The Collector's Secretary

(And Three Male Enema Virgins)

(And Siobhan)


Anika, The Collector's secretary, directed this video, featuring herself, her friend, Siobhan, and three young, male enema virgins......

Kenny the farmboy................Jason......................and Padraic.


The three presented themselves to Anika for their first enemas for a variety of different reasons. But, before the fun began, we got a nice surprise: Siobhan just "happened" (hah!) to be housecleaning and stopped cleaning to join in the fun and games!


Jason said he'd had a traffic conviction and the judge gave him probation, telling him to "keep his ass clean", so he volunteered to go first and was given a choice of equipment and nozzles, then told to strip and get on the exam table.


Anika left Siobhan holding the bag while she administered two quarts of warm water, then sent Jason scurrying for the toilet.


Kenny the farmboy is an entertaining character! (Hilarious, in fact!) He said his mama caught him playing with himself behind the barn and deemed him "unclean", so he figured he'd better get cleaned out!


He was so reluctant, though, that the girls figured he should get a little "something extra" - like a paddling from both of them, followed by a strong coffee enema!


They filled Kenny until he couldn't hold another drop, then sent him running for the outhouse....uh....toilet.


Then, it was Padraic's turn! Padraic was reluctant, too, having heard Kenny's account of what happened to him when Kenny got off the potty and came back to the waiting room. So, Anika and Siobhan decided Padraic needed a little of what Kenny got!


And they certainly gave it to him! They filled an antique bag with coffee, attached a "Black Bullet", then both got in their licks with the paddle!


They filled Padraic with two quarts of coffee and water and sent him, feeling like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey, to the potty!

We should mention here that an air conditioner running next to the bathroom interfered with the "potty cam" and we didn't realize it until too late. It looked fine through the viewfinder and we couldn't just ask the boys to come back and poop again, now, could we? They were cleaned out! So, the potty footage of the boys isn't the great quality video you've come to expect from The Collector, but it's real and we left it in the video, reasoning that you'd rather see it somewhat flickery than not see it at all.


After having given various enemas and paddlings to the three boys, Anika decided it had been a long day and she could use an enema, herself, so both girls got undressed and Siobhan did the honours for Anika.


Anika hadn't tried the new "Black Bullet" before, so they hooked that up to an antique combination syringe and it was Anika's turn on the exam table. They found the bathroom the boys had used to be too smelly, so Anika ran up two flights of stairs, holding the enema in, