Weekend Punishment

  I was really upset with the coeds in dorm room 9J.   All semester

they had done nothing but cause trouble for the whole floor.   With

spring break coming up I figured it was about  time  to  take  them

down a notch before they all departed for the Florida.  I knew just

how to do it too.   Webster's Boarding School had a long  tradition

of instilling self-discipline into young ladies and  turning   them

into proper ladies; and  the   operative  word  in  this  case  was

obviously going to have to be discipline.   I set out to give Judy,

Della, and Rose a  weekend of old-fashioned training that they  had

obviously not received  since moving  up to  their  Senior  status.

On Wednesday I sent a full report to the Headmaster, setting out in

complete detail what these three near graduates had done during the

preceding months of this school year.


  I explained to him that it was obvious that  a  strenuous session

of old-fashioned   discipline  was  needed  by  all  three prior to

to graduation and that it was best now.     I told him that I would

be willing to give up my  coming  weekend  off  to perform the task

myself and that Miss Hodd  would be assisting me.  I concluded with

a request that he call all the violators and give explicit  details

of the misbehavior, and inform them that they would be  given  very

special forms of discipline over the weekend.


At Friday's lunch these three sat all closed mouth at the back room

dining room.  I found a  short  note  from  the  Head in my mailbox

after lunch telling me that they would be over to my apartment this

evening at 6:00 p.m., and that he expected a full  detailed  report

Monday morning.  Janie (Miss Hodd) had  arrived about 5:30 p.m  and

brought in several items that we would be using over  the  weekend;

large enema bag, a well-oiled tawse,  long paddle, and a new willow

branch. I had already requisitioned and received 3 gallons of fresh

mineral oil, I had laid  out my old round wooden hairbrush, and  my

riding crop.


  I retrieved my dildo collection  from Dori's apartment and had it

laid out as well.   Janie and I had given  discipline  training  on

weekends before and had a pretty good idea that by  Sunday  evening

when Judy, Della and Rose returned to their dorm rooms  they  would

indeed be changed ladies.  On reviewing the  records  of  each girl

we found that none of them had a discipline weekend  from  a  prior

instructor before, although they all had various forms of  corporal

punishment from the Head and instructors.  At 6 o'clock there was a

sharp rap on the door and Janie opened it to find all three of them

standing before us, heads bowed, a contrite look upon their faces.


  Ordering them in, the ladies stepped through the hallway door  to

the living room.  I greeted each by name and they said 'hello' back

although barely audible.  Standing before me were  Judy,  Della and

Rose.  I told them that their behavior over this past term had been

far from acceptable and that it was obvious to all of  us  here  at

the school they needed  a weekend  of discipline to bring them into

line with what was expected of a Webster's grad.   I asked if  they

knew what was in store for them.  Rose said she had talked  to  her

older sister prior to coming over and her sister had told her  what

to expect from two discipline weekends she had received previously.


  I asked if she had also told Judy and  Della,  saying  'she had'.

I told them that Janie and I would be  conducting  the  session and

that they could expect just what Rose's sister  had  told  her  and

probably more.  Janie had  moved  up  behind the ladies while I had

been talking to them.  She  told  them  to  raise  their skirts and

bend forward to jut out there bottoms.  Slowly  they  all   reached

down and pulled up their skirts and  bent  forward  at  the  waist.

Janie drew back the willow switch and landed a cut on Judy's panty.

Before the OOOOOO!!!! had finished escaping her lips the switch

had cut into Rose's bottom. Rose jerked and squealed out a loud

OOOUUUCCCHHH!!!! Then the switch landed side-to-side on Della's

bare buns. She groaned out a loud sigh. Janie worked up and down

the line of ladies landing her willow branch across their taught

firm bums. Each of the ladies had large tears rolling down their

cheeks by the time the tenth sting had landed. Janie told them to

go to the side bedroom and remove their clothing and dress in their

cotton gowns lying on the bed and return immediately.

