The Adventures of Linda

     In a short while, Stacy became a sexual dynamo.  She was

completely ready when Linda placed an ad for a second live-in.

The ad read:

     Handmaiden wanted - Must have retained virginity.

     Jennifer was 5'-10" tall, with shoulder-length red hair, a

stunning face, and a gorgeous figure.  Her breasts and buttocks

were perfectly formed, firm and not oversized.  The problem was

that she had led a sheltered life for all of her twenty-five

years.  She needed a job, though, and even though she was

embarrassed at still being a virgin, she decided to try.  So she

called the number in the ad and made an appointment for an


     When she entered the waiting room, there were several women

already there, filling out questionnaires.  She picked one up and

went to work on it.  The sheet was headed by the line "Do you

have an aversion to any of the following?"  Next to each item

were four boxes - two pairs marked Yes/No under the headings

"Active" and "Passive".  The items were:

     Manual stimulation of erogenous zones

     Oral stimulation of erogenous zones

     Ingestion of genital secretions

     Penetration of vagina

     Penetration of anus

     Removal of genital hair

There was a note at the bottom of the sheet defining erogenous

zones as "breasts, genitals, anus".

     Jennifer didn't understand any of the questions, but she did

understand that answering yes to any of the questions would

reduce her chances of landing the job, so she just checked all

the "no" boxes.

     Stacy called in the next applicant and introduced herself

and Linda.  The woman didn't hesitate at all when Stacy told her

to disrobe.

     "Climb up on the examining table and put your feet in the

stirrups," Stacy told the woman.  As she did so, Stacy pulled a

surgical glove on her right hand, and slathered it with KY jelly.

She stood between the woman's legs and with her left hand, parted

her shamelessly exposed pussy lips.  Then gently, but in one

continuous motion, she slid her greased middle finger deep into

the woman's warm vagina.  The woman gasped, and immediately her

hands rose to her own ripe breasts and began kneading the soft

mounds and playing with her rosy nipples.  Annoyed at an obvious

fraud, Stacy couldn't resist a little tease.  Adding her index

finger to her middle finger, she began to fervently fingerfuck

the woman, twisting her now well-practiced hand round and round,

plunging it in and pulling it out.

     After a minute or so, the woman started convulsing in

ecstacy and frantically moaning repeatedly, "I'm coming!  I'm


     Stacy withdrew her fingers, leaving the woman groaning in

frustration.  "No virgin here," she announced.  "Please get

dressed, you're wasting our time."

     "I didn't think you'd be so thorough," the woman complained.

     As she left, Linda moaned, "Big tits and big cunts, that's

all I get!"

     "Well," Stacy offered, "at least that slut is going to have

to go home and masturbate, now."

     Jennifer was the last to be called.  When she entered, an

approving look passed between Stacy and Linda.

     "Too good to be true," they both thought.  Whenever a girl

with the right looks walked in, she was either not cherry, or had

a questionnaire listing all kinds of inhibitions.  This girl

could easily be a lingerie model, the way she oozed innocent

sexuality.  She was given the same instructions as all the rest.

She guessed the job required a physical examination.  "Well, at

least the doctor and nurse are women," she thought.  Shyly, she

disrobed and climbed on the table.  Linda salivated as the girl's

perfect body was unveiled, taking it all in from top to bottom.

In her mind, she checked off her vibrant red locks, coquettish

green eyes, sassy little nose, luminous red lips and slender

neck.  Her complexion was flawless.  Moving down to the feminine

curves of her body, she noted her soft, sexy shoulders, small,

succulent breasts, narrow waist, flat belly, downy red-haired

pussy, little rounded butt, and long, athletic legs.  No doubt

about it, this was a prime piece of ass.  She hoped she was pure,

knowing she would enjoy playing with this breathtaking maiden.

She imagined her trained in the arts of cunnilingus and

anilingus.  The only improvement needed would be to shave off her

pubic hair.  It didn't show, but Stacy's responsive pussy just as

instantly began to moisten as her eyes scanned the breathtaking

beauty's lush contours.  "God!" she thought, "Would I love to

suck those luscious tits and lick that sweet, tight little

pussy!"   She tried to stay businesslike, since this girl would

not officially be chosen until her virginity was confirmed, but

Linda had her figured out when she pretended to need to examine

her youthful breasts.  Her pink nipples tightened as Stacy gently

kneaded her flesh.

