a bit, then started to pull her panties down.

When she felt him start to lower her panties she started struggling more, knowing once he got them off she was in even more trouble.

When he got her panties off he happened to glimpse something protruding from her pussy. He spread her legs a little to take a better look. He saw it was a dildo. He was absolutely furious thinking about what she was doing with it.

When he spread her legs she KNEW how much trouble she was in. She laid limp across his lap, whimpering, a little frightened of what his reaction was going to be. She started shivering slightly.

He reached between her legs and pulled kit out then dropped it on the floor. He swatted her, hard, on the ass. " STAY OUT OF MY DAMN CLOSET! I have told you that time and again!"

She just laid there, whimpering. She shut her eyes tightly and hoped the spanking would be over quickly.

He tried keeping calm, but the thought of what she was doing with that dildo or worse yet, with boys was totally infuriating. He swatted her, hard, on the ass one more time. "Have you been letting boys touch you there? Is that why you do this stuff?"

She just laid limp across his lap, chewing on her bottom lip nervously, not answering.

Her not answering infuriated him all the more. He looked away and counted to 10 trying to calm down and keep his temper in check. An object on the counter caught his eye. The turkey baster was laying there, waiting to be put away. An evil grin crossed his face. He scooted the chair over to the sink area. The water he ran for the dishes was still there but considerably colder.

She was starting to get a little frightened, not knowing what he was going to do. She looked back at him with big eyes, "What are you going to do?"

He filled it with the tepid water and brought the baster down to her crotch. "You are a dirty little girl that needs to be cleaned out."

She started struggling against his grip harder and wiggling around, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't do this to me Daddy!"

He is really angry thinking she has let boys touch her when she knows not to. He slips the turkey baster just inside her pussy and gives the bulb a big squeeze, squirting the cool water deep into her pussy.

The effect on her was almost instantaneous, she squealed loudly, and tried to pull away, struggling harder against him in an attempt to get away.

He refills the baster, brings it back down and pushes it deep inside her pussy, not caring that this is getting water all over his pants and the floor.

She stated wiggling around harder, desperately trying to pull off the baster. "Stop Daddy PLEASE! NO MORE PLEASE!"

He moved the baster in and out slightly, "Have you let any boys touch you down here?????" He got ready to force more water in, waiting for her answer.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO! No one has touched me Daddy. I SWEAR! Don't PLEASE!" She tried to pull herself off his lap.

He looked down at her and held onto her tighter. "I Don't believe you. You are such a dirty child. Such a naughty, bad little girl." He squeezed the bulb hard, forcing the water harder into her, squirting it deep into her pussy.

She Arched up and hissed, "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't do ANYTHING, I swear Daddy!" She tried hard to pull away from him.

He pulls it out and quickly get some more water, looking down at her with disgust, not at all happy with thinking she has let boys touch her. As he brings the baster back down she wiggled around more, trying to get off his lap. Her ass cheeks parted slightly and he saw her asshole was all red and slightly swollen. He got angry all over again, "Have you been letting them touch your ass too?" He moved the baster up to her ass and pushed it in.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" She screamed, desperately trying to get away any way she could, including trying to bite him.


"TELL ME NOW!" What have you been doing with boys? Admit what you've been doing!" he slid it deep inside.

"I HAVEN'T LET ANY BOYS TOUCH ME! " she continued to wiggle around, trying to pull away from him and clench down her muscles trying to push the baster out.

He gave the bulb a big squeeze, forcing the soapy water deep into her ass. "Why is your ass so red then? No girl your age should have that." As he pulled it out of her ass some water also leaked out so he slid a finger deep inside to keep the water there.

She arched up and hissed again, hating the way the whole thing felt. "Oh Daddy I haven't let anyone touch me I SWEAR! Take it out PLEASE! NO MORE!" she shivered uncontrollably, wiggling around.

"TELL ME!" He got another baster full of water and brought it back down to her ass, slowly starting to slide it inside as he slipped his finger out. "TELL ME NOW!"

