Ashley was new on campus and not yet registered with the health clinic. So

as she dialed for help late one Saturday evening, she didnt even know if

they would help her. Finally she got through.

"Hello, nurses office,  Lyn speaking "  came a reassuring female voice on

the other end.

"Is this the nurse? " Ashley asked, 

"Yes dear, what is the problem ?" the voice replied

"I am a new student and I think I have a high temperature" "I feel achy

all over and real hot to the touch"  

"Have you taken your temp?"  asked Nurse Lyn

"No I havent. I dont have a thermometer"Ashley advised. 

"Why dont you come down and I'll see what I can do.  Okay? "

And with that Ashley was on her way to the clinic ,just a short walk from

her dorm room. When she arrived, Lyn was sitting at the front desk. She

was a kindly middle aged woman, with dark hair and warm blue eyes. She was

dressed in her starched white nurses uniform and  hat. The hat seemed

really old fashioned and out of place to Ashley and she could tell this

nurse was from the old school. Introductions and paperwork completed, Lyn

led Ashley to Exam Room #3 and advised  her  to undress, leave  her

panties on and place a hospital gown on, slit to the back.  

The exam room was cold and sterile. It was brightly lit and very

impersonal. Ash was taken back by the exam table and she noted that it was

set up for gyn exams. She sat motionless, staring at the stainless steel

stirrups, freezing in her gown.

With a sharp knock on the door Lyn returned. She said because Ashley was a

new student she would need a complete physical. This scared Ashley as she

had never been examined like this before. She was hardly even sexually

active. First she had to give a urine specimen in front of the nurse. Then

her finger was pricked for a blood specimen. She was placed in the

stirrups and had her vagina entered by a gloved finger, her rectum was

penetrated and probed. Her breasts were felt and examined.

" Is this really necessary" ? she murmured.

" Yes Dear, now dont be scared, I've examined lots of girls, I have been a

nurse here  at this college for 18 years." And with that she continued the


Next came measurements:  height, weight, bp, eyes, ears etc. and then it


Nurse Lyn instructed Ashley to lay on her left side. Ashley did this. As

she did, she could hear the nurse going through the supply cabinet. Ashley

strained to look over her shoulder to see what the nurse was doing.  When

she scared her to death ! 

Nurse Lyn had retrieved a glass thermometer and was vigorously shaking it


"Ashley, I'm sorry, but I'm  going to have to take a rectal temp on you 

to get the most accurate reading I can, okay  ? It's going to be a little

uncomfortable, but I promise it wont hurt." 


" Please,  cant you take it in my mouth?" she begged, head throbbing, nose

stuffy, ears clogged shut, feeling a little nauseous from not eating

anything all weekend.

"No dear, it must be rectal" She turned to Ashley, the thermometer tightly

clenched between her latex gloved fingers, a tube of KY lubricating jelly

in the other  hand.

"Okay, the key to this is you have to relax your bottom and allow the

thermometer to slide in, it'll only take   five minutes then it will be

over. Lets turn back on our left side." As she said this she  forcefully

turned Ashley over. Ashley was feeling so sick, and was not up to

cooperating fully. Lyn checked Ashley for signs of impending delirium, as

she did seem feverish and some of her statements seemed nonsensical as if

she were hallucinating. The nursing of delirium needs endless patience,

tact, and understanding. Restraint should be avoided if possible.  Ashley

wasnt wiggling around too much.

 "Honey you're going to feel a little cold and a little pressure" 

Ashley nervously laid there as the nurse slid her  pink panties down to

her knees. Then she felt the nurse firmly grasp each buttock in her hands

and stretch them apart. She felt embarrassed being exposed in this manner.

Then the nurse rubbed a small amount of lubricant on her tender, young

anus. This felt cold and odd. 

"Now I want you to relax and take a deep breath for me"

As Ashley did this Lyn inserted the thermometer into her tight, virgin

pucker . Ashley tightened.

"OUCH, youre poking me, pull it back a bit." yelled Ashley.

"Relax Ashley your making this tougher than it has to be." With that she

relaxed and Lyn further inserted the thermometer   until she felt

resistance, where she firmly held it in place between her fingers" 

Ashley squirmed on the table. " Please  be still it's almost over.."

Slowly and gently the nurse removed the thermometer. Ashley breathed a

deep sigh of relief and finally was able to relax. She felt hot and tired

and had a splitting headache that was driving her crazy. But before the

nurse  could read it, the thermometer shot from her slippery fingers and

hit the hard floor. It was in a million pieces now.

"Oh heavens, I'll get the janitor to come in here and clean this up, he's

just down the hall. Why dont we go find you a bed so you can lie down.  I

can see  you feel just awful, you poor thing!  

Nurse Lyn helped Ashley up. Taking her by the hand she led the girl to an

empty room with 5 beds. Lyn  pulled back the covers on the  bed and went

to the supply cupboard.  Ah, Ashley thought, they're going to give me a

sedative and let me sleep this flu away. Heavenly!! She smiled inwardly.

In popped the nurse. She was wielding a   thermometer and a jar of

vaseline. Ashley had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach  like   she'd

just lost the battle. With a very firm manner and determined look, Lyn sat

down on the narrow bed and dipped the rectal thermometer into the jar.

"Alright now Ashley, I know you arent feeling well and you'd like to get

into this bed and get some Z's, but first, I need to finish examining you.

OK? Lie across my lap. Remove your pretty panties again Dear, you wont

need them  while  you're here with us. It'll be easier if you need an

enema or something.

"Enema? No way" thought Ashley.

Just then, the other nurse had turned on  New Age music, a very soothing

type of thing, and it quietly filtered into Ashleys room. 

"Well, I guess if I have to I have to, but its so uncomfortable. It keeps

falling out and then you have to push it back in all the time and thats

why it hurts."

She loved the sensation of lying across Lyn's lap, she felt sexy and cared

for. But here came that damn baby thermometer.

Nurse Lyn said, "See how smoothly it goes in when youre relaxed? You like

having me hold you like this dont you?  I put my hand over the thermometer

so it wont slip out. I dont want you to feel alarmed that my hand is

pressing your bottom rather  intimately, thats just how its done."

Ashley sobbed  and moaned, "I WANT TO GO HOME!!" 

Lyn took a cloth and wiped her tear wetted face. " You're OK. You're

alright. One more minute. "

Lyn twirled the thermometer in Ashley's butt,   "That feel good? 

You like that?"Ashley gave a  low moan of approval and shook her head yes.

Ashley  was admitted only a few days. She was given a

 sedative to make sure she rested. Three times a day  she had   her vital

signs  taken. She had back rubs too. She always asked for Lyn.   And each

time  she found herself draped  across the nurses lap with a  thermometer

up her rear.               

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