As they walked out of the room the pink lines of the switching

could be seen on each of their bottoms. The ladies returned in less

than ten minutes, dry-eyed and wearing the all white gowns. I told

them that they would now be given their first real dose of true

discipline. What Janie had given was just a mild introduction to

what was being taught to be 'ladies'. I then had George, the school

maintenance man, bring over the spanking bench from the Head's

office earlier that after noon. He asked if we were going to give

a good session this weekend and I assured him that we were.

I told him that he should place the bench opposite the large

window. Although I hadn't seen him yet I was sure that before the

weekend was over George would be found outside the window watching

the young trainees receive the discipline. I took hold of Della's

hand and led her to the bench. She put her knees upon the kneeling

rail without me instructing her to do so. I assisted her in bending

over the padded middle rail and adjusted her position so her round

bottom was sticking out from it at a high angle and drawn apart

very tight. She gripped the handrail tightly. I asked if she had

been spanked on the bench before and she said several times. I then

reached out and rubbed her upturned bum and felt the warmth from

the switching just a few minutes before. I spread her legs a little

farther apart, so her thighs and bums were stretched to their

widest maximum. I told her that the spanking she was going to get

this time would be totally different from the previous ones.

Janie had come up on the opposite side to where I was standing.

I reached out and took hold of Della's left cheek and pulled it

hard towards me as Janie did the same thing to her right one. This

fully exposed Della's small pink rosebud before all of us. I next

instructed Judy to bring me the riding crop from the couch. Della's

cheeks began to quiver as Judy brought me the crop. Both Janie and

I spread open her cheeks as far as possible, and I rubbed the crop

up and down her crack. I flipped and pushed the end of it onto her

tight little hole and she groaned out a loud 'OOOOOHHHHH!'

The crop landed again, this time producing a squealing 'AAAAAA!'

I continued to slide the tip of the well used crop onto Della's

tight rosebud. It was opening up from the strokes. She was sobbing

and shivering and 'OOOOOOOOOOOOO'ing and 'AAAAAAAAAA'ing with each

resounding crack. After delivering fifteen of the spanks to her,

I started to rub the shaft of the crop up and down her crack. As I

twisted it over her pussy hole she would moan loudly and sobbing.

I turned to Rose and told her to come over to us. She walked over

slowly and stopped behind Della. I told Rose to give the very hot

hot crack and Della's rosebud her oral attention. Rose looked at

me, then at Janie, then at the tight hole in front of her and bent

down and forward very slowly and kissed Della's petaled hole. She

blew her breath across it and her tongue licked small circles as

she labored to relieve the stinging in her roommates bottom.

Rose pushed her tongue into the hole and withdrew it. She kissed

and licked up and down the length of the crack. Della was shaking

from the attention her sensitized rosebud was receiving. I told

Rose to stop and assist Della down from the bench. She helped Della

down and to walk back to where they were standing. Janie told Rose

to assume the correct position on the bench for next session. Now

as Janie and I switched sides Rose shuffled over and placed herself

across the spanking bench. We gave each of the ladies a session on

the bench with the crop and had one of the other gals give each of

the other ladies the oral attention they so richly deserved to each

others well disciplined rosebud. Della was well over her cropping

when the time came for her to give Judy her well-deserved oral


After each of them had been severely disciplined with the crop

Janie told them that they would each get more of the discipline

treatment later this evening and that it would be very private

indeed. I had already placed the mineral oil in the upstairs

bathtub filled with hot water. I went to check on it and get the

enema bag ready for the first girl. I found that the oil was just

right, at 99 degrees. I filled the enema bag with two quarts of

the oil and hung it from the ceiling. Rose appeared at the door

first and I told her to take off her gown. She dropped it from her

shoulders to reveal her rather small breasts with areolas having

hard brownish nipples. I told her to get down on all fours and lay

her head on her arms with her bottom up in the air. She did so with

her bottom toward me. I reached down and spread her cheeks wider as

I pressed a finger against that tight little hole.

I told her to relax and breath deeply. My finger pushed into

her bottom, and I twisted it around. I withdrew my finger and put

the end of the Inflatable Retention Nozzle nozzle into her rosebud. In one full push I

shoved it into her releasing my fingers from spreading her cheeks.

She groaned out a loud 'OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!' I opened up the pinch

clamp on the hose and heard the gurgle of the oil starting to flow.