"I HAVEN'T LET ANYONE TOUCH ME I SWEAR!" she screamed, now desperate to get away, the pressure in her bowels was building, making it very uncomfortable.

He pumped the bulb again and forced more water into her ass. He slid the baster out and his finger back in. "You have no choice, you are going to tell me EVERYTHING!"

She whimpered loudly, "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! Stop PLEASE Daddy!"

He filled the baster again and slid it back onto her asshole, sliding his finger out. Again a little water escaped, "TELL ME!"

Her tummy was getting more and more full and it was making her VERY uncomfortable. "No boy has ever touched me I SWEAR Daddy!"

"TELL ME NOW!" pushing slowly on the bulb, forcing more deep inside her.

She went limp over his lap and just whimpered. Realizing fighting and wiggling wasn't going to help her get away. She realized she just had to lay there and submit to what he wanted to do to her.

He pulled the baster out and tossed in into the sink then slipped his finger back into her ass.

Keeping his finger in her ass he shifted her around until he had her standing up. Then he had her sit back down on his lap with her back to him.

She wiggled around on his lap, uncomfortable, looking down at the floor, embarrassed.

He held onto her tight, "Now you are going to tell me what you let the boys do to you!"

She whimpered loudly and wiggled around but didn't answer.

He started to move his finger in and out of her ass. He pushed her forward slightly, watching his finger slide in and out. With his other hand he reached down and started to undo his pants.

Her head jerked p and she looked back at him, wide-eyed, "W-w-w-w-what are you doing?!?!?!!?"

He grinned, evilly, at her, figuring out an easier way to keep the water in her ass so he could have his hands free to wash her pussy out some more.

He stood her up a little and lowered his pants, kicking them aside. He then started having her to set back down onto his lap, putting his cock to the entrance of her asshole, then as she lowered down his cock eased into her ass. As it eased inside he slowly slid his finger out.

She stared screeching and wiggling around, trying to pull herself off of him. "OH GOD STOP! PLEASE! NO!"

He pulled her hard, down onto him as his cock slid in and he put his arm around her and forced her down onto him, burying every inch of his cock in her ass.

She tried to stand up and pull off of him but he held her down on his lap, tight.

He grabbed the baster out of the sink and refilled it, bringing it back down to her pussy.

She tried shutting her legs and pushing his hands away, but to no avail, he forced it between her legs and slid it back into her pussy, "Now TELL ME!"

She looked down, shivering, "No one but me has touched me Daddy."

He slid it deep into her pussy, "Tell me who touched you!"

She whimpered and wiggled around, "Just me Daddy I SWEAR!"

"You put a dildo in your ass. Where did you learn that?" He thinks he doesn't believe her.

She sucked in her breath then said, "I watched one of your movies, that's where I saw it."

He started to squeeze the bulb a little at a time making the water slowly go into her pussy. "You WHAT?"

She whimpered loudly, "I found one of your movies and watched it." She looked down at the floor.

Then she looked back at him with big eyes, "Please no more Daddy, I have to go potty."

He squeezed the bulb, hard, squirting the water into her pussy, emptying it upwards into her. "You got my movie?????"

She whimpered loudly and pulled her legs up.

He let the bulb go and it sucked some of the water back into the bulb.

She squirmed and wiggled around, whining, "Stop PLEASE!!"

"You have been told to stay out of my room!" He squeezed the bulb again, forcing the water back into her.

She whimpered loudly, "I know Daddy, I'm sorry." She moved one hand down to her crotch and tried to push his hand away.

He started to pump the bulb, forcing the water in and out of her pussy. "You are going to be punished now. You have to keep that water in you ass for ONE hour."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she wiggled around and tried harder to push his hands away.

He grinned, evilly, at her, "I bet you have to go pee now don't you?"

She moaned and squirmed around, "Yes Daddy."

He held one arm around her tight and stood up, keeping the baster in her pussy and his cock in her ass, not wanting to get any more water on the floor. "OK I am going to let you pee." He carried her to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet, her legs spread wide open, propped on his thighs. She has no choice to sit there with his dick in her ass. "Now I will let you go pee."