     "The mammaries are firm and responsive, ma'am," Stacy


     And when she could only slide her slim finger about an inch

into the captivating girl's tight vagina, Linda said, "You're our

girl.  You may move into my home tomorrow."

     When she left the room, Jennifer tried to get a few details

of the job out of Stacy.

     "Just be at this address tomorrow," she said, handing

Jennifer a slip of paper.

     As they left, Linda turned to Stacy.  "She really turns you

on, doesn't she?"

     "Oh, yes, Mistress!  I think she'll be perfect!  How

wonderful it will be for you to introduce her to the pleasures of


     "Well," said Linda, "I've got a surprise for you.  You have

been such a good handmaiden these past weeks that I am going to

give her virginity to you.  Teach her well."

     "Oh, thank you, Mistress!  You won't regret this!  We will

both be devoted servants!"

     While Linda was eating her cunt that night, Stacy couldn't

help fantasizing that it was that gorgeous redhead's tongue that

was flicking her clitoris, as she pictured herself teaching her

the finer points in eating pussy.

     When Jennifer arrived at the house the next day, she was

greeted by Stacy, who told her, "I should have told you not to

pack.  All your clothes will be supplied for you.  Later on,

you'll be allowed to shop for yourself, after you have a feel for

what kind of clothes to buy.  Being scantily dressed is exciting,

and everything you wear here must be designed to show off your

body in as erotic a fashion as possible.  For instance, a bra or

a pair of panties is allowed only when it is a focal point of an

outfit.  Otherwise, tops must always be thin enough to reveal the

shape of your nipples, or be cut to expose your cleavage or the

sides of your breasts.  Clingy halters and tank-tops are ideal.

My favorite outfit is a silk camisole and tap-pant.  The top is

cut low enough on the sides and in front to provide a nice view,

or for a hand to slip in.  The fabric is just heavy enough for

the rubbing to keep my nipples hard, and just light enough so

that they protrude through.  The bottom is cut high enough and

loose enough to allow an occasional glimpse of pussy lips and for

a hand or even a tongue to visit.  Of course, nudity is perfectly

acceptable, and sometimes I just enjoy the freedom of being


     Jennifer began to panic.  She was wondering what she had

gotten herself into, but decided she'd been sheltered long

enough.  If this was what life was like, she would handle it.

     She couldn't help but notice that Stacy was braless.  Her

exquisite breasts were firm, but undulated sensuously under her

blouse - a translucent, loose top with a plunging neckline which

was unbuttoned to the point where it exposed her appealing, rose-

tipped breasts completely when she bent over.  She also wore a

skin-tight mini-skirt which displayed plenty of silky, bare leg

above the point where her sheer stockings were connected to her

lacy garter belt.  What she didn't notice was the fluid running

down Stacy's leg from her extremely aroused pussy.

     "Come upstairs," Stacy said. "We'll start your training


     As they walked, Stacy explained her duties.

     "Your job is the same as mine, that is, to assist in Linda's

sexual entertainment of female guests.  I've been with her for a

few weeks, and we've been looking for a second handmaiden since

then.  Right now I'm going to show you how to prepare a guest for

sex.  I'll demonstrate your duties with you playing the part of

the guest.  Linda insists on women being absolutely clean and

ready to fuck.  "By the way," she said, "I hope you don't mind

'dirty' language.  Linda finds it a turn-on, and frankly, so do

I.  Anyway, your job is not only to bathe the guest, but to get

her turned on, too.  So when you undress her for her bath, be

sexy about it.  Think of it as unwrapping a gift, which is very

close to the truth."

     "But how can a woman turn on another woman?" Jennifer asked.

     "I can't tell you how happy I'll be to demonstrate," Stacy


     As she said this, her hands began to delicately move over

Jennifer's lissome body, her long fingernails lightly raking her

petal-soft skin as she slowly and sensuously stripped the young

woman.  She hoped the trembling she felt wouldn't be evident in

her touch, but the knowledge that she would soon be performing

any sexual act she desired with this exquisite virgin was

absolutely overwhelming.   When she at last unhooked her plain

old white bra, she removed it by sensually reaching around from

behind and very slowly, daintily sliding her caressing hands into

the small cups and over her pert breasts.  She swallowed hard as

her memory of the smooth texture of Jennifer's alabaster breasts

during the examination came back to her.