Rose groaned and clenched her bum. She said it was too much for

her to take at this time.

I smacked my hand across her upturned bottom with a sharp crack,

and told her to relax and just be quiet. Reaching down I slowly

worked the Inflatable Retention Nozzle nozzle in and out of her tight hole. Rose was

groaning as the warmed oil flowed up her bum as I worked the nozzle

around and in and out. I snapped the clamp closed and allowed her

to rest a minute as I shoved the nozzle in as far as it would go.

I commenced to hand spank her cheeks alternately. Rose moaned with

'OOOO's and 'AAAA's with each smack to her bare buns. I reached up

and released clamp restarting the flow on the enema hose as I

squeezed the bag tightly. Rose moaned loudly as the oil rushed into

her bum. She was pleading and whimpering and begging me to stop.

She said she was so full. I said 'nonsense,' and that she would

and could take all of it.

I again squeezed the bag to force the flow into her. As the oil

finished draining into Rose's hole I gave her four sharp cracks to

each cheek, and began to slowly withdraw the nozzle. I cautioned

and told her not to release the enema until she had received verbal

permission from Janie on her return back downstairs. I also told

her that if she had an accident going down the stairs she would get

another one this evening as well as a belting during the entire

enema. She was sobbing and had tears running down her cheeks as

she got up to return to the living room down stairs.

I went down to the living room in a few minutes after washing the

nozzle and refilling the enema bag for Janie to use on Della. Then

I found Janie standing next to a bent over Rose with her fingers

running up and down Rose's crack and examining her pinked up ass.

Janie told her she could go to the bathroom and release her enema

and then she must return to be with Judy while Della received her

treatment. Janie took Della and went up stairs to give her the

punishment enema, and I remained downstairs to make sure that Judy

and Rose stayed in the punishment position until we let them lay

down for the evening. Both Della and Judy were given each an enema

and subsequent spanking, and the two remaining young trainees were

kept bent over legs spread apart hands on knees while awaiting the

completion of the discipline session. When all three had been given

their punishment for the evening we had them go to lay down on my

king size bed.

They were all put to bed nude lying face down across the bed, and

we placed them so that they were head-to-toe with each other's body

laying to the girl next to them. Janie and I quietly retired to the

upstairs bedroom and undressed each other. As I slipped the brief

bikini panties off of her hips I noticed that Janie had trimmed her

red bush back very close. My fingers discovered that her lips were

not only swollen and wet but shaved as well.

I leaned forward and took one of her large nipples in between my

lips running my finger up to her clit and drew faint little circles

around it. As we fell onto the bed Janie whispered out that she

wanted me to eat her. I moved around so that we were in a full 69

and buried my face into her musty slit and began to lap up her hot

juices. I could feel Janie using her tongue to lick up and down my

crack and shuddered each time she drove her tongue deeper inside

me. I reached around and pressed my finger to her rosebud as I

forced it in. One knuckle, second knuckle, now the whole finger.

In and out, I moved it as I sucked on her dripping gash.

Janie was tongue fucking me and using her thumb lightly massaging

my swollen sensitive clit. I felt my orgasm coming on as Janie

started to shake and tighten her legs around my head. I was also

arching to her mouth and grinding my mound into her as she soaked

me with her juices. As we both settled back down from our climaxes

we rolled around to hold each other. I took out my 'U' shaped dildo

and slid it into Janie's soaked pussy as I scooted myself forward

impaling us both. As I pulled her forward I eased down onto it and

hugged her tightly pressing our breasts together. Our nipples grew

hard together as we kissed we moved our bodies until we came. Next

we embraced tightly in each others arms and gently stroked and

kissed other until we both fell asleep that night.

After escorting the ladies to breakfast and back to the apartment

on Saturday morning, we returned to the task of instilling the

necessary discipline in them. We had both decided that except for

mealtime the trainees would remain nude for the rest of the weekend

and that we would all wear only our bras, panties, garter belts.

stockings. Judy, Della and Rose modestly presented themselves in

the living room all naked as jay birds without any clothing and

makeup. I had picked up the tawse in my hand and ordered Judy to

to lay forward and place herself over the arm of the chair with her

torso high in the seat and legs and bum stretched out. She did as

she was instructed. I draped the tawse down her right cheek as I

drew it up and down. Looking over at Rose and Della I told them to

watch and see just how effective this little spanking was going to

be in getting their attention to every detail and being proper

young slaves.

