By Red Mullet

(PART 1)

18-year-old Brooke Palmer sat in the waiting room nervously, waiting for her name to be called. She looked around, fidgeting with the dread of what was going to happen once she got in the examining room. She didn't know whether the doctor was male or female, she looked around everywhere for a first name, but all she knew was that the name was Dr. Stone. She hoped if he was male, he was not young or good-looking or something. She dreaded the thought of having to expose herself to a man she might find attractive.

As Brooke read through and old issue of Cosmopolitan, she noticed that two boys in the waiting room were staring at her. They looked to be about sixteen years old, and they just kept leering at her, looking her up and down. This kind of thing happened to her a lot; she was a quite strikingly beautiful girl. She was not quite the model type, but she was extremely pleasing to the eye with a fresh "girl-next-door look" about her. As the boys kept eyeing her, she buried her face deeper in the magazine, trying to ignore them.

Suddenly, a door opened and a nurse appeared, holding a clipboard. "Brooke Palmer!" the nursed called out. Brooke got up slowly and put down the magazine. "That's me," she said quietly, the nerves in her body on end. "Why don't you follow me, sweetheart", the nurse said kindly as she motioned Brooke to come with her.

She led Brooke to another door in the waiting room and opened it up. It led to an exam room, and as Brooke stepped inside she got Goosebumps as she looked around. It was your basic exam room; all the doctor's instruments and supplies neatly laid out on shelves all about the room. Right in the middle of the floor was the exam table, the crinkly wax paper on top of it. In the corner there was a changing partition and next to that was a medical scale, rigged to check your height and weight at the same time.

"Just have a seat on the table and the doctor will be with you in a few moments," the nurse said as she left the room, pulling the door behind her. Before the nurse could close it all the way, Brooke could see the two boys from the waiting room looking in at her. With a sinking feeling, Brooke realized the only thing between her and the people in the waiting area was a thin wooden door.

As Brooke sat on the exam table, she tried to keep her mind off the upcoming exam. But all she kept thinking about was the conversation she had with her mother just yesterday.

"But Mom, do I have to?" Brooke had said to her mother in a pleading voice.

"Brooke, you know that the college you want to go to requires a complete exam upon entering," her mother said. "If you don't, do you think they're still going to accept you? How will that look, you already not complying with their rules? Anyway, I don't know why you're making such a big deal about it. It's only a physical, that's all. People get them all the time. If you want to go to this school, you're just going to have to do what they say."

Brooke knew her mother was right. She really did want to go to this school. It was one of the top medical colleges in the country, and it was an honor to be accepted there. And she was as good as in, just as long as she got through this physical. Maybe her mother was right, maybe it wasn't such a big deal.

Suddenly, the door to exam room opened and the doctor walked in. He was tall, young, and much to Brooke's dismay, very good looking.

As he closed the door behind him, Brooke could see that the waiting room was now jam- packed. As he closed the door, she could see people looking right at her.

As the door clicked shut, the doctor spoke.

"Hello," he said, looking at the clipboard in his hands. I'm Dr. Stone, and you must be Brooke. How are you doing today?"

Brooke smiled at him shyly, so nervous she could barely speak.

Dr. Stone began to read the clipboard closely. "Let's see", he said, "you're here for a complete physical, that right?"

Brooked nodded at him nervously.

"Blood sample, x-rays, the whole bit," Dr. Stone said as he laid down the clipboard.

"Okay, Brooke, if you could please remove all your clothing, including your underwear, shoes, socks and bra, any jewelry or so forth, then we can get started."

Brooke's face reddened at his words. The worst had just happened. She just looked at him, utterly embarrassed.

"You can disrobe behind that partition over there," he said. " Unfortunately, we don't have any exam gowns left today, we're fresh out. Sorry about that."

Brooke's blush deepened even more at this. Slowly, she hopped off the table and walked over to the partition and stepped behind it. She knew that in a few moments, she would be completely, totally stark naked it front of Dr. Stone. She could barely deal with the thought, but she knew she had to go through with this. She remembered what her mother had said and she knew her future could be at stake.

She began to undress, achingly slow. First her shoes. Then she removed her top. She didn't realize how cold the exam room was until now. Her nipples were already erect, pointing out through the fabric of her bra.

"Are you ready yet, Brooke?" Dr. Stone yelled out.

"No, not yet," she said meekly.

"Well, hurry up. Like I said, I'm very busy today."

