Enema Soccer Moms III

Here come our 30-something flower children again, only this time, Tori barges in on the action, Doms the stuffing out of Cherie and Piper, then has the tables turned on her in the end.

Cherie and Piper are having coffee at Cherie's house and, as usual when they get together, they decide they both would like a thorough cleanout. Cherie gets out an amber latex Davol "Travelfold" syringe and they get down to it.

Piper does the honors and, soon, Cherie is feeling the effects of two quarts of water, distending her tummy.

Piper makes sure every last drop flows into Cherie. You may have noticed that both Cherie and Piper like to hold their enemas for a long time before going to the potty, just to get the most thorough cleaning-out they can, and today's no exception. There are some great shots of tummies expanding, full of water!

Cherie marvels at how distended her tummy becomes until she simply can't hold it anymore and jets off to the toilet, followed by Piper.

While in the toilet, they get out another of Cherie's antique bags - a Rexall "Victoria" fountain syringe. They fill it and Cherie does the honors on Piper.

Piper drains the bag with pleasure!

Then, she holds it for a while before going to the potty, accompanied by Cherie.

The girls make more coffee and they are chatting on the sofa, getting ready to take their second enemas, when there comes a knock at the door. Who should barge in but Tori? And does she ever have an attitude!

Tori explains that she's heard about Cherie and Piper playing around with taboo sexual practices and threatens to expose the girls to the rest of the Soccer Moms Association unless they allow her to give them enemas - with her playing Dominatrix and they being her subs. She's even brought along her own bag to be sure they know she means business! She fills up a Davol Paris 2½-quart combo syringe with a Silver Bullet nozzle and tells the girls to get ready for a humiliating, domination experience at her hands.

Tori makes Piper hold the bag while she administers an enema to Cherie, doggy-style, right on the living room floor!

Tori doesn't stop with just an enema, of course. She gives Cherie a few good spanks to drive the lesson home and teach the girls that she's not someone to be trifled with!

She makes Cherie hold the enema for quite a while, before releasing her to go to the potty.

Then, Tori fills the bag again and starts in on Piper.

The 2½-quart Paris is more than Piper is used to taking and Tori makes sure she takes every drop.

What puzzles Tori is that the girls seem to enjoy the experience, despite her Dominatrix attitude. Cherie even joins with Tori and gets in a few good slaps to Piper's bottom. Then, Tori is caught, like a deer in the headlights, as a FLASH illuminates the room. What in the world???

Cherie explains that she's just taken a picture of Tori giving Piper the enema with a webcam. Tori demands that Cherie give her the camera and Cherie quickly agrees, telling Tori that it doesn't matter who has the camera - the picture is already safely hidden somewhere on the internet that only Cherie knows about.

Cherie threatens to expose Tori's Dom tactics unless she allows her and Piper to turn the tables and give her enemas! Tori complains that she wanted to GIVE enemas that day, not receive them, but it falls on deaf ears. As Piper finishes on the potty, Cherie marches Tori upstairs to receive her punishment.

The girls gather in the upstairs bathroom, with Tori still bitching and moaning about the fact that she wanted to give, not to receive. It doesn't matter. The girls are resolute.

Piper and Cherie fill up a Davol Paris open-top fountain syringe that can hold even more than the Paris Combo (about 3 quarts) and get to work on their unwilling victim.

"That's an awful lot of water!"

Yes it is! And Tori writhes on the bed while the unsympathetic girls fill her up.

Finally, they let her go to the potty to release the enema, but they're not done. They refill the bag to have another go at Tori.

And, of course, they give Tori a few good slaps on her bottom, just for good measure.

At one point, the backpressure becomes so great that the nozzle blows out of Tori, soaking the bed.

Shortly after that, Tori simply becomes too full to hold it in and she sprays Cherie, who has the bad sense to sit behind her on the bed. At that point, even though the bag isn't quite empty, the girls decide they'd better head for the potty before things get messier.

Once Tori has expelled some of the enema, Piper insists that she finish the bag and gives it to Tori right over the toilet, so there can be no further misadventures.

Next, without Tori seeing it, Cherie brings out her high-powered electrical anal vibrator. Tori's not sure what they're putting up her bottom.....

.....and thinks it's just a larger enema nozzle - until Piper hits the switch and Tori almost hits the ceiling, reacting to the pleasant sensation!

The anal vibrator seems to loosen the rest of what's plugging Tori up and she finishes expelling her enemas on the potty. Then, the girls decide that, since Tori has some dirt on them and they have some dirt on Tori, the best and safest idea for everyone would be to simply become friends, admit to each other that they ALL like enema play and set a time to get together for more fun before breaking up for the day. This means you can look forward to more from THREE Enema Soccer Moms in the future!

This is the wettest, wildest, longest and best-yet Enema Soccer Moms video! A "must-have" for all Enemarotica fans!

Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

Price: $80.00

(a little extra to pay 3 actresses)

© July 2006 The Collector