I raised the tawse and brought it down onto Judy's left cheek

with a loud CCRRAACCKK!!!!!!! Judy screamed out with a very loud

OOOUUUCCCHHH! Instantly, a one and one-half inch wide red line

appeared the full length of her cheek splitting into two tails for

the last three inches. I repeated the stoke to her right cheek,

with the same effect, both verbally from Judy and from her bare

bottom. I worked the tawse across both of her cheeks until they

were a very bright deep red color. I laid the tawse down and I

reached out to touch her buns. They both felt hot. She was sobbing

into the chair seat. I took hold of Judy and raised her up and

and marched her over to Rose and Della. As I turned her around I

ordered them to feel the same effect of the tawse that would soon

be giving them the same heat. The ladies moved their hands out and

touched Judy's red hot bum. Janie took hold of Della and moved her

to the chair. As Della assumed the punishment position I turned

Judy around and told her to watch her 'sister' get the tawse. After

each of the ladies had been given a good dose of the tawse Janie

and I sat them down on the floor for a consultation.

We discovered that all of the good ladies were virgins all in a

literal sense, but they were experienced with each other and the

other ladies at Webster. We told them that sex education was part

of the outside curriculum at Webster and that Janie and I would be

giving them proper instruction on the submissive role of unwilling

young trainees. I next instructed Della to demonstrate for us how

she masturbated when alone. Della turned very red and slowly moved

her hand to her black forest covered bush. She used her finger to

stroke the length of her slit as she rubbed her clit.

As she began to warm up she closed her eyes and laid down on her

back. She dipped her finger deeper into her slit and began to move

it in and out faster and faster. Her nipples were standing out hard

now and fully erect. Janie told Rose and Judy to suck her nipples

hard as she masturbated. Both ladies leaned over and each sucked a

nipple into their mouths. Della began to groan and moan. Her hand

picked up speed and she was shoving her fingers into her wet pussy

deeper and deeper. Della began to roll her legs and moan loudly as

she reached a climax as she was wildly 'frigging' her hot pussy now

and her juices ran freely down her thighs.

The ladies sucked harder on her nipples and were rubbing their

hands on Della's flat stomach. When she had calmed back down the

ladies withdrew from suckling her nipples. I instructed Rose and

Judy to get some of her pussy juices on their fingers and lick it

off so they could see what she tasted like. Both ladies ravished

Della's sopping pussy, licking and sucking off their fingers. Janie

told Judy that a proper young lady submissive as she was, must be

able to serve her mistress. Judy said she agreed. Janie told her to

come over to her and remove her bra and panties. Judy moved over

directly and did as instructed. Janie told her to lick and suck on

her nipples. She leaned forward and shot her tongue out forward to

to circle Janie's right areola. As she did so Janie reached out and

rolled Judy's nipples playfully between her fingers. Janie was now

giving her directions on the correct way to please her and each

time Judy failed to do as told Janie would pinch her nipple hard.

Within two minutes Judy was expertly servicing Janie's nipples, and

producing long hard erect nips. Janie scooted forward in the chair

and told Judy to return to the others and instructed Rose to move

move over closer to her. Rose crawled over and kneeled at Janie's

feet. Janie told her to give her twat a tongue lashing.

Rose bent her head to the closely trimmed pussy before her. Rose

was very slow in her treatment of the task before her and Janie did

not take well to this at all. Janie reached down and gripped Rose's

left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pinched it rather

harshly. Rose groaned and squealed from the pressure. Janie said if

if she did not get her mind on the task at hand she would give her

vulva spanking with the willow. With that Rose buried her face in

Janie's wet slit and began to lick and suck it furiously. As Janie

continued to roll and lightly pinch Rose's nips she lapped up the

juices flowing from her pussy. I stood and told Della to remove my

panties and bra. Della moved over and slid down my panties and then

unhooked my bra, freeing my 38C's as they tumbled forward.