     "Some women won't accept being touched sexually by another

woman right away, so don't do anything like this until later,"

said Stacy as the tiny bra fell away.  She had secretly undone

the rest of the buttons of her blouse after she had turned

Jennifer around, and now she pressed her pointed breasts into her

pupil's sexy back.  Her cool, soothing palms cupped the baby-

smooth undersides of Jennifer's superb breasts; the sensitive,

pink nipples gently pinched between her thumbs and forefingers.

Stacy delicately rolled the fleshy nuggets back and forth, gently

tugging them to erection.  At the same time, she left a trail of

feathery kisses from the back of Jennifer's slender neck to her

left ear, where her skillful tongue flitted in and out, giving

the innocent young thing dozens of tiny electric shocks.  A flush

ran up Jennifer's lithe body, and she quickly turned away, her

nipples erect and her areolas crinkled.

     "Why did you do that?" Stacy asked.

     "I've just never had a woman fondle my breasts before."

     "You said on your application that you had no aversions to

stimulation of erogenous zones," said Stacy.  "Anyway, don't

knock anything till you've tried it."

     "You're right," said Jennifer.  "I won't turn down any new

experience from now on."

     "That's good," said Stacy, "because sex with the guests is

both a requirement and a benefit of the job.  Besides, you'll

love it - the first time I was intimate with another woman hooked

me on muff-diving for life.  And later," she continued, noticing

the now relaxed state of Jennifer's beautiful breast tips, "I'll

teach you about the erectile properties of nipples."

     "Lesbian sex?" thought Jennifer.  "What have I gotten myself

into?  I'll never be able to make love to a woman.  They kiss

each other between their legs!"

     Before Jennifer could say more, Stacy sank to her knees and

sensuously slid her sheer pantyhose down her long, shapely legs.

She slowly tugged the striking young girl's silky panties down,

relishing the sight and scent of her lovely auburn-haired muff

for the second time.  Jennifer, at last nude, was escorted to a

large bathtub, already filled with hot water.

     "We don't use bubbles," Stacy said.  "It's sexier when you

can see everything."

     As Jennifer stood in the tub, Stacy began to seductively

shimmy out of her own clothing.  The act could easily be

described as an erotic striptease.  Jennifer found herself eying

the tall blonde's luscious breasts.  She had very pronounced tan

lines that made it clear that she sunbathed in a skimpy bikini.

Her milky-white breasts turned to golden tan just above the pink

nipples.  When Jennifer's exploring eyes dropped to Stacy's

slick, hairless vulva, she couldn't help thinking that maybe it

didn't look so gross after all.  The woman had just turned

twenty-six, and was every bit as ravishing as Jennifer.

     Stacy climbed into the tub with Jennifer, grabbed a bar of

soap, and began to luxuriously lather the comely girl from the

neck down.  The soap supplied a handy excuse to caress Jennifer's

spectacular body, and Jennifer tried to tell herself that what

she was feeling was just the type of relaxation produced by a

massage.  It was quite a lie, since she felt anything but

relaxed; but she was too inexperienced to recognize sexual

arousal when she felt it.

     As Stacy's slippery hands glided over the enchanting young

girl's virginal, soapy breasts, she instructed, "If you feel you

still need to keep up pretenses at this point, explain to the

guest that you don't want to get your clothes wet, and that it's

hard to give a proper bath from outside the tub, anyway."

     Her skilled hands worked their way downward, until one was

tantalizingly rubbing Jennifer's sudsy vulva, and the other

steadily worked its way into the cleft of her enticing tush.  The

redhead's long, sleek legs buckled, and she leaned on Stacy.  Her

deep green eyes closed, she began to softly moan with pleasure.

When Stacy felt the bewitching girl's juices mixing with the

soapsuds, she gradually worked her knowledgeable fingers into

Jennifer's velvety vagina as far as her hymen would allow,

withdrawing occasionally to diddle her hard little clitoris.

With her other hand, she traced smaller and smaller circles

around the charming girl's tight little anus, until she felt the

sphincter begin to relax.

     Jennifer exclaimed, "I can't believe you're touching me

there!  And I can't believe how good it feels!  I think you're

going to turn me into a lesbian."

     Smiling to herself, Stacy explained to her trainee, "This

routine will get the guest wet, while cleansing her pussy and her

asshole.  It will also allow her asshole to open enough for the

enema nozzle.  I didn't neglect to mention the enema, did I?

Since Linda enjoys all forms of anal sex, the lady's asshole has

to be clean inside and out.  And don't worry about turning into a

lesbian.  I'm one, as you will be when we're through with you."