Brooke began to remove her clothes faster. She took off her jewelry and put it in the pocket of her jeans. Then the jeans came off, too. Then she took deep breath and unsnapped her bra. She slid it off and dropped it with the rest of her clothes. Then came the moment of truth. She took the elastic band of her panties between her fingers and slid them off, kicking them to the side with her foot. She stood there nervously, Goosebumps all over her body.

"Are you ready yet, Brooke?" Dr. Stone called out in an annoyed tone.

"Yes," she answered, her body almost frozen with embarrassment.

"Come on out then and step over to the scale."

Brooke took a deep breath and stepped out, ready to face the most embarrassing day of her life.

(PART 2)

Brooke stepped out from behind the partition and into full view. She tried to act calm, but inside she was trembling. This was the most humiliating experience of her life.

Dr. Stone gave her a head to toe look. She tried to avoid eye contact with him at any cost. She just looked away, blushing.

"Okay, Brooke," Dr. Stone said sternly, "would you step up on the scale please, hands at your sides?"

Brooke did so, giving the doctor a view of her firm ass, her cheeks clenched together tightly with nervousness. The doctor adjusted the scale, checking her weight and writing it down on the clipboard.

"Alright, Brooke," he said. "Would you turn around please?"

Brooke did so, giving him a close- up full frontal look at her young body. Her nipples were erect and pointing out like pencil erasers. Her pubic hair was very trim and formed in a perfect V because she had always kept it that way for when she wore her bikini on the beach. Brooke was a sight for sore eyes, cute, embarrassed and bare-assed with Goosebumps all over her body.

Dr. Stone checked her height and recorded it on the clipboard.

"Okay, Brooke," he said, "just have a seat on the table there."

Brooke began to walk over to the table until the doctor stopped her.

"Uh-hum, Brooke," he said sternly, "I told you to remove everything. You still have your socks on. Would you remove them and toss them to the side, please?"

Damn! He was taking away the last bit of modesty she had left! She removed her socks, her cute breasts shaking as she did so. She tossed the socks to the side, as Dr. Stone kept his eye on her the whole time. The floor was freezing beneath her feet, adding more to her discomfort.

"Thank you," Dr. Stone said snidely. "Have a seat then."

Brooke hopped up on the table, the hard paper crinkling beneath her butt. Dr. Stone opened a cabinet and removed a stethoscope, putting it on.

"Brooke, I'm going to check your heart rate and your breathing now."

Dr. Stone put the face of the stethoscope on Brooke's back and she jumped a bit. God, it was freezing!

"Okay Brooke, I want you to breathe in deeply, then breathe out. In. Out."

Brooke took in a big gulp of air, her chest expanding, making her pert breasts point out smartly. She kept inhaling and exhaling deeply, her breasts rising every time.

The doctor removed the stethoscope from Brooke's back and placed it on her chest, right above her breasts. It was still cold, sending shivers throughout her body.

"Okay," Dr. Stone said. "In. Out. In. Out."

Brooke's nude breasts rose and fell over and over until the doctor was finished. He made some notes in a clipboard as Brooke sat there nervously, waiting for this whole ordeal to be over.

The doctor then performed a few basic procedures, checking blood pressure, reflexes and eyes and ears and nose. He then began to check her throat.

"Okay Brooke, open up and say ahhhhh!"

Brooke opened her mouth wide as Dr. Stone roughly pushed the depressor down hard on Brooke's pink tongue, shining a small flashlight down her throat with his other hand. Brooke knew she must be some sight, sitting there buck naked with her mouth wide open.

"What I need to do now is a breast examination, Brooke," Dr. Stone said as he removed the tongue depressor from her mouth. "I'm going to check your breasts for any signs of lumps, growths or things like that, okay?"

Brooke nodded her headed nervously, awaiting the touch of his hands on her young mounds.

Dr. Stone began touching her breasts softly, kneading them between his hands. Brooke wiggled in discomfort as he squeezed harder and harder. Then, his fingers moved on to her nipples, rubbing them and making them more erect than they ever were. He then pinched the heads of her nipples firmly, making her wince in pain.

"Sorry about that, Brooke," he said, "I have to do that to check for any discharge."

Dr. Stone jotted down a few notes on his clipboard and then spoke again.

"What I need you to do is lie on the table flat on your back. Checking your breasts this way is the most effective examination they can have."

Brooke slowly laid herself down, hands at her sides. This was so embarrassing! Her body was fully exposed beneath the bright fluorescent lights that hung overhead.

"Brooke, please put your hands behind your head."

Brooke did so and found this to be a very uncompromising position. Her tits were pressed all the way up in the air, her nipples jutting up toward the ceiling.