I sat back down and told Della to tend to the pleasures of my

breasts and nipples. She moved up and began to suck my right

nipple and cupped my left breast in her hands. I could tell that

she was way more experienced than the other two ladies as she knew

exactly how to give me pleasure. I told Judy to move up behind the

ladies and use her finger on their rosebuds. I told her to probe

and finger both of them thoroughly. Judy moved up and immediately

began to stroke Della's and Rose's tits. Janie was groaning as she

shoved her wet pussy into Rose's face as she climbed up closer to

an orgasm. Della had dropped a hand into my lap and was giving me

the pistol treatment in my soaked pussy. She had two of her fingers

moving in and out of my pussy and her thumb would bump my swollen

clit with each inward push of her fingers. At the same time she was

nibbling my nips and licking around my breasts. She pouted her lips

together sucking and squeezing my areola tightly in their grasp.

Then she was wildly flicking her tongue all over the nipple. This

heightened my passion causing my nipple to protrude outward and get

even more harder and erect. As I heard her groaning out to come my

pussy began to quiver and I came myself all over Della's hand.

As I did, she bit down on my nips and drove her fingers deeper

into my pussy. After both of us had slid back down from these new

heights the trainees had driven us, we had all three get dressed up

for lunch. As we walked back from lunch, Janie and I now discussed

what we would be doing this afternoon for further discipline to all

the young ladies in our charge. We decided that the next thing we

should do is give them a paddling across the spanking bench. As we

returned to the apartment we told them to dress in their uniforms

for the next part of their discipline.

Shortly, the three ladies returned to the living room dressed in

their navy blue uniforms and ready for the paddling. Janie took

Della by the arm and led her to the bench and told her to place

herself in a proper position to have her bottom warmed with the

paddle. Della knelt down on the bench, leaned over the rail as she

gripped the hand rail. Janie told Rose to raise her skirt and lower

Della's panties. Rose immediately went over to Della and pulled

her skirt up her back and slid down the white cotton panties that

covered her round stretched bum.

I handed Janie the long paddle as moved and sat down on the chair

instructing Rose and Judy to sit at my feet. Della looked back over

her shoulder and asked Janie to give her a sound paddling so that

she could be a better student attending the Mistress' at Webster.

Janie looked at me and smiled. She laid the paddle across the

upturned cheeks and rubbed it small circles. She drew the paddle

back and dropped it into the middle of the Della's bottom. Next,

the paddle made a loud CCRRAAACCKK!!!!!! From the contact it made

it was like thunder. Della's fleshy backside jiggled from the spank

and a pink stripe appeared across both cheeks. Janie got into the

the paddling laying on the thin paddle with hard even strokes.

Each one producing a loud CCRRAACCKK!!!!! and forced a louder and

louder moan from Della. By the time Della had received twenty or

so spanks she was issuing one long AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I had both