"But Daddy, I can't go like this." she said, whining a little bit, "Can't I go by myself?"

"No, you have to go like this." Slowly he starts to pull the turkey baster out, giving it one more pump of water, then pulling it totally out.

She wiggled all over, very uncomfortable.

He held on, tight, to her. "I told you, one hour with the water in you ass. My cock is going to stay right where it is to make sure it stays in there."

"but Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...." she wiggled around harder trying to dislodge his cock, hating how uncomfortable she was getting.

He pulled his hands away from her crotch, looking down, putting an arm around her, waiting until she could pee, watching water drain from her pussy, knowing she was cleaned out.

"Daddy I CAN'T peepee like this. Can't I go by myself?"

"You CAN pee! Your ass will stay filled with water, that is your punishment."


"We will sit here and wait until you can pee then."

She started to struggle against him and wiggle around, "But Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I CAN'T like this!" pouting, looking back at him with big, puppy dog eyes.

He started to move his hips back and forth a little making his cock pump her ass a couple times. She whimpered louder, shivering a little bit. "You have no choice Baby Girl, you have to be punished."

She looked down at the floor and strained to go pee because she had to go so badly.

He kept moving his hips, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her ass with all that water, so he didn't stop pumping in and out.

She started moaning a little louder, the urge growing stronger and stronger.

He moved his hands down slightly and started pushing in her tummy. "You said you had to go, are you lying to me again?" he moved his other hand and swatter her once on the ass.

She jerked and squealed, "OOOOOWWWWWWWW! I really do have to go Daddy, but I just can't like this!"

He growled, "Go NOW!"

She looked down at the floor, straining a bit, finally able to let it go, gushing into the toilet.

He looked down at his watch, "45 minutes to go."

She finally finished peeing and just held still on his lap, whimpering. Peeing did take some of the pressure off her tummy but all that soapy water up her butt combined with his cock lodged there was a little bit uncomfortable.

He pushed her forward slightly, moving her off his lap a little then started thrusting up into her a little more forcefully but at the same slow, steady pace.

She whimpered, moaned and looked down but held still not wanting to upset him anymore than he already was. She could hear him moaning and groaning a little behind her, obviously feeling good.

He fucked her for several minutes, fast, then he pulled her back, tight, to his chest. He put on hand under her chin and tilted her head back then started to nibble in her neck. He then started to lick up to her ear.

He growled in her ear, "Bad, bad, bad little girl! Your ass is making my cock feel too good. That shouldn't be." He grabbed her, tight, around the waist and started fucking up into her ass harder and faster. He started biting on her neck again, growling softly.

She held as still as she could, whimpering softly, looking down at the floor, hoping he would finish soon so she could go to the potty.

He growled in her ear, loudly, then quit thrusting. He grasped her chin firmly and tilted her head all the way back so she could look up into his piercing blue eyes. She whimpered softly, trying to avoid his intense gaze.

"Look at me!" he growled.

She sucked in her breath and lifted her gaze to meet his. "That's better!" he growled. He leaned his head down and kissed her roughly on the mouth, prying her lips apart and thrusting his tongue inside.

He kissed her deeply for several minutes, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth, chewing softly on her lips. She could feel his cock twitching deep in her ass.

"You are suck a bad, dirty little girl. You almost made me cum in your ass. Good girls don't do that." He looked deep into her eyes. "If you want to be a bad, dirty little girl then it is up to me to make you behave. And I CAN make you behave and I WILL make you behave. I guarantee THAT!" he gave her a firm swat on the ass. He held onto her tightly and shifted them both slightly sideways, opening a drawer in the vanity. He felt around inside until he felt what he was looking for. He pulled out her black, leather, studded collar.

Her eyes widened and she whimpered louder, she HATED the site of that thing and everything it symbolized.

He put it around her neck and buckled it. He tilted her head back and made her look at him again. "From no on you WILL wear this in the house at ALL times except when you take your shower. Am I going to have to start making you wear it whenever we go out as well?"