     She then rinsed the redhead's adorable body with the hose

and wand, and said to her, "By the way, don't get this soap on

the guest's head - it was specially developed by Linda as a

depilatory.  Linda loves a smooth pussy."  Jennifer looked down

at her body - she was totally hairless below the neck, including

her formerly furry vulva.  She watched and felt Stacy's searching

hands part her bare, swollen labia and insert the nozzle of an

enema bag, which she hadn't noticed had been hanging from the

shower rod all that time, into her slick vagina.

     "First, give the guest a little douche," Stacy said, and she

started the flow, flushing Jennifer's moist canal.  She

explained, "Don't worry about rinsing away all the cunt juice.

This causes more than it rinses away.  Jennifer could vouch for

that; her previously juicy pussy was now absolutely dripping.

She couldn't deny any longer the wonderful feelings she was


     After about a minute of this, Stacy pulled Jennifer from the

tub, and sitting on the edge, laid the sweet girl over her lap,

face down.  Jennifer was beyond any argument.  The thin nozzle,

lubricated with slimy pussy juice, easily slid into the striking

girl's relaxed anus, and the enema bag gradually emptied.  After

slowly removing the nozzle, Stacy allowed Jennifer to sit on the

toilet and release the solution.

     "Now your rectum is clean, and we can move on to dilation,"

Stacy said.

     "What the hell is that?" she was asked.

     Stacy produced a small case, and opening it, showed Jennifer

a series of bullet shaped rods, from pencil thin to about two

inches across.

     "Anal sex doesn't have to be painful," Stacy explained.

"Since most of the guests will have never been buttfucked with a

big dildo, the key is proper preparation.  Now get on your knees

in the tub and I'll show you how these work."

     When Jennifer complied, Stacy knelt behind her and admired

her awesome heart-shaped ass.

     "You really have the most darling little backside.  I'm

really going to enjoy reaming it out with my tongue."  She gave

her a running explanation while she worked.

     "You can lubricate the rods," she said, "But I prefer to

grease up the guest's asshole."

     She greased her finger with KY jelly and, placing one palm

on each of the gorgeous girl's firm ass cheeks, she separated the

cute little globes.  She traced tiny circles around the

delightful girl's pretty rosebud with her greasy finger until she

felt it relax once again.  She then worked a big wad right in,

leisurely stroking her slim finger in and out, wiggling it around

sensually.  She then worked her way through the rods, from

smallest to biggest, fucking Jennifer's greasy orifice with each

one until it slipped in and out effortlessly.  Jennifer relished

the feeling of fullness, and wondered how it would feel to have

her pristine pussy stretched in the same way.

     As Stacy reluctantly pulled the last one out, she rinsed the

beautiful girl's puckered asshole with the shower wand and said,

"There.  You'll still be plenty tight, but you won't feel any

pain, just pleasure.  The last thing to do as part of the bath,

now, is to taste the guest anywhere that Linda will, to make sure

you've done a thorough job."  As she leaned forward, she said,

"Remember, always rim the asshole before penetrating with

anything."  She actually felt her mouth water as she leaned

forward to place her tongue on that beautiful body for the first

time.  Jennifer started to panic at the thought of what Stacy was

apparently about to do, but closed her eyes and forced herself to

remain silent, as she remembered her earlier promise.  Stacy's

limber tongue made the same ever-shrinking circles around

Jennifer's musky rosebud as her finger had earlier, until it

relaxed fully.  Slowly then, her probing tongue slithered deep

into the sexy girl's grasping anus.  Thick juice gushed from the

gorgeous redhead's fiery pussy, as once again she had to admit to

herself that what had recently struck her with horror was

actually extremely pleasurable.  In and out Stacy's stiff, fleshy

tongue went, until Jennifer was moaning uncontrollably.

     Finally, grudgingly withdrawing her long tongue, she said,

"Get her as wet as possible, but don't let her come.  That's for

later.  You have to be especially careful when you go down on

her."  Stacy stood Jennifer up and placed her in a very unusual

seat at the end of the tub.  The seat was hollowed out between

the user's legs, and was partly reclined, with a built-in pillow.

Stacy explained, "One of the best parts of being eaten is being

able to watch."

     With that, she leaned forward and prepared to eat the pussy

she had up till now only been able to fantasize about.  She

paused to savor the lovely sight and wonderful aroma of the

pristine pussy.  Very slowly, she began to lick all around those

smooth, hairless pussy lips, letting her remarkable tongue

wander, but purposely avoiding the little nubbin of her clit.