Dr. Stone started the whole breast exam again; the squeezing and the pinching included. Brooke felt thoroughly humiliated; not thinking it could get any worse than this. Little did she know it was going to get a lot worse.

"Alright, Brooke," Dr. Stone said, " you can get up and have a seat."

Brooke scooted back up to a sitting position, the paper crinkling beneath her. Brooke watched Dr. Stone as he went to the corner of the room and wheeled over an electronic thermometer. Well, Brooke thought, at least that's not so bad. I can deal with having my temperature taken.

Then Dr. Stone went over to one of the cabinets and took out a small tube of something. Brooke looked and read the label on the tube- "Petroleum Jelly." What does he need that for?

Then it hit her all at once. Her face entirely reddened.

"I hope this doesn't make you too uncomfortable, Brooke," Dr. Stone said, "but I find the only way to get a correct temperature reading is rectally, not orally."

Brooke's heart leapt. She looked at the thermometer and knew that in a few short moments, it would be sticking out of hear rear-end.

"If you could please stand up and go over to the end of the table, we can get this over with."

Brooke slowly scooted off the table and moved to its end. She wanted to run, but she knew she couldn't. She was trapped, and she was in this until the end.

"Okay, Brooke," Dr. Stone said, "I need you to bend over the table and try to push your rear up in the air as high as it will go. Hold on to the sides of the table if you have to."

Brooke slowly bent over the table, pushing her ass all the way up in the air. She was on her tiptoes, her breasts crushed against the table.

"Brooke, I need you to spread your legs about a foot apart."

God this was humiliating! Brooke didn't have to think too hard to realize that now since she spread her legs a bit, her tiny asshole and little pink pussy were totally in view.

Dr. Stone squirted a little jelly on to the plastic glove covering his index finger. He gently spread Brooke's buttocks with his other hand and slowly slid his finger in all the way to the knuckle.

Brooke was startled and jumped a bit as her asshole clenched down around the doctor's finger.

"Didn't mean to startle you," Dr. Stone said as he removed his finger with a slight twisting motion. "The thermometer is a lot less uncomfortable if the rectum is properly lubricated. Okay, Brooke, I'm going to insert the thermometer now, so try to relax."

Brooke held the table tightly as she felt the thermometer slide all the way into her anus. It was so uncomfortable! She stood there, bent over with it sticking out of her ass for what seemed to be eternity, until minutes later it finally beeped.

The doctor walked over and removed the thermometer and left Brooke bent over the table as he wrote a few notes on the clipboard. Suddenly, a knock came at the door.

"Yes?" Dr. Stone called out.

"It's Dr. Miller," a man's voice came from behind the door, "and I'm here with the other interns."

Brooke watched as Dr. Stone opened the door. In walked 6 young men and 2 young women, all dressed in doctor's outfits.

"Hi," Dr. Stone said to them cheerily, " I thought you were scheduled for today. You're just in time to observe the second part of a complete physical examination."

Brooke, still bent over the table on her tiptoes, couldn't believe what she just heard. She almost died as the 8 young people piled in the room.

(PART 3)

Brooke was mortified as the 8 young people walked in. She wanted to cover up, but she remained bent over the table, waiting for instructions from Dr. Stone and waiting for this whole ordeal to be over.

As the interns entered, Dr. Stone closed the door. But before he closed it, Brooke could see everyone in the waiting room staring at her, her naked rump high in the air. The two boys that were eyeing her before had now been ogling her nakedness, snickering to one another. As the door finally closed, Brooke groaned.

"Everyone, this is Brooke Palmer, our patient for today," Dr. Stone addressed the group cheerily. How could he be so chipper when her body was totally exposed like this?

As the group said hello to Brooke, she tried to force a little smile in acknowledgment, trying her best not to let her embarrassment show. When was this going to end?

As she looked at the people in the group, she noticed something. No, she thought to herself. It can't be. But it was.

One of the young men in the group was someone Brooke knew. His name was Billy Simms, a tall, handsome athletic type that Brooke knew from her high school. He was the captain of the football team, swim team, every team there practically was. He had been two grades ahead of her, a senior when she was a sophomore. And she had always had a crush on him throughout high school. Brooke didn't realize that he had been going to the same medical school that she had applied to. My god, she thought. I hope he doesn't recognize me!

But it was no use- he did recognize her. As they made eye contact, he gave her an up and down look accompanied by a vicious little smirk. She pulled her eyes away, totally humiliated. She looked straight ahead, frozen.