Her eyes widened, "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

"I will make you if you don't start behaving like your supposed to." He moved one hand down and ran one finger up and down her bald, now wide spread pussy. He worked it gently inside her lips, rubbing it up and down until it started getting wet and the lips started separating more, kissing her deeply and passionately to keep her distracted. He put his other hand under her chin and kept it tilted up so she couldn't see what he was doing.

When his finger was very wet he moved it up to her clit and gently started flicking it.

The reaction from her was immediate, she started shivering then moaning loudly.

He continued until he knew she was close to cumming then quit. He reached down and covered her whole pussy with his hand and grabbed ahold of it, "Who does this belong to?"

She squealed loudly, he had a rough, tight grip on it, "You Daddy."

"That's right, me ONLY. Don't you EVER forget that."

He reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. He got it and her bra off and tossed them onto the floor. He had to pull her skirt up and off over her head.

Finally she was totally naked, sitting there on his lap, shivering. He reached down and started to punch and roll her nipples between his fingers.

When he felt they were hard enough he let his hands wander down her body.

When he reached her waist he reached down to the backs of her knees then pulled them up and propped her feet on his knees and spread them wide apart. He reached over on the counter and grabbed the hand-held mirror laying there. He brought it down between her legs so they could both see her pussy and his cock lodged in her asshole.

He started kissing and nibbling on her neck, mumbling in her ear, "Look down into the mirror and watch Daddy fuck your asshole." He then started to slowly thrust in and out of her.

She looked down and watched as his cock slid in and out of her ass. He reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips wide apart, holding them that way. "Look at your slutty, little pussy."

She gazed into the mirror, really seeing the inside of her pussy for the first time. The outer lips were small and a different shade of pink than the skin surrounding it. When he pushed the lips apart she saw the bright pink color glistening with her juices, on the inside of her lips were beaded with them. A small trickle of juice ran out of her hole, down to her asshole where it trickled onto his cock. He parted her lips farther up and she could see the small, pink nub of her clit shyly poking out. It was covered with glistening juices and looked slightly swollen. She watched intently as one of his fingers slipped deep inside her tight hole. He pushed his finger all the way inside as far as he could get it.

Fascinated, she watched as he slid his finger in and out. She saw as he moved his finger in and out. She saw as he moved his finger in and out, then as it started feeling better and better she could see his hand starting to glisten with her juices. She watched as more of her juices run out and down, coating his cock and her asshole.

In the mirror he could see her wide-eyes watching intently. He started moving his finger a little faster and harder, also making his cock twitch around deep in her ass. He starts nibbling up and down her neck once again. He mumbled in her ear once again, "Do you like watching Daddy fuck you with his finger in your pussy and his cock deep in your ass?"

She closed her eyes, shivered and whimpered loudly, "Uh huh Daddy, I do."

"Dirty, sluttly little girl! Good girls don't enjoy it." He grabbed one of her hands and led it down to her crotch. "Touch yourself the way you do when you're alone. I want to watch you."

She blushed crimson but knew better than to disobey him so she started rubbing around her clit in small, slow circles. She moaned and whimpered softly, closing her eyes, letting herself concentrate only on what her fingers were doing, nothing else.

He watched her in the mirror, gazing intently at the site of her masturbating. Occasionally gazing up at her face, seeing the look of intense pleasure there. He slowly removed his finger from her pussy. He brought it up to her lips and gently ran it across them. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"Lick it clean for Daddy."

She opened her mouth and lowered it down onto his finger. Instead of licking it off she started sucking on it, swirling her tongue around it.

His cock twitched more, watching her sensuous lips lower onto his finger and feeling her softly sucking on it. Then her big, brown eyes rolled up and looked at him as she did.

He yanked his finger out of her mouth, grasped her chin firmly, tilted her head back and kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He started thrusting his hips up and down.

She moaned into his mouth, her fingers working faster on her clit. She started shivering and shaking, getting very close to cumming.

He reached down and yanked her hand away. "No cumming yet. I will tell you when you can cum."

