An Examination to Remember

I was sitting behind the bushes in my usual place one afternoon.  It


a great place, because nobody would ever see me.  I could sit there


day!  It was a spring day, so the windows to the doctor's office were

open.  After sitting for about fifteen minutes, I heard the door to


examining room open. I looked up to see that, behind the counter, the

old bitch nurse had been replaced by a very attractive nurse.  She was

all of 23, of average height and weight, and from what I could see,


probably graced with the body of a goddess.  She had shoulder length

sandy-blonde hair, and a tan that indicated she had spent plenty of


in the sun this past summer.  I continued to observe her as she tended

to her administrative duties.

My intense observation was interrupted by the boisterous entrance

of a young lady who immediately proceeded to the counter and asked to


seen by the doctor.  The local college is just a few blocks away from


doctor's office, and apparently, this young lady was in the process of

registering and had forgotten to obtain a physical examination


Upon listening more closely, I was able to ascertain that the young



a freshman who had been admitted at a late date and did not have the

benefit of receiving all of the requisite paperwork.  The nurse asked


young lady to follow her into the examining room (so I had to switch


view into the next window).  The nurse and the rather boisterous young

lady (whose name I later ascertained was Sally) had entered the

examining room.  Then, another woman walked into the examining room.

Sally knew her and addressed her as as Dr. Joyce.  She is about 40


old, and has retained her figure nicely.  She has short brown hair and


firm body, accentuated well, even through her sweater, skirt, and lab

coat. What is about to happen is going to be very interesting.

"Good morning, Sally.  I think that we can get this physical out of


way in no time at all", said Dr. Joyce.  "Step over here to the scale


let's take your weight."  Sally stepped on the scale and her weight of


pounds and her height of 5'6" was recorded on the form attached to Dr.

Joyce's clipboard.  "I have to go into the other room for a minute.


nurse will take your blood pressure and when I return we'll finish up

with the

examination."  The next thing I heard was Dr. Joyce saying, "Sally,

remove your top and your pants and get on the examining table."

Sally had just removed her top and was unbuttoning the top of her

nicely fitting blue jeans.  As she pulled the zipper down, and eased


pants over her ass, I could see that this was a body which had been

carefully exposed to the sun without too much cover.  With Sally now

standing there in her bra and white bikini panties, Dr. Joyce said,



remove your bra, but you can leave your panties on for now."   Sally

reached behind herself, unsnapped the bra and removed it.  She walked

over to the examining table and sat on it.  I enjoyed the view of her

tight, young ass in the bikini panties.

"OK now, Sally, please lie down on your stomach", said Dr. Joyce.


quickly complied with the doctor's instructions.  "Sally, I need to


your temperature, and our new policy in the office is to take all

temperatures rectally.  Raise your hips and let me help you remove



"Dr. Joyce, I thought we stopped all of that when I was a little girl.

Why do we have to take my temperature that way?", protested Sally.

"Because we get a more accurate reading.  Now stop fussing and let's

get those panties off."  With that, Dr. Joyce approached the examining

table, and in one swift and steady motion, had grabbed the top of

Sally's panties

and pulled them down her legs and off.  Nurse Adams was wheeling a


closer to the examining table as Dr. Joyce spread Sally's legs apart.

"Oh, Dr. Joyce.  This is so embarrassing.  I hated this as a child and

now you're doing it to me again."  All the while, Dr. Joyce was making

preparations.  She had put on a pair of latex examining gloves and


Adams was lubricating the thermometer with KY jelly.

"Nurse Adams is going to hold your buttocks apart while I lubricate

your rectum.  This will make the thermometer go in a lot easier and


won't even notice it."  While I was looking up the end of the


table, greeted by the view of two gorgeous asscheeks and the faint


of a

neatly trimmed bush, Nurse Adams separated Sally's buttocks and made


view even better.  Now, I could clearly see her asshole and the trail


hair which tried to protect the opening to her pussy.  But, this



had taken advantage of the opportunity to provide me with a full shot


both orifices.

Dr. Joyce was spreading KY jelly on her index finger and then she

began to apply it to Sally's rectum.  She spread it all around the



then began to insert her finger just to the first knuckle.  "Dr.