Judy and Rose rubbing my thighs and stroking my very sopping wet

pussy through my panties. Both of my nipples were engorged like theirs. After giving Della thirty spanks and turned her bottom into nice hot pink, Janie and I switched places. I had Della step down and told Rose to assume her punishment position. She asked if she might have her paddling while bent over holding her ankles and I agreed. She turned around and assumed her position and I had Judy adjust her skirt and drop the panties out of the way. Rubbing the paddle on Rose's exposed buns caused her to develop large goose bumps at the first contact. I knew I would soon have her petite buns hot enough that the goose bumps would soon disappear. With Rose in this position I could view as well could the others her puffy lips and slit, and her very damp pubes. I began working away on the cheeks with the paddle. I let every fourth or fifth land on her thighs too. By the time I got to the eighteenth spank Rose was rolling back to meet each new one. And her exposed pussy swelled up even more than the last time. Her rosebud had opened up like petals on a flower. I had her bottom a nice pink by the time I had delivered the thirty spanks with the hot paddle. She was moaning out OOOH's and AAAH's each new time the paddle stung her. I told her to get back up and return to the floor by the couch. Janie told me I could give Judy her paddling too, as as she too was going to give Rose more training in how to give proper nipple attention. I said that was fine and told Judy to get prepared to have herself ready for the paddling. She slid off her panties and moved to the spanking bench. She climbed on it and put herself in to the correct position reaching behind herself to pull up the school skirt she was wearing. After I had given Judy thirty spanks with the paddle and Janie had spent time instructing Rose on proper nipple service we sent the ladies off to the big bedroom and told them to rest a bit and take a nap until dinner. This evening they would receive a long severe discipline session as well as a enema treatment which would involve both of us this time. We had them strip nude after supper for the evening's discipline they were about to receive. While the ladies had been napping Janie had gone into town and bought three sets of nipple clamps and three T-butt plugs for us to use this evening. We had the girls standing before us and Janie took one of the nipple clamps and put one on each girl's right nipple. All groaned from the clamps and Janie went back to Judy and applied one to each of the girl's left nipples. This caused them to shift their weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. Now their nipples extended out a minimum of an inch. When she had finished I had them bend over and reach behind to spread their cheeks as far as they could. I started with Della. Putting the T-plug to her tight little hole I pressed it until her sphincter began to loosen up, then I shoved it all in. I immediately released her cheeks to secure the butt plug was buried deep in her ass. I next repeated the process with Rose and Judy. All the ladies were moaning and groaning loudly from the nipple clamps and butt plugs as the punishment continued. With each prepared for the evening's session of discipline Janie retrieved my 7" strap-on dildo as I got the hairbrush. When Janie walked into the room flaunting that latex boner all of their eyes bugged out at it's size. I asked them if they had ever seen one like that before. I told them they would get to see it up close and also feel it immediately. My 7" dildo is the reservoir-type with a large cockhead. Taking up the hairbrush I told Rose to come in front of me and to turn around and bend over. She obeyed me of course without question. I told her that I was going to use the hairbrush on her bum to make it very hot and red. I asked if she had a session with the hairbrush before and she said 'no.' I told

her that it gave the a deep warming and that she should prepare for

a very hard discipline session. With that I bent her over and told

her to spread her legs wide and put her hands on her knees. Bending

over at the waist she spread her legs out about thirty inches.

I immediately applied the back of the hairbrush to her butt. The

loud THWAP!! brought a cry of 'OUCH!!' from her on contact. I then

continued applying the hair brush for about forty spanks nonstop.

Her bum was a bright deep red when I had finished her. I laid down

down the brush and reached between her legs finding her pussy very

wet to my touch. I fingered her cunt in and out of to spread her

juices around and lube her up good. Janie came over and helped me

strap-on the dildo around my waist. The penis bobbed freely up and

down as I moved around behind Rose jockeying for position. I pushed

the flared-tip of the 'cock' head squarely up against her wet slit.

I spread her legs by grabbing her ass cheeks wide apart as I pushed

her hips forward. Her breasts rested on the nipple clamps.

My hips aimed the cock tip towards her pussy lips. I maneuvered

my knees as I inched forward. The dildo stuck straight out seeking

her hole and the latex shaft was firm, pliable and very very hard.

I thrust the 'cock' towards her wet pussy and began to spank both

her cheeks. This caused her to jump up and move back and forth as

I continued to ram the dildo up against her slit. Each new spank I

gave to Rose would resulted in her rocking back a little deeper on

the shaft of the 'cock'. I gave her bum about ten swats and sunk

about half the dildo in her slippery crack. I continued spanking

her bum she rocked back and forth to my own ministrations as I

forcefully buried the cock still deeper and deeper around her tight

pulsating pussy lips.

I picked up speed with which I was spanking her as I delivered

some of the stings to her thighs as well. Rose was moaning loudly

and panting as well. I kept up the pace and began moving my hips as

the dildo slid in and out of her hot pussy. It was obvious that she

was reaching a climax and when she began a series of "OOOOO's" as I

now rammed the dildo all the way in to the hilt. Reaching down I

squeezed the sac on the scrotum filling her cunt all up with the

warm evaporated milk.