She whimpered and wiggled around, looking down. He grasped under her chin, tilting it back so she was forced to look up at him. His face was flushed and sweaty. His eyes were slightly glazed over from desire and was panting slightly. "You almost made yourself cum didn't you? You little slut! You were going to sit here and play with yourself until you came, right in front of Daddy. Such a bad, nasty little girl."

She whimpered softly and shut her eyes.

He shut his eyes and leaned his head back, trying to calm himself down. He was no longer angry with her but was very turned on. He was more in control of himself and was determined to prove to her he was the dominate one. Also to prove to her he could make her behave and he would do it.

After a few minutes he reached over and started running water in the tub, plugging it. He tossed the turkey baster in then dumped some bubble bath. He quickly takes off the rest of his clothes. He let it fill up halfway then he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and stood up. He stepped into the tub and sat down. He propped her legs on his and spread them wide apart, pinning them, gently, against the sides of the tub. He fished around in the water until he found the baster. He filled it with the warm, soapy water. He pulled her head back until it was resting on his shoulder. He looked down at her, "You're such a bad, dirty little girl with a dirty, dirty pussy. I had it all cleaned out but you go nasty and it got all wet and dirty again. Now I have to do it again." He shoved the baster back onto her pussy and squeezed the bulb, hard.

She groaned loudly and arched up. She did not like this at all. As he squeezed the bulb he moved the baster in and out, fucking her with it. "We're going to make sure this dirty pussy of yours is all cleaned out."

She squealed and wiggled around then reached down and tried to shove his hands away.

He roughly shoved her forward a little bit and made her put her hands behind her back then lean back. "Keep them there! If you move them I will tie them so you can't. Understand me?"

Her eyes widened but she nodded. She tried holding still to let him do what he wanted to get it over with.

He pulled the baster out, refilled it then pushed it back onto her pussy. This time as he squeezed he reached down with his other hand and started to rub her clit as he fucked her with it.

She jumped and squealed as his finger touched her.

he started fucking her harder with it, rubbing her clit harder. She moaned and wiggled around on his cock, unable to control herself. It was feeling really good.

When it was empty once again he quickly refilled it then reinserted it and started to squeeze it once again. As he emptied it into her he could feel her start to jerk and shiver. He knew she was getting close to cumming again. "Don't cum yet!" he growled in her ear. "If you cum I will add 15 minutes to the time you have to hold the water."

She groaned loudly. She tried to relax, get her mind on something else, anything to keep from cumming.

Nothing was working, she had a feeling she was beyond being able to stop herself this time. She started shivering and quaking as the feeling got more intense.

He grinned. He knew there was no way for her to stop herself if he didn't quit. He mentally debated whether to stop or not for a few seconds then he pulled his hand away.

She mentally sighed in relief when his hand moved, knowing she was now able to control herself.

He pulled the baster out and didn't refill it. He gave her a couple minutes to cool down and relax a bit.

She shut her eyes and tool several deep breaths, trying to calm down. Contemplating what he was going to do next, worrying a little bit.

He rubbed up and down her tummy a little bit, whispering in her ear, "You almost came didn't you? Bad little girl! Apparently you haven't learned your lesson yet. You need to be punished some more I think. You WILL learn to be a good girl for Daddy and obey me. I think you need some more water in your ass." He glanced down at his watch and saw she had about 20 more minutes left to hold it still.

He shoved her up a little bit and let his cock slip out of her ass. "Get up on all fours, facing the other end of the tub, hanging her head down and shutting her eyes.

He got up on his knees behind her. He looked down her body, from this angle he looked down the crack of her ass to her slightly parted cheeks. He could see her tiny asshole clenched tight. Farther down he looked at her young, bald pussy, the lips slightly swollen and parted. Underneath he could see her young breasts hanging down, the nipples submerged in the water. He ran his finger, lightly, in small circles around the opening, feeling it clench down tighter. He heard her whimper softly as he touched her.

He grabbed the bar of soap and worked it into a lather in his hands. He refilled the baster then rubbed the lather all over the outside of the baster. Then with the excess he rubbed it around the clenched opening. Then he put the tip of the baster right at the entrance and , with a steady, firm pressure, eased it deep into her ass. She groaned loudly, arched up and pulled away slightly. "Hold still!!" he growled.

