Enema Soccer Moms IV

Hat Trick

Tori, Piper and Cherie settled their differences in Enema Soccer Moms III and now they're ready to settle down and have some fun. We get lots of requests from viewers for unusual scenes. Now and then, we put them in a hat and let the girls draw. Sounds like fun!

We first went through our viewers' suggestions to make sure we had the equipment, models and know-how to commit whatever acts they requested. We had to weed a few out. (Note to "Zoned in Iowa" - The girls say your idea's a non-starter and, besides, we're not even sure it's physically possible to do that with a rubber ducky.) Then, The Collector finagled the slips of paper a bit and stuffed the hat so that the smallest enemate got the biggest bag and other surreptitious tricks like that, to add to your viewing pleasure.

Having said that, we'll also tell you that, not knowing which suggestion was going to come out of the hat next, we had only a vague idea of which room, what equipment and so on would be needed for each scene. With only a modicum of preparation, our brave cameraman endeavoured to chase the Soccer Moms around Cherie's house, filming whatever they did "on the fly". We tried to change scenes and locations gracefully, but the whole production did take on that willy-nilly "Reality TV" feel you get when you're watching "Cops" and the boys in blue are chasing around a suspect's house! Except on "Cops" the suspect is usually filling his pants instead of the toilet and we don't keep playing "Bad Boys".

We started with Cherie.

Someone emailed us, wanting to see a girl get an enema "on the kitchen counter".

The girls ended up all over the kitchen! Then, Cheri, who always likes to hold her enemas as long as possible, hung around on the counter. Then she hung around on the sofa.

By the time she finally decided it was time to uncork, it sounded like the whole world was falling out of her bottom!

Then, it was Tori's turn! Someone wanted to see her take a large enema, lying on her back, so they could see her tummy distend with the water. She started by filling a Davol Paris fountain syringe, which can hold almost 3 quarts, and attaching a Silver Bullet.

Tori, of course, always looks good!

We got some great close-ups!

And when she was done, Tori was so full, the other girls had to help her get up to go to the toilet!

The next request, The Collector sneakily arranged for Piper to get because he knew Piper couldn't stand on her head. Well, not without help, anyway. Someone wanted to see if a girl could take a large (about 3-quart) enema while standing on her head.

With the other two girls working as spotters, Piper was able to stay on her head.

Well, mostly, anyway. She describes the sensation, so you can get an idea of what it feels like.

It sounded as though she really needed that enema, too!

Next out of the hat was a request to see a girl get a 4-quart enema. Not having a 4-quart bag around, we decided to use two 2-quart bags - a new combo syringe with a douche nozzle, followed by a Rexall Victoria fountain syringe with a Silver Bullet.

Cherie had no trouble taking the first two quarts, having cleaned out in the kitchen, earlier.

Piper changed bags when the first one was empty and upped the pressure.

By the time Cherie had finished the Victoria, she was one full girl!

It was Tori's turn, again. She was really ready for another go, too - just look at that Jack Nicholson grin she's sporting!

Tori drew the suggestion for an enema over someone's knee and Cherie emptied the Davol Paris into her while she was on Piper's lap!

Cherie and Piper couldn't help but remember what happened in Enema Soccer Moms III, of course, so they reddened Tori's butt with a few well-placed spanks!

There's nothing like about 3 quarts, combined with the pressure of being over someone's lap, to make you feel full!

Finally, it was Piper's turn. Someone asked what other anal toys, besides enemas, the girls had available. Tori remembered that anal vibrator bulb from Soccer Moms III and they were off to the races!

First, the enema - about three quarts from the Paris and Silver Bullet, with Tori teasing Piper with the vibrator all the while.

Then, with Piper holding the enema, Tori inserted the vibrator and turned it on.

After that, it was like Tori had a remote-controlled Piper toy on a wire! We saw some interesting gyrations as Tori increased and decreased the "throttle" settings and drove Piper around the floor!

By the time Tori was through with her, Piper couldn't get up and walk to the bathroom, so Tori just steered her to the toilet like a remote-controlled toy!

This video shows all six enemas, beginning to end, all of them scenes suggested by our viewers! It's a "must-have" for all Enemarotica fans!

Time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Price: $80.00

© October 2006 The Collector