As she screamed out she was 'cumming' as I filled her crack with

three hard squeezes of the cock's juices. Now Rose nearly collapsed

from her orgasm. After she had regained her composure I told her to

lie down and spread her legs open. I instructed Della to suck her

cunt dry and lick her clean. Della quickly slid between Rose's legs

and buried her face into Rose's juicy laden pussy. I unsnapped the

dildo off the belt and pulled it out of her pussy. I handed it to

Janie to clean and refill. As Janie scooted off for the kitchen I

turned my talents to Judy. Taking hold of the screws on the nipple

clamps and I tightened them a-half-turn. Then I rubbed both of her

nipples just to make sure she was paying me the proper attention.

Judy groaned with some "OOhh's" and "AAhh's from the nipple clamps.

I reached behind her to twist her butt plug a turn or two which now

filled her ass. Janie returned with the dildo and told Judy that

she was next. Janie strapped the dildo 'cock' around her waist as

she knelt down. She had applied some lubricant to the shaft as she

jagged the length of the shaft with her hand to get it all lubed to

insure her a good fucking. Judy walked over bending her ass over

and perched it high over to Janie's dildo as it was waiting to fill

Judy's cunt. I wasted no time applying the hairbrush to her cheeks

to get her warmed up.

However, it took Judy nearly twenty spanks for Janie's 'cock' to

get buried deep in her tight small pussy. Then I spanked Judy for

about fifteen minutes before she climaxed as Janie squeezed the

the ejaculation bulb flooding out the sac's juices. When Judy did

get settled down we had her get up and sit on Rose's face so Rose

could suck her dry. I then gave Della a few quick swats with the

hairbrush and she was totally dripping by the time I had finished

her ass. As I pressed the tip of the cockhead to her wet slit her

pussy lips parted and it almost fell into her gash. It just plopped

in with little or no effort at all and she climaxed easily within

about two minutes.

As she knelt over Judy's mouth she worked her vaginal muscles and

drained her filled pussy into Judy's waiting mouth. Judy went and

sucked her dry and licked her pussy clean. We had the ladies take a

shower and clean up before the next part of the evening discipline.

Janie and I decided that we would give the ladies two more sessions

that night. First we would give an enema with hot oil, during which

time they would be given the belt, followed by a session of toilet

training. Janie left for the kitchen to begin heating the mineral

oil up to the proper temperature and bring us back more ice tea.

I got out my thin leather belt and retrieved the enema bag from the

upstairs bath. I inserted the 'cock' head on the end of the enema

hose. The T-butt plugs they had up their bottoms for the day should

have loosened their sphincter muscles so that this enema 'cock' fit

nicely into their rosebuds. Earlier we had heard the ladies talking

about last night about how hard it was to come down stairs after

each enema session last night without having an accident, and they

and they talked about they would go about doing it this evening.

As the ladies returned from their showers Janie and I both rubbed

each others nipples and whispered about how hot we were. I had Rose

lie down across my lap with her legs draped on one side and her

torso lying across the couch. I spread her ass cheeks open as far

as they would go as I twisted the butt plug deeper in her rosebud.

She groaned out loudly as I began to slowly withdraw it.

After I had it out all the way I had Della come over and give her

rosebud some oral attention while I held her cheeks apart. Della

was much more attentive and more horny this time than yesterday.

Janie returned with the enema bag and another round of ice tea. I

took the 'cock' and put it to Rose's ass hole and slowly pressed it

in. Rose squirmed a bit as the end slipped up her bottom nearly a

full five inches. After getting the 'cock' into her I told Janie to

open the flow valve. I could feel the hot oil filling up Rose as

she laid across my lap. I took up the belt and began to give her

short but firm spanks with it. The belt wrapped completely around

her ass cheeks each time I brought it down. I stopped the spanking

about every seven or eight licks and used the enema 'cock' to fuck

Rose's bottom. Her sphincter muscle offered no resistance at all.

She was moaning and grinding her mound into my leg. I felt a damp

spot where her bush was rubbing on my bare thigh. I repeated the

belting and fucking five times before the enema bag fully expelled

into her. After it was done flowing I laid on the belt for 20 more

licks to her upturned buns and thighs. Then I turned my attention

to rhythmically working the 'cock' in and out of her gripping hole.