She whimpered, loudly, but held still, shivering slightly though. He quickly emptied it into her then refilled it and repeated the process.

He repeated the process several times, until he looked down and saw her stomach was slightly distended from all the water. He tossed the baster out of the tub. Reaching down, he started to run one finger up and down between her swollen pussy lips, feeling how wet she was. he reached down and grabbed ahold of his rock hard cock and brought it to the entrance of her pussy and started to push it deep inside.

She squealed loudly at the initial penetration, pulling away slightly and balling her hands into tight fists.

He kept up a steady pressure until every inch of it was buried deep into her pussy. He held still for a few minutes then started to hammer into her hard and fast. He reached under her and started to rub and play with her clit. He rubbed it up and down then in small circles. Every so often he would pinch it, eliciting groans and squeals from her.

He looked down and watcher her little asshole clench tight, trying to hold the water while he fucked her. He moved his hand off her hp up to her ass and started running his finger in small circles around her asshole.

As she felt his finger touch her asshole she clenched it down as tight as she could. It was hard enough to hold the water with him fucking her and playing with her clit, but playing with her asshole was distracting her even more. She moaned loudly, "Please Daddy stop. If you keep it up I won't be able to hold the water."

He pulled his hand away and swatter her, hard, on the ass. "Don't you DARE let it go! If you do we'll start all over."

She whimpered loudly and clenched down hard, trying to keep control. His manipulations on her clit was getting her VERY close to coming. She could tell by the way his cock was twitching deep in her pussy, he was getting very close as well.

He stopped and shifted around slightly, getting himself in a position where he could thrust harder. He started thrusting as hard as he could, rubbing her clit hard and fast. he leaned over her back and panting in her ear, said, :Bad girl! You hot little pussy is going to make Daddy cum. Bad girl! I'm going to cum in you pussy. First Daddys' going to make you cum though. You WILL hold onto every ounce of that water or ELSE!" He rubbed her clit faster, pounding into her at a steady pace. he heard her start to moan and whimper louder and louder underneath, shivering and quaking all over.

Finally, he felt her pussy start to spasm around his cock. She threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she came, screaming, "Oh God Daddy yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

He looked down at her asshole as she started cumming, making sure she didn't release the water. He saw her asshole contract as tight as it could and spasm slightly but no water was released, she was able to hold onto it.

After the powerful orgasm finished sweeping through her, her head drooped down and she panted, trying to catch her breath. he started pounding into her pussy as hard as he could, grunting loudly. She suddenly felt him thrust deep inside, tensing up. A loud, long, low growl tore out of his throat then she felt him start to shoot deep inside. he leaned over her back, thrusting into her with short, deep thrusts until every ounce of his cum was deep inside her.

He stayed leaned over her, his chest resting on her back, panting into her ear. When his breathing returned to normal he said, "Bad, bad, bad little girl! Your little pussy is so dirty with all that cum in there. You made Daddy cum in you."

She hung her head, whimpering softly. The pressure in her tummy was getting really bad. She really had to go-BADLY.

He let his semi-erect cock slip out of her pussy. He slid it up sand started easing it back onto her ass. When he had it all back in her ass he put his arms around her waist and pulled her tight to him. He shifted around until his feet were under him. He pulled her up onto her knees. He had her get her feet under her and then they both stood up. He picked her up off the ground and stepped out of the tub then sat down on the toilet. He spread her legs wide apart, propping them across his spread legs. Leaving her crotch spread wide apart and fully exposed.

He looked down at his watch and saw she had about three minutes left. he pulled back slightly and let his dick slide out of her ass. "DO NOT let the water go until I tell you. Your time is almost up but if you do we will start all over."

She whimpered and wiggled around, the pressure was getting to be tremendous, building by the second.