Jennifer was now absolutely sure that she had made the right

choice in taking this job.  She couldn't imagine the incredible

sensation of another woman's soft tongue sliding around, in, and

over her red-hot pussy.  By now, both women were moaning with

passion.  Careful to go slow enough so that Jennifer wouldn't

come, Stacy made her supple tongue as fat as possible and licked

a long lick from the enticing girl's smooth perineum to deep into

her tight, velvety, virgin cunt and out again, and finishing with

a firm flick of her tumescent clitoris.

     Over and over she repeated this until Jennifer was on the

verge of a powerful climax, pausing only to exclaim, "Your pussy

is so silky sweet!  I love eating virgin cunt!"

     Having not had her first orgasm of her life yet, Jennifer

did not feel frustrated when Stacy finally forced herself to

stop.  Stacy pulled Jennifer up so that they were facing each

other, kneeling in the tub.  Pulling the angelic girl toward her,

she used her own turgid nipples to stimulate Jennifer's.  Then,

with their alabaster breasts perfectly matched and crushed

between them, her arms encircled the dazzling girl in a

passionate embrace.  With her face resembling a glazed donut, she

leaned forward to kiss the beautiful girl.  Jennifer was a bit

apprehensive about kissing someone whose lips were covered with

her own pussy juice, but she was too turned on to resist.  Stacy

brushed her sensuous lips over the other girl's in a whisper-soft

kiss.  Noting no resistance, she placed her lips fully on

Jennifer's voluptuous mouth, and when she offered her limber

tongue, it was immediately accepted in a deep, wet French kiss.

As their soft tongues caressed each other, Jennifer tasted her

own savory pussy juice.  This turned her on immensely, and she

wiggled her flexible tongue around as if to taste every inch of

Stacy's hungry mouth.

     Stacy finally broke off the kiss and said breathlessly, "I

haven't made it with a woman yet who didn't go crazy at the taste

of her own cunt.  Now, though, you're going to get that lesson on

nipples that I promised you."

     Stacy began to massage the virgin's vulnerable breasts ever

so softly, around and around, tenderly twirling her pliant

nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.  Jennifer uttered a

low moan as her responsive nipples slowly but surely stiffened.

     "Fingered nipples soften quickly," said Stacy. "If you want

them to stay hard for the sex session, you have to apply warm,

moist suction.  Obviously, the ideal instrument for this is your

mouth.  And, the longer you suck them, the longer they stay hard,

so spend at least five to ten minutes on each one."

     Stacy bent down and lavished those fine breasts with tender

kisses.  She stuck her wet tongue out as far as possible and

lightly flicked its tip over Jennifer's tasty left nipple.  Her

licking became firmer and firmer until she finally took the

delectable teat between her sensuous lips and softly nursed on

it.  Again, her delicate sucking became firmer and firmer until

the pebbly tip of the winsome girl's tasty breast was being drawn

deep into her ravenous mouth.  She suckled it lovingly, finally

catching it delicately between her teeth, nipping at it

playfully.  Slowly, she let it slip out and snap back.  Over and

over she repeated the process until the delicious nipple was

fully erect, sticking out about a half-inch.  Again, Stacy

extended her tongue and flicked it firmly over the rubbery teat,

bending it back and forth to each side with each rapid lick.  All

this time, she had continued tugging at Jennifer's scrumptious

right nipple, so it had a head start when she switched her lusty

mouth to that one.  She wouldn't have thought it was possible,

but the sensations of Jennifer's nipples in her mouth was better

than she had anticipated.

     As she switched her voracious mouth between the girl's

splendid breasts, she regrabbed the rigid left nipple between her

deft fingers and moaned, "God, you have the most mouth-watering


     Holding one nipple in each set of thumb and forefinger,

Stacy pushed the sumptuous breasts together and nuzzled her face

ardently in the inviting cleavage formed.  Jennifer's head was

thrown back in ecstasy.  It wasn't until Stacy released her soft

breasts that she looked down and saw how hard her ruddy nipples

had become.

     "Oh, my!  Look what you've done to me," she cried.  "My

nipples are like bullets and juice is running down my thighs.

I...I want to show you how well I've learned.  Can I do the same

things to you?"