STOP, that feels weird.  It's worse than what I remember."  Dr. Joyce

continued to

lubricate the inside of Sally's asshole and as she removed her finger


said, "Sally, it's not as bad as you're making it out to be. And, I



insert my finger all the way inside later on when we do the rectal

examination.  I'd recommend that you try to loosen up a little bit.

Now, I'm going to insert the thermometer."

As Nurse Adams continued to hold Sally's asscheeks apart, Dr. Joyce

removed her finger and quickly placed the thermometer inside Sally's


As the thermometer slid inside, Sally began to whimper.  Nurse Adams


to massage Sally's buttocks and said, "Don't worry Sally.  I know this

is a

new experience for you, and nobody likes it.  But, we take everybody's

temperature this way and its not really that bad if you don't make it


than what it is."  Nurse Adams' massage of Sally's buttocks became


expansive, and she rubbed Sally's back and legs, always returning to


buttocks and thighs.  I could see that this massage had relaxed Sally



buttocks lost their tension and she spread her legs to the width that


Joyce had positioned them.  Dr. Joyce spread Sally's buttocks and


removed the thermometer.  As it slid out, Sally again emitted some

whimpers.  Dr. Joyce

continued in her professional manner, taking some kleenex and wiping


Sally's buttocks.  "99.6-perfect.  It appears that you're in fine


Turn over now and let's get on with this examination", said Dr. Joyce.

I saw Sally turn over on her back and prop herself up on her elbows.


provided me with an excellent view of her nicely shaped breasts-firm


nipples protruding in the cool room, her flat belly, and the very


trimmed bush around her pussy.

Nurse Adams slid a stainless steel cart to the side of the examining

table.  On it were standard pelvic examination instruments:


tissues, examination gloves, and K-Y jelly.  Dr. Joyce took up her

position at the end of the examining table.  She reached up to Sally's

hips saying, "Now, slide your buttocks down a little bit and place


feet in the stirrups.  Spread your legs wide for me."  Sally instantly

slid down and placed her feet in the stirrups, while at the same time

spreading her legs as wide as possible.  It was obvious to see that

Sally wore the skimpiest of bikinis...her tan

continuing all the way up her legs and her pussy hair shaved closely


no hair from the top of her pussy lips to her asshole.

Dr. Joyce put on two latex examining gloves and, separating Sally's

legs, moved into position.  While Nurse Adams looked on, Dr. Joyce


feeling the area around the top of Sally's pussy, slowly moving her


in the trimmed pussy hair.  Then, she began to examine the outside of

Sally's pussy.  She ran her finger along the outside of each pussy


and then ran

a finger between the pussy lips-separating them from bottom to top.


she reached the top of Sally's pussy, Dr. Joyce took her free hand and

spread Sally's pussy lips apart to expose her clitoris.  She took her


and put it between the pussy lips, gently examining the area.  Even



distant vantage point, I could see Sally's pussy lips begin to



she was beginning to get wet.  Just then, Dr. Joyce said, "Sally, I


that this part of the examination is arousing for many patients.  I

won't be long, and I don't want you to worry if you become excited."

When Dr. Joyce

finished, it appeared that she had left Sally in quite an aroused


 Her pussy lips were well separated and very well lubricated.

"Nurse Adams, will you kindly put some of the KY jelly on my finger?",

Dr. Joyce asked her nurse.  As her finger was being lubricated, Dr.


said, "Now, Sally, I'm going to do the internal pelvic examination.  I

can see that the external examination aroused you, and I will


if youcontinue to experience stimulation, even to the point of orgasm,


this examination."  Having said that, Dr. Joyce took one hand, and

placing it on Sally's pussy, held open her pussy lips.  She took the

middle finger of

her other hand and applied lubricant around the opening of Sally's



then slid her finger inside.  I could see Sally's hips move in


response to Dr. Joyce's insertion.  When her finger was fully inside,


could see Dr. Joyce moving it around, side to side, in and out.  And,

what I could

see even more was Sally's thighs tightening, and her hips moving, in

response to Dr. Joyce's examination.  Sally spread her legs even wider


the stirrups and unconsciously slid closer to the edge of the table.


however, Dr. Joyce completed her digital examination and removed her


from Sally's pussy.  Now, it was obvious that there was one extremely

aroused young lady on that examining table.  Dr. Joyce asked Sally,

"Have you been penetrated before?"  Sally said, "My boyfriend has put

his fingers in there before, but we haven't gone all the way".