I didn't want her to come, but I wanted to make sure her bum was

well worked before I let her up. After I had gotten her good and

hot, I stopped the fucking motion and started to extract the cock.

Rose groaned saying that she was so close to cumming and begged for

me to continue fucking her. With that I jerked out the 'cock' and

gave her five very hard hand spanks to her bottom. I told her to go

go upstairs and relieve her tension, but that didn't mean for her

to masturbate either. I told her that if she had an accident she

would get another enema with the hairbrush at the same time.

Rose slid off my lap and hurriedly dashed up the stairs with her

ass cheeks pressed tightly together. Janie replaced me on the couch

as Judy laid across her lap and I refilled the enema bag once more.

When I came back into the living room Della had her face buried in

Judy's upturned bottom and I could hear her licking and sucking on

the rosebud in the center of Judy's hot crack. I turned the 'cock'

end of the enema hose over to Janie as she told Della to move and

stand across on the other side of the room. Janie shoved the cock

into Judy's ass hole in one sharp motion and told me to open and

remove the spring clamp. I could hear the oil gushing in her now.

She picked up the belt and laid on a series of stinging spanks to

the clenching buns across her lap. After Judy received her enema

punishment Janie gave Della hers as well. Della didn't get any oral

attention to her rosebud. She did have Janie's finger jabbing in

and out of her pussy while I prepared her enema. When all three of

the trainees had been treated and released with the hot oil deep in

them, Janie and I explained to them that it would be necessary to

give them a final discipline for the evening, but that only two of

them would get it directly. The third lady would be punished by us


We decided that Rose and Della would be the recipients and Judy

would be responsible for cleaning them up afterwards. Janie then

ordered the ladies to take off their bras, panties, garter belts,

and stockings. Rose moved over to me and Della to Janie taking off

our garments. Instructing them to lay on the floor I knelt over

Della and Janie over Rose. Sitting above Della and facing her feet

I slid my hot pussy down on her mouth. She began to lick and probe

it with her hot tongue and blowing her hot breath across it.

Janie was pushing her shaved pussy lips onto Rose's lips and Rose

was responding by sucking on her vagina and clitoris. We were both

so hot from the days activities that both of us reached the peak of

our excitement very quickly. I heard Janie break loose just moments

before I did. I was pushing to drain my overfilled bladder. As I

dumped the hot pee on Della's face I moved forward to drain out on

her breasts. As I felt myself slowing down I slipped back grinding

my steamy dribbling slit in Della's mouth. Janie had raised up to

to shoot her stream of hot pee onto Rose's face adjusting herself

to shoot it onto her titties as well. Rose was sucking the last

remaining drops out of Janie's pisser with renewed vigor.

I reached another shivering orgasm as Della lapped up my last

dribble. Janie and I moved off the ladies and told Judy to clean

them up thoroughly or else. Judy moved immediately to Rose as she

began licking her chest and neck. Lapping up the little dribbles of

pee. She moved over to Della licking her face with long slow laps

of her tongue, and sucking at her nipples getting all the remaining

drops she could find. After Judy had cleaned up the two ladies we

told them that they should go to bed. Janie and I retired upstairs

collapsing onto the bed into a deep sleep, exhausted from the days

activities. The next morning we had the ladies give us both a long

shower and then dry us with their tongues. We spent the remainder

of the day engaged in planning various devious methods of strict


By the end of that afternoon they all had very hot red bottoms.

We had both used my vibrating dildo hard on each girl. We gave them

each a lesson in good 'cock' sucking with the dildo and shot huge

loads of salted evaporated milk into each of the girl's mouths. As

a final discipline we gave each of them a light vulva spanking with

a cloth belt until they creamed with an orgasm. By the time we had

finished and sent the girls to their dorms they had indeed heeded

to our demands. They all begged us to leave and we knew they had

learned their new training exquistely well!

The other instructors reported to that they had improved in their

classes and were role models for the new ladies in the other dorms.

Janie and I have given numerous other discipline weekends this

semester. We are both looking forward to many more trainees as the

years roll by.

-The End-

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