"Well," Dr. Stone said, "I have already finished doing Brooke's basic vitals. Everything at this point seems to be normal and in order. Before you arrived, I had taken Brooke's temperature rectally, which I believe to be the only way to get an accurate reading from your patient. Now, what I'd like to do is go over that with you right now, step by step. Now Billy, since you are at the top of your class, why don't you show me and the others the proper procedure for taking a patient's rectal temperature."

Oh my god, Brooke thought. I can't believe this!

She looked at Billy, who gave her a little smile. "Sure, Dr. Stone," he said. "I'd be happy to."

He vanished behind her, and she could her him snapping on a set of plastic gloves. She closed her legs a bit, trying to conceal her womanhood to him. Her body was extremely tense as he approached her young behind.

"Alright, the first thing to do is to lubricate the patient properly," Billy said. "This will make the procedure much more comfortable for the patient." Billy applied some lubricant to his index finger. "Brooke," he said, "I need you to spread your legs about two feet apart and raise your buttocks in the air as high as you can."

Brooke was horrified. She turned her head and gave Dr. Stone a disapproving look.

"Come on now, Brooke," Dr. Stone said sternly. "I need you to comply with what Billy is telling you to do. Now how would it look on your record if you were to be 'difficult'? Besides, you don't have anything that we all haven't seen before."

She could hear the group chuckle a bit at Dr. Stone's comment. This was so embarrassing!

Brooke slowly spread her legs apart. After a few inches, she stopped.

"You need to do better than that," Billy said as he took his hands and spread her legs apart to the maximum. "There, that's better."

She was now fully exposed to the group, her little slit and her tight asshole exposed to the air and everyone's eyes.

"Now as I said," Billy continued, "you must lubricate the patient first before inserting the thermometer." Billy tried to stick his finger into Brooke's behind, but she immediately tensed up.

"Brooke, please don't tense up. If you just relax, this will be over with shortly. Now, just press back on my finger as if you were going to the bathroom."

Unwillingly, she opened herself up to him. As she felt his finger on her tight little pucker, she began to push back on it. God, it was so uncomfortable! Billy slid in all the way to the second knuckle and gave a hard little turn with his finger before he pulled it back out.

"Okay," Billy said, "now you're ready to insert your thermometer. Brooke, please just raise your rear a little higher for us, would you please?"

It sounded like he was enjoying this! But she raised her rear higher, feeling totally defeated.

Suddenly, she felt the coldness of thermometer as it violated her ass. She could feel Billy spreading her cheeks open wider with his other hand as he inserted it. As her asshole clenched down around the thermometer's shaft, the group stepped back and observed Brooke. She stood there with it sticking out of her rear for what seemed to be hours. Finally, the thing beeped as Billy removed it slowly.

"A perfectly normal reading," he said. "Now we can move on to the next part of the exam, Dr. Stone."

"Good job, Billy," Dr. Stone replied. "What I'd like to do next is have you take a quick look and Brooke's body and tell me what you think of it's physical state, then we'll move on to full rectal and vaginal exams. After that I'd like to show you some new procedures just introduced to me at a medical conference that I attended last week."

Did she hear him right? Rectal and vaginal exams? At the point, Brooke knew that she was in for a very rough day, worse than she ever expected.

"Alright, Brooke," Dr. Stone said. "Why don't you stand up and come to the middle of the room so we can all have a look at you."

(PART 4)

Brooke slowly rose, trying to conceal her nakedness with her hands. She stepped to the middle of the exam room, one arm covering her breasts and the other covering her pubes. She stared at the floor as the whole group eyed her.

"Please put your hands at your side, Brooke," Dr. Stone commanded firmly.

Slowly, Brooke put her hands down and exposed herself fully. Her face and body were flushed with embarrassment, as she stood there totally humiliated.

"Well," Dr. Stone began, "as you can see, Brooke's body seems to be in normal, healthy condition."

With this, Dr. Stone grabbed a long ruler from one of the shelves. He approached Brooke and lifted up her breasts with it.

"Brooke's breasts appear to be in a normal state for her age, quite firm in fact." Dr. Stone then began to squeeze her breasts, lifting them and kneading them with his fingers.

"Her nipples seem normally erect and produce no discharge." With this, he pinched her nipples firmly between his fingers as she let out a little yelp and wriggled in discomfort.

"Okay, Brooke, please turn around for us," the doctor ordered.

Brooke turned around, giving everyone a view of her firm little rear.