As Dr. Joyce's finger slipped from Sally's pussy, the juices flowed


within.  Sally's pussy was quite wet, and the lips were wide open,


the entrance to the wet depth and warmth within.  "Oh, Dr. Joyce,


gotten me very aroused", Sally said.  Sally's hands were resting on


stomach, lightly running her fingertips up and down.

"I realize that, Sally.  And, now, I have to insert the speculum.  It

will probably feel very good inside, and like I told you before, it is


normal to be having these feelings.  You may even experience orgasm",

replied Dr. Joyce.  With that, Nurse Adams approached Sally and,


between her legs, spread Sally's pussy lips with one hand, the other


lightly rubbing Sally's thigh.  Dr. Joyce turned from the side with a


speculum in her hand.  Without any difficulty, she placed it at the


to Sally's pussy and inserted it.  "Yes, yes, Dr. Joyce, that does


g-o-o-d !", exclaimed Sally.





An Examination To Remember (cont'd.)

Because the examining table was facing directly toward me, I had the

same view as Dr. Joyce.  The speculum was now fully inserted in


pussy, and Dr. Joyce began to rotate it and open it.  Even from my


point, I could see the young pink pussy spread open before me.  Dr.


continued in her professional manner, observing Sally's pussy and



speculum slightly from side to side.  Then she inserted a long stick

with a

swab on the end [which I have learned is used to collect a specimen


the Pap test], moved it around inside, and then rubbed the end of it



glass slide.  Sally's hips were moving ever so often while the



inside, and then Dr. Joyce removed it.

Now I was able to see Sally's pussy very well, her pussy lips having

been opened by the examination.  It was quite wet, probably from the


jelly AND from the arousal which she experienced during the


 "The final portion of the pelvic examination is the bi-manual exam",

said Dr. Joyce.  As she was saying this to Sally, Nurse Adams was

applying lubricant to two fingers of Dr. Joyce's hand.  Dr. Joyce


her fingers along Sally's pussy and slid both of them inside without


problem.  Once her fingers were fully inserted, Dr. Joyce used her


hand to palpate Sally's abdomen, occasionally adjusting her fingers in

Sally's pussy.  Dr. Joyce moved her hand down to separate the lips of

Sally's pussy, and it appeared that she must have been examining


urethra and/or clitoris because Sally said, "Oh, Dr. Joyce, if you

continuing examining me that way, I think I'll have an orgasm."  I


noticed an increased movement in Sally's hips.  But, Dr. Joyce cooley

responded, "Sally, I'll be through in a moment.  Please try to


yourself."  And then, she removed her fingers from Sally's pussy.


Adams provided Dr. Joyce with a tissue, which she used to wipe around

the outside of Sally's pussy.

"Now, Sally, the last part of this examination is the rectal exam.  It

will be similar to the pelvic exam except, obviously, I will be

examining your anus and rectum."

"No! Dr. Joyce.  Please.  I don't need that!", exclaimed Sally.  But,

Dr. Joyce ignored Sally's protest, and Nurse Adams was quick to


too.  She grabbed hold of both of Sally's feet and kept them placed in

the stirrups.  Sally realized that she was going to have to endure


examination.  Dr. Joyce had changed into a fresh pair of examination

gloves and began to separate Sally's buttocks.  As she did so, I was

clearly able to see the hairless pucker of Sally's asshole.  Dr. Joyce

examined the outside, grabbing the flesh of Sally's buttocks to keep

them separated.  Nurse Adams was quick to apply KY jelly to Dr.


middle finger, and Dr. Joyce began lubricating Sally's asshole, slowly

inserting her finger.  "Uhhhh, it's tight", groaned Sally.

Dr. Joyce stopped her insertion long enough for Nurse Adams to apply a

bit more lubricant to Dr. Joyce's half-inserted finger.  Her finger


slid more easily its full length into Sally's asshole.  I could see


Joyce moving her finger around inside of Sally's asshole.  She turned


Nurse Adams and said, "Probably the Fleet will be satisfactory."