He reached down and started to rub on her tummy, hoping to relieve some of the pressure. She whimpered louder, the pressure was becoming unbearable. She knew she couldn't hold on �����jj j�u��l����U �B�E�)�H�E�E�t�u�U�B�@,�H(��;M�������p,�}��Ix����u��B�@,�@(�U��������}�E����щ�N�6���jj j�u������U �B �E�)�H�E�E�t�u�U�B�@,�H4��;M��<����p8�}��Ix����u��B�@,�@4�U���E �P������}�E������)M�U�U�B�@,�H@;M�������pD�}��Ix����u��B�@,�@@�U���E �P������}�E������)M�U�U�B�@,�HL;M�������pP�}��Ix����u��B�@,�@L�U���E �P������}�E����Ѹ�����U��WVS���[����E�U�E�ҋE�E�t�U�:w �R�z t 1��e�[^_]Ð�E ���E�t$���������u��u�1��� ���E�uʋM�| (v��M�D ,�H;M�r�E�"�����룋p�}��Ix����u��U�B�M�D,�@�U��������}�E����щ�J�_����E�M��E�)ЋM�H�T �E�U�U�M�B�D,�H;M��z����p�}��Ix����u��B�U�D,�M�@��E�H�}������E�����)M�M�U�M�B�D,�H;M������p �}��Ix����u��B�U�D,�@�M���}������E�����I�����jj j�u�� ����U�B��������}�E�����)M�}��������ыU�L ��M�A�M�M�A�U�D,�H(;M�������p,�}��Ix����u��M�A�D,�@(�U���U������׋E�����)M�L �ȃ��M�)��E�H �M��E��y������v���DA t B��DA u��:t`�}�������m��M�A �M��A�M� 1���t��,tu���Dp tU��,t ��Dp t�f�p% 1ɩ �t(��u��}�������U�B �M�����+���B� �ӍvB� 1���t���,t��두�,됐U��WVS���[����u�E���U�E�t�M�9w�yt1��e�[^_]Ív�A�E�x u�p$���������u��u�1��� ���E�uƋM�y(v��M�A,�H;M�r�E�"�����롋p���Ix����u��M�A�@,�@�������׋E����щ�H�f����M�U � )E�UJ�U�T�M�A�@,�H;M�s��p���Ix����u��M�A�@,�@��E �P������׋E����ыU �M�A�B�����B�����B�����B�����B �����B�����B �����@,�HX�����H\�:������8�t ��u����ƒ��������B��9��tjj jQ�����U ���B�����8�t ��u����ƒ���Q����B��9��tjj jQ襇���U ���B �����8�t ��u����ƒ��� ����B��9��tjj jQ�`����U ���B�����8�t ��u����ƒ��������B��9��tjj jQ�����U ���B�����8�t ��u����E�H���U��B��9tjj jQ�ۆ���M ���A�M������8�t ��u����ǃ���?����G��9tjj jQ蕆���U ���B��������?tjj jW�n����M ���A �������v���������$�U��VS�������z�������p��@����t�t&��'���Ћ���u�[^]�U�����]Í�U��SR�[��.�v�;����]�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������0protocols_tblprotocols.org_dir.[name=%s],%s[cname=%s],%s[number=%d],%sservices_tblservices.org_dir.[name=%s,proto=%s],%s[cname=%s,proto=%s],%s[port=%d,proto=%s],%shosts_tblhosts.org_dir.[addr=%s],[gid=%d],%spasswd.org_dir.[uid=%d],%srpc_tblrpc.org_dir.ethers_tblethers.org_dir.[addr=%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x],ethers.org_dir[name=%s],netgroup.org_dirmail_aliases.org_dir.mail_aliases# [auth_name=%s,auth_type=DES],cred.org_dir.%sDES entry for netname %s not unique netname2user: missing group id list in `%s'.netname2user: (nis+ lookup): %s netname2user: DES entry for %s in directory %s not uniquenetname2user: principal name `%s' too long[cname=%s,auth_type=LOCAL],cred.org_dir.%snetname2user: LOCAL entry for %s in directory %s not uniquenetname2user: should not have uid 0passwd_tblgroup_tbl/lib/��!@��!@��������t�(f`�@�!@�!@�!@�?@ -@�!@�!@!@!@
When he got them into the bedroom he sat her down and had her bend over the edge of the bed and started fucking her furiously.