     It was all Stacy could do to contain herself on hearing that

question.  "Well, as a guest you would be entitled to do whatever

you want to me," she answered.  "But since you're in training and

I'm acting as handmaiden, I've naturally bathed, douched and

given myself an enema, as we will do for each other in the

future.  Feel free, though, to practice tasting my asshole and

cunt, and sucking my tits, since these are things that just about

all guests will probably request."

     As much as Jennifer wanted to gorge herself on the sexy

girl's heavenly breasts, she realized that Stacy's going so

slowly was what really drove her crazy.  So she resisted the

temptation, forcing herself to mimic the beautiful blonde's

tantalizing actions.  She used her nimble tongue to flirt with

the gorgeous woman's quivering breasts until she couldn't help

herself, finally nibbling reverently on her distended nipples.

The feeling of the hard nipples and soft breast-flesh in her

mouth at the same time was an incredible turn-on.

     Stacy purred, "You sure do learn fast!," and reached up to

hold Jennifer's mouth to her breast and stroke her lustrous red

tresses as the young goddess suckled contentedly at her left


     The beautiful teacher's petite nipples were as stiff as

pencil erasers when her willing student continued on.  Jennifer

glided her yearning mouth down Stacy's svelte body, pausing to

probe her ticklish navel with her searching tongue.

     "Oh, creative, too!" Stacy exclaimed as a shiver ran through

her gorgeous body.

     When Jennifer's hunting mouth reached the woman's silky,

bald vulva, she hesitated only a fraction of a second before

again reminding herself of her promise to try all new

experiences.  Again, following Stacy's lead, she gently licked

all around before gingerly probing the girl's swampy vaginal


     "That's right," Stacy coached.  "Lick it very lightly.  Then

use your tongue to gradually open it up."  Jennifer proceeded

slowly, using her talented tongue to part the engorged inner lips

of her teacher's sizzling pussy just a little more with each

successive lick.  "Now lick it really deep," directed Stacy.  The

"A" student's long, sinewy tongue snaked deep into her lover's

velvety depths.

     "Oh, yes! Eat my cunt, you sexy little wench!" cried Stacy.

     Pausing for just a second, Jennifer answered, "It tastes so

good!" and went back to her feast.  Eagerly now, Jennifer scooped

out a mouthful of dewy nectar with each deep lick.  Greedily, she

swallowed every tangy drop.  Having quickly learned how sensitive

her own tiny clitoris was, she new exactly what to do when Stacy

said, "Now flick my clit with your tongue."  She concentrated on

vibrating the tip of her gentle tongue back and forth over her

lover's passion button.  To compound the pleasure, she slid two

delicate fingers into the other girl's juicy cunt.  She was

astonished to encounter a hard, round object.

     "Those are my ben-wa balls," Stacy explained.  "They're worn

whenever we're not having sex, to keep our pussies constantly

wet.  Of course, you'll get your set after Linda takes your

cherry with her strap-on dildo.  You can remove them for me,


     Jennifer did so, and proceeded to slowly, teasingly finger-

fuck her trainer.  Stacy finally had to push her smeared face

away from her oozing pussy.

     "Remember," she said, "no orgasms during the warm-up.  I'll

have to tell Linda that you're a natural.  It will be fantastic

if you are actually a closet nymphomaniac, like me."

     Jennifer removed her slimy fingers and, staring directly

into Stacy's limpid eyes, placed them in her sexy mouth and

licked away every last drop of Stacy's delicious goo.

     "Yes, I think you're a born sexpot!," exclaimed Stacy.

     Determined to be as good a lover as her teacher, Jennifer

took a deep breath and said, "Turn around and bend over."

     Stacy enthusiastically complied, grabbing her slim ankles.

The flaming redhead proceeded to lick, kiss and bite the chic

blonde's splendid derriere.  After a while, she grabbed one firm

cheek in each hand, her thumbs in the cleft.  Spreading the

woman's cute rump as wide as possible, she placed her loving

tongue at the base of her spine and slowly wiggled it downward,

stopping just before she reached her fragrant asshole.  Her

technique was a bit different, in that she then placed her

passionate tongue on Stacy's sensitive perineum and quickly

licked upward, causing the excited girl to jump as she flicked

her stiff tongue over her wrinkled aperture.  Gradually, she

licked more and more slowly, and more and more firmly, until at

last her stiffened tongue wriggled up the luscious blonde's

clutching asshole and stayed there.