Then she removed her finger, saying to Sally, "I felt some minor

impaction; have your bowel movements been regular?"

Sally responded, "Just recently, when I got on campus, I noticed that

there was a change."

"OK, well, I'm going to insert a rectal speculum to take a look.  It

will feel similar to my finger", said Dr. Joyce.  As she was saying

this, Nurse Adams was lubricating the rectal speculum and handing it


Dr. Joyce.  Again, Dr. Joyce spread Sally's buttocks apart and placed

the speculum against Sally's asshole.  It slid in easily because her

asshole had already been sufficiently lubricated and loosened by Dr.

Joyce's finger.  Dr. Joyce removed the plunger and, shining a light

inside the speculum's opening, looked inside of Sally's asshole.


just as I thought, there is some minor blockage", said Dr. Joyce.  She

removed the speculum and stood up from her stool.  This afforded me


the best view yet - I was looking straight at Sally's pussy, but this

time, I saw that it was open from stimulation, and her asshole, too,



"Sally, my examination is finished and you're OK to begin classes and

your internship.  But, as a precautionary measure, I'm going to

recommend a cleansing enema.....", Dr. Joyce started to say before she

was interrupted.

"Sure, Dr. Joyce.  I'll do that as soon as I get back to the dorm.  No

problem", Sally was quick to interject.

"...THAT certainly will be a regular requirement for the next four

weeks, Sally, but I'm going to have Nurse Adams give you your first

enema here today", continued Dr. Joyce.  Nurse Adams was busying


in a cabinet on the other side of the room, and Dr. Joyce was standing

next to Sally.  Sally had removed her legs from the stirrups, and was

now in a sitting position on the examining table, her legs dangling


the side.  Although I was certainly attracted to Sally's genitals, I

must admit that she did have nice breasts.

"Oh, no, Dr. Joyce, that won't be necessary.  I can do it myself",



But, her protests were in vain.  Nurse Adams turned from the cabinets

and I could see that she was holding in her hand a pre-prepared enema.

She approached the examining table and Dr. Joyce said, "Please, Sally,

get on your hands and knees with your buttocks raised and your


touching the table."

"Dr. Joyce, please, this really isn't necessary", responded Sally.


Dr. Joyce was walking out of the room.  She said to Sally, "Nurse


will get you started right.  I have to go to the hospital to see the

other patients who have been waiting quite some time.  Please do what


ask."  Dr. Joyce stopped in the doorway long enough to insure that


assumed the "ass-up" position.  Sally got into position, and was this


view to behold!  Her ass stuck nicely up in the air, her pussy


visible, and her tight buttocks were separated somewhat by her spread

legs.  Nurse Adams approached the end of the table as Dr. Joyce left



I watched Nurse Adams remove the cover from the tip of the enema


and sit it next to the examining table.  She donned a pair of


gloves and lubricated her index finger.  Spreading Sally's buttocks


one hand, she applied the lubricant to Sally's asshole with her


What a great sight...better than with Sally's legs spread in the

stirrups.  Then she reached for the enema bottle, placed the tip of it

against Sally's asshole, and inserted it.  She began squeezing the

solution into Sally's asshole.  "Oh, Nurse Adams, please do it more

slowly", moaned Sally.  Nurse Adams concluded Sally's enema - sliding

the bottle from her asshole and wiping it with a kleenex.

I watched Nurse Adams spreading Sally's asscheeks apart and working


kleenex between them.  Then Sally got off the exam table and stood


to it.  Nurse Adams was standing next to her, massaging her belly.


though Sally had only taken one of those disposable Fleet enemas, it

appeared as though her belly was a bit distended.  But, she looked


as this was the first time that I had seen her standing up and fully

naked!  Yes, she had nice firm breasts with no sag...and her body,


was tight.  Despite the belly distention from the enema, I could tell

that Sally had a firm stomach which led down to her pussy....There was

hardly any hair there, just enough to cover her pussy, and it was cut

close.  Nurse Adams led Sally toward the bathroom.  She entered the

bathroom but left the door open.

"Sally, you sit on the toilet as long as you like, and when you're

finished, return to the examining room.  I'll be waiting for you",


Nurse Adams...

(c) 1996 PLAY DOCTOR

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