Enema Soccer Moms

Soccer Moms

If this was Hollywood, we'd have some Pamela Anderson-type hardbodies playing the soccer moms. But this is "The Collector", where nothing is ever faked, so we have REAL soccer moms!

We probably couldn't afford what Pamela Anderson would want to do an enema video, anyway.

However, this video has nothing to do with soccer. Or moms. Our models just happen to be two real-life soccer moms. We're not sure who the characters are that they're playing in this video.

Now that we're thoroughly confused, we'll tell you how this video really came about. Not too long ago, Anika turned her friend Natasha onto the enema scene. Ever since then, Natasha has been running around like a new convert giving all her friends enemas. And she's been trying to get The Collector to film her giving one of her friends their first enema.

"Two newbies leading each other through a video? Sounds like a recipe for delightful disaster", said The Collector. "Let me grab my camcorder".

And that's exactly what it was: delightful! Mistakes, bloopers and all.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Natasha recruited her friend, Cherie. Cherie was a complete enema virgin. The rest is complete playtime!

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Natasha started Cherie out with a 2-quart Rexall Victoria fountain syringe.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Cherie managed to take the entire two quarts and, boy, was she ever surprised at how long she was on the potty and how much came out! The term "rolling thunder" applied.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Then, it was Cherie's turn to give Natasha her first enema, using an unusual hand-made nozzle and amber latex bag. She was so inexperienced, she had a really difficult time getting the nozzle into Natasha.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Natasha managed to finish two quarts and made her own diminuitive thunder on the potty.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

This time, Cherie got a "Silver Bullet" and a big Davol Paris bag.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

She felt like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey and played more music for us on the potty.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

Natasha and Cherie paused only a moment for a romantic interlude, then went on to flushing Natasha out using a "Black Bullet" nozzle and the same large Davol Paris syringe.

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

That was an awful lot of water for a slim lady like Natasha to take!

Soccer MomsSoccer Moms

As you can see, she looked pretty distended for a "skinny chick"! Made some scary loud noises, too!

This video is especially for those of you who like to see newbies, enema virgins and other inexperienced types learn the pleasures of the enema.

Time: 58 minutes

Price: $60.00

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