     A few seconds of this rectal worship was all Stacy could

take, and she finally pulled away, saying, "I think this portion

of your training has been a success.  Let's get dressed and go

into the master bedroom for the main event."

     "Are there ever any men?" she was asked.

     "Not since I've been here, but believe me, none are needed.

Linda has said that we might bring one home to play with someday,


     The women pulled on lacy garter belts and stockings and

high-heeled shoes.  They helped each other into all-lace half-

cup bras that displayed the top two-thirds of their gorgeous

breasts, accentuating their appetizingly taut nipples.

     "The bras and shoes come off during sex," Stacy said, "But

Linda likes the garters and stockings to stay on."

     Arm in arm, they walked into the bedroom.  Linda was sitting

on the king-sized bed, nude.

     "Normally," Stacy said, "One of us would prepare Linda while

the other prepares the guest.  But today, apparently video-

taping two woman making love was enough to keep her wet."

     A look of shock crossed Jennifer's face.

     "Don't worry, you'll be frigging that delicious pussy of

yours to that tape in no time," said Stacy.

     "As the guest," she continued, "You basically submit to

whatever Linda wants, but you get to do whatever you want to me.

Handmaiden's are also sex slaves."

     Linda greeted the newcomer warmly, saying, "Welcome to your

new home, Jennifer.  I'm sure you're going to love it here."  She

reached out and lovingly stroked her silky red hair.  "You're

even more beautiful than I remembered from our interview," she

continued.  Linda ran her dexterous hands lightly up and down

Jennifer's radiant body, pausing as they instinctively sought her

pliable breasts in their sexy bra.  "I really enjoyed watching

you and Stacy making love," she said.  "I apologize for being

sneaky, but I didn't want you to be self-conscious; and there was

no way I was going to miss watching a virgin losing her lesbian

cherry.  I hope I can give you as much pleasure as Stacy

apparently did.   When Jennifer started to groan with desire,

Linda held her close and gave her a long, soft, romantic open-

mouth kiss, leaving her breathless.

     "The first thing you must demonstrate to me is that you give

good head.  Kneel down here and eat my pussy," Linda commanded.

Jennifer did as she was bid, proud of her newly learned ability.

     "That's wonderful, Jennifer!" Linda crooned.  "You're a

natural!  I love watching your face buried in my cunt!"

     Stacy took this opportunity to circle around her Mistress

and engage in a little anilingus.  "God, this is heaven!" Linda

cried.  "One tongue in my pussy and another in my asshole!"

     "Switch!," Stacy cried after a few minutes, and Jennifer

didn't hesitate to wriggle her inquiring tongue up Linda's ass.

"Very good, Jennifer!" Linda complimented.  "Your tongue feels

great in my ass!"

     Linda pulled both of the alluring women in front of her and

ceremoniously removed the pretty demi-bras. She then proceeded to

caress, lick, suck, and bite the four succulent breasts.  It was

obvious that she was turned on by, even cherished, small, firm

breasts.  Licking her lips, she said, "The only thing better than

a pair of perfect breasts is two pairs of perfect breasts."

     "OK, enough foreplay - time to pop a cherry," Linda said


     She motioned to Stacy, who fetched the big dildo and

strapped it on her Mistress.

     She arranged Jennifer on her hands and knees on the bed, and

knelt behind her, leaning over to spread her firm, little fanny.

"What a beautiful little tush!" she exclaimed, and zealously

slithered her extended tongue up Jennifer's snug, tiny asshole.

     "Lube her up," she said to Stacy.

     "You can't be intending to cram that huge thing in my

asshole!" protested Jennifer.

     "Don't worry," Stacy said reassuringly, "You've been

properly prepared."

     Just like before, Stacy lovingly worked a generous wad of KY

jelly into Jennifer's tight asshole.  Placing the head of her

hard dildo at her twitching sphincter, Linda pushed firmly.

Jennifer felt her asshole being forced open by the hard shaft, as

Stacy caressed her buns to help her relax.  Linda gradually

worked her fake hard-on deep into Jennifer's cozy rectum, popping

her anal cherry and drawing moans of delight from the virtuous

girl.  Stacy wriggled under Jennifer, head to tail, to get a

better view of the big dildo leisurely sliding in and out of her

stretched asshole.  Linda assfucked the gorgeous redhead

deliberately but cautiously to avoid any pain caused by

involuntary contractions of her recently virgin sphincter.  Fully

relaxed now that she realized that she would not be split in

half, Jennifer started to move her ass in time with Linda's

gentle thrusts.  "Oh!  I love the way your dildo feels in my

ass!" she cried.