"As you can see," Dr. Stone said as he stroked the ruler lightly down Brooke's back, "Brooke's spine seems perfectly formed. Everything seems in place. Now before we begin our internal exams, I'd just like to check Brooke's breathing and heart rate. I find the best method for this is to have your patient do some form of light exercise first."

Dr. Stone reached under the exam table and brought out a small stepping device. He then placed it at Brooke's feet.

"Brooke, I need you to use the steps for about a minute. Try to step up and down and a brisk pace, then we'll check your heart rate and breathing afterward. Billy, time this for one minute exactly. Ready? Okay, Brooke, begin."

Brooke couldn't believe this was happening. There she was, totally nude in front of all these people (one of them a cute boy she had a crush on in high school!), stepping up and down vigorously, her breasts and buttocks shaking furiously. Everyone was staring at her as her motions made slight ripples in her flesh. Finally, Billy called the time after an exact minute.

"Please have a seat on the table, Brooke," Dr. Stone commanded. Brooke hurried to the table and hopped up on it. She was beet red and a little out of breath from the exercise. God, this has to be over soon!

Dr. Stone began to listen to her heart as he pushed the cold stethoscope up against her chest. He made her breathe in and out deeply as her cute breasts rose and fell, giving the five young male interns a nice little show. Even Carmen Jones, one of the female interns, was getting a little hot. As much as she tried to hide her lesbian tendencies, Brooke was really turning her on!

As Dr. Stone stopped, he announced to the group that everything was perfectly normal. He then removed his plastic gloves. Is it over? Brooke thought hopefully. But he suddenly snapped on a fresh pair as Brooke's hopes sunk.

"What I'd like to do know is demonstrate how a rectal exam is done. Brooke, would you please assume a crawling position for us and spread your legs as wide as possible?"

Shivers went down Brooke's spine as she slowly got on all fours, knowing that she was about to expose herself to the fullest.

(PART 5)

Brooke assumed a doggie-style position, keeping her legs and buttcheeks tightly clamped together. She was dreading exposing herself like this.

Dr. Stone stood behind her. "Please spread your legs as wide as you can, Brooke," he ordered.

Slowly, she opened up. As she moved her legs and ass apart, her tiny pucker and beautiful little vagina came into view. Her tits hung down, pointing at the table, her nipples still rock hard.

There she was, naked as a jaybird and on all fours like a dog; her little ass stuck up in the air. Every eye in the room was directed to her tiny asshole.

Dr. Stone spread her cheeks apart with one hand as he took a penlight from his shirt pocket. He turned it on and shone the light directly on Brooke's anal opening.

"Okay, everyone," he said, "come and take a closer look."

Brooke was mortified at the thought of all them closely eyeing her exposed crack. She knew her vagina must be in full view also as the doctor went on much to her "spreading" embarrassment.

"No discoloration, everything seems perfectly clean. Now what I'd like to do is lubricate the patient right now."

Brooke buried her face in the table at this comment, nervously thinking about the serious discomfort that awaited her.

Suddenly, a knock came at the door.

"Yes?" Dr. Stone answered sharply.

"It's Sam from maintenance," a male voice answered. "I need to get some supplies from in there."

"Can't you come back another time?" Dr. Stone answered, annoyed.

"No sir," the voice answered. "Dr. Morris wanted me to come get the stuff, A.S.A.P."

"Well," Dr. Stone announced to the group, "since Dr. Morris is the head of the facility, I guess we better let this guy in." What? Brooke thought.

"Come on in!" Dr. Stone shouted.

The door burst open and the maintenance man walked in. He was about 40, very skinny and had a few missing teeth. He had the name Sam embroidered on his shirt. Brooke almost died, as another person was about to add to her humiliation.

"Hello, doctor," Sam said. Then he noticed Brooke, buck-naked and on all fours. His face lit up with a sleazy grin, looking as if he just hit the jackpot on a Las Vegas slot. "Well, hello miss," he said to Brooke, not able to take his eyes off of her.

"Just get what you need and get out," Dr. Stone said to Sam curtly. "Will do, will do," Sam said as he began to collect some things from the cabinets, never taking his eye fully off Brooke.

"Like I was saying before we were rudely interrupted," Dr. Stone continued, "we first must lubricate the patient."

Dr. Stone spread some KY on his gloved finger, preparing for the penetration.

As Brooke turned her head to the side, she noticed something terrible. Everyone in the waiting room was staring at her. Sam had left the door wide open!

"Doctor," Brooke said frantically but was cut off.