He did this for several minutes, with her under him whimpering loudly but not moving. Finally he quit, pulled out and backed away. She turned her head and looked back at him, her eyes widening, wondering what he was going to do next.

He grinned, evilly, at her. "Get up on the bed and lay down on your back with your legs spread." She quickly followed his instructions, crawling up on the bed, flopping onto her back and spreading her legs wide. He walked over to the bed and stood at the edge, looking down at her. He reached down and pushed her legs up to her chest and wider apart. "Hold them that way."

She held them there and looked up at him with big puppy dog eyes.

He reached over her and ran a finger over the studs of her collar. "What does this mean?"

In a small voice she replied, "That I belong to you."

He grinned down at her, "I didn't quite hear you. Who do you belong to?"

"I belong to you Daddy and only you." she said louder.

"Thats right. You belong to me and I will do anything I want to you. You're Daddys' little playtoy." He grinned at her again. "What else does that collar mean?"

She lowered her eyes away from his gaze. "That I totally submit to you and anything you want to do to me."

He chuckled, "You're right, that's what else it means. Remember that! Now, I want to watch you play with yourself again."

She shut her eyes, reached down, spread her lips apart and started to rub her clit again, in slow, easy circles.

He watcher her silently, stroking up and down his cock. He looked at the pink interior of her pussy as she spread her lips, waiting for the moisture to collect.

She started whimpering softly and he hips started bucking a bit as her finger started moving faster.

He watched as her fingers started moving faster and faster. When he saw a thin trickle of juice run out of her pussy he ordered her to stop and get off the bed.

He laid down on the bed on his back, directly in front of the mirror at the foot of the bed. He spread his legs slightly then told her to get on top of him, facing the foot.

She straddled him, on her knees. He held his cock straight up and had her lower herself all the way down onto him.

With himself deep inside, he has her spread her legs wide apart and lean far back, resting on her hands. Then he had her lift up until only half his cock was still inside her. "Look down into the mirror and watch Daddy fuck your naughty little pussy."

She looked into the mirror and watched as his cock started thrusting in and out of her pussy. Her juices were glistening on his throbbing cock, rubbing down to his balls. She could hear him panting and groaning under her but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the site in the mirror, fascinated , watching her pussy getting fucked.

"Play with your pussy while Daddy fucks you." he panted.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously, groaning as she touched the swollen nub.

He could hear her groaning loudly above him, knowing it wasn't going to take much for her to cum so he ordered her to stop and quickly pulled out of her. He rolled them both onto their sides. he then had her face him, but laying her head towards the foot of the bed.

He held his cock out to her, "Suck it!" She quickly lowered her mouth down on it and started sucking, running her tongue up and down the under side.

He lifted her leg and put his face into her pussy and starte dlicking up and down her slit, zeroing in on her clit, licking and sucking on it. He felt her jump and start to shiver. he started sucking harder on it, flicking the tip if his tongue against it. He felt her push her hips down onto his face, groaning loudly against his cock.

The more he worked on her clit the harder it was for her to concentrate on sucking his cock. She reached down and tickled his balls as she sucked.

He could tell he was getting close to cumming again but wanted her to first so he took her clit in his mouth and sucked hard on it. He felt her hips arch and knew she was going to cum.

All of a sudden she felt her orgasm wash over her. His cock slipped out of her mouth and she screamed loudly.

He continued to suck on her clit until he felt her go limp and groan. He reached down and started jerking on his cock, putting just the head of it in her mouth.

She sucked hard on it and in a couple of minutes he growled loudly and started shooting his load into her mouth. "Swallow it all!" he growled.

She looked up at him and swallowed every drop.

When he finished he had her move up and lay nest to him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her tenderly. He smiled down at her. "Daddy sure does love his bad little girl, never forget that. But I will not hesitate to make you behave, you should know that by now. You are going to start behaving better or else."

She smiled up at him, "I love you too Daddy." She yawned loudly and her eyes started to droop.

He ruffled her hair. "Sleep Princess. We will talk more later."

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