     Stacy reached up and began to passionately gobble the sexy

girl's bald, chaste pussy, frantically thrusting her lewd tongue

as far as she could into the depths of her sultry, creamy vagina.

When she concentrated on Jennifer's dainty, hyper-sensitive

clitoris, rapidly agitating it with rhythmic tongue-strokes, the

lovely young girl cried out due to the incredible sensations.

"What's happening?" she cried.  "I can't stand it!  I'm going to

faint!  Oh, god! It feels too good!  Suck me!  Fuck me!"  She

became incoherent, then, screaming unintelligible sounds as she

experienced her first orgasm, furiously pumping a flood of thick,

tasty fluids into Stacy's feasting mouth.  While Stacy gulped the

luscious girl's copious climax, Jennifer began to avidly tongue

the voluptuous blonde's saturated pussy in thanks.  Stacy's

orgasm followed so closely as to be almost simultaneous.

     At this point, Linda removed her dildo from the horny young

girl's snug asshole and cleaned the jelly off with a handy

washcloth.  Stacy removed her tongue from Jennifer's pussy long

enough to prepare her for the momentous event about to occur.

"You lucky girl, you're going to feel something really wonderful

now.  If you thought that dildo felt good in your asshole, you're

going to go crazy when you feel it fucking your pussy."

     Stacy helped by holding Linda's dildo up so that it aligned

with Jennifer's virgin vagina, delighted at the thought that few

people had ever had such a close-up view of a young girl's cherry

being popped.  Slowly but firmly, Linda slid her dildo in, while

Jennifer could only grip Stacy's thighs tightly and sigh, "Oh,

oh, oh!"  She had never inserted anything, not even a tampon, in

her vagina, and the sensation of her labia being spread by the

thick dildo was overpowering.

     Linda popped the young woman's now unwelcome hymen, burying

the hard dildo in her warm, slippery, gripping vagina.

"Jennifer, your pussy is so tight!" Linda declared.  "Even though

it's so wet, it's hard to move the dildo in and out!"  Jennifer

churned her choice little bottom against the dildo as her torrid

pussy was rhythmically plowed, calling out, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck

me!"  Stacy focused her tonguing on the new girl's clitoris,

pausing occasionally to just enjoy the sight and sound of the

pretty pussy being thoroughly fucked inches from her eyes.  Her

face was being sprayed with pussy-juice with each stroke.

Jennifer quickly came again; and again, Stacy didn't waste a

drop, guzzling the cascading flow streaming from the sexy girl's

inflamed pussy.

     Linda forcefully fucked the gushing, virtuous cunt while the

libidinous women continued to devour each other, Stacy jabbing

the lovely young girl's swollen little clit with her fluttering

tongue while Jennifer immersed her face in the other handmaiden's

inflamed, flowing cunt.  Both women were coming continuously.  In

fact, Jennifer's satiny pussy was becoming so slippery that Linda

had to pull out occasionally and let Stacy suck the tasty cunt

juice from the dildo.

     Linda didn't want to wear this hot new pussy out, so she

withdrew, explaining to Jennifer that the guest is always allowed

the pleasure of swallowing the first orgasmic gush from the

Mistress's cunt.  The women forced themselves to stop so that

they could exchange positions.  Jennifer lay on her back, spread-

eagle, and Linda straddled the siren's face and lowered her

steamy pussy onto her waiting mouth.  Quickly leaning forward,

clutching the redhead's thighs, Jennifer buried her face in the

Mistress's squirming crotch and feverishly ate her soaking-wet


     Jennifer was delighted to receive a pussy-juice facial as a

reward.  She couldn't get enough of the thick, copious fluid,

rubbing her face all around, literally wallowing in the drenched

pussy of the magnificent redhead.  Her face was completely

saturated.  Very soon, Linda's hips began to buck, as she ground

her cunt into her new servant's mouth.  "Oh god!" she cried. "I'm

going to cum!"

     With that she sat up, so that she could watch Jennifer deal

with the imminent flood of cuntjuice.  Jennifer was completely up

to the task, opening her mouth wide, and reaching around to

Linda's clitoris.  With one finger flicking that little button

back and forth, she quickly caused Linda's vagina to spew a

deluge of sticky, sweet fluid.  Finally the three lovers were

satisfied, and collapsed into a blissful sleep.

To be continued....

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