"Brooke, please don't interrupt me," the doctor said firmly. "I don't have all day for this. Just remain quiet and this will all be over very soon."

Brooke didn't know what to do. She looked out in the waiting room, humiliated. People were pointing and snickering, including the two teenage boys who were eyeing her when she was fully clothed. Before she could say anything else, Dr. Stone was trying to jam his finger into her tight butt.

Dr. Stone got resistance all the way. "Don't tense up, Brooke!" he said loudly as he gave her a smack on the rump, making the flesh of her ass shake.

Brooke could hear snickers from outside. Didn't anyone know that the door was open? Didn't they care?

Brooke opened herself up to the doctor's finger, fearful of another slap. He inserted it all the way in and began to grope around, much to Brooke's discomfort. Brooke wriggled and moaned her ass invaded for all eyes to see. How uncomfortable this was!

After about a minute of this, Dr. Stone removed his finger. Brooke was happy this was over, but little did she know, it wasn't nearly over yet.

(PART 6)

Brooke stayed there on the table on all fours, her asshole aching. She was so embarrassed as she kept sneaking peeks into the waiting area where everyone was staring at her nudity. Sam still shuffled about collecting things, never taking an eye off Brooke.

"Now," Dr. Stone announced to the group, " I'd like to demonstrate one of the newest rectal probes on the medical market. It will revolutionize rectal exams, making them more thorough than they ever were."

Dr. Stone opened a drawer a removed a long, black rubber object. It was about six inches long and about 2 inches wide. It had a clear lens at its tip and some knobs and dials at its end.

Brooke looked at the thing in horror. That's not going where I think it's going, is it? she thought.

"The way it is used is very simple," Dr. Stone began. "You insert the device fully into the patient's rectum. Then you flick on the switch in the back and you look through into the lens, giving you a clear view of what's going on inside. No plugs, no batteries, just like a microscope. Now I'd like to begin by..."

"Dr. Stone," Billy interrupted. "I am very familiar with the new rectal probe. We've been using it in all my classes. Would you allow me to demonstrate?"

"Excellent, Billy," Dr. Stone commended. "I love your initiative."

Brooke rolled her eyes at this. Some initiative! She knew that he just wanted to stick that thing up her butt and embarrass her even further in front of the group, Sam and the entire waiting room. How humiliating!

"Alright," Billy started, "first you must make sure that your patient is very lubricated."

He smeared and excessive amount of KY jelly on his finger. "This won't hurt at all if you just relax," Billy said as he gave Brooke a degrading little pat on the ass. Brooke clenched her fists in anger.

As he began to slide his finger into Brooke's asshole, he stopped.

"Don't tense up, Brooke!" he said as he slapped her on her ass, copying Dr. Stone.

Damn him! Brooke thought as her ass shook from the slap. I wasn't even tensing up! He did that on purpose!

Before she could think anything else, Billy had his index finger deep in her rectum. She moaned and held the table in discomfort.

Billy then began to insert his middle finger as well. It took a bit, but he finally had both fingers jammed all the way up Brooke's tiny opening.

Brooke moaned loudly as everyone watched. Finally, Billy removed his fingers. "Now it is time to insert the probe." Billy lifted the black device to Brooke's ass, and began to press forward. He knew he could get it in himself but decided to embarrass the girl a little further.

"I'm getting a little resistance. Brooke, you're going to have to help me out a little bit. I need you to reach behind you and spread your buttocks with your hands for me. As wide as you can, please."

Brooke knew he was trying to humiliate her even further. Damn him!

Slowly, she reached behind her and pulled her asscheeks apart. She could feel every eye there upon her as the Goosebumps ran wild all over her body.

Billy pressed the device against Brooke's tight opening. "Now just push back Brooke as I push forward," he said.

She did so, feeling the huge object being stuffed in her ass. She moaned loudly as it pressed further and further in. Finally it was all the way in, every inch. Brooke was still on all fours, shuddering; a hunk of rubber stuffed up her tight little rectum. Everyone watched her humiliation as the group peered up the probe and took a look into Brooke's rectal passage. Brooke lay there, her face buried into the table, hoping that this would all be over soon.

After the whole group had a look, Billy slowly removed the probe, inch by inch, until it sprung out from Brooke's asshole with a popping noise. The group watched as her pucker closed back to its normal size, perhaps a little bigger than before.

Sam the maintenance man finally had what it took him fifteen minutes to collect- a pair of scissors and a box of gloves. "Good-bye miss," Sam said as he licked his lips, closing the door behind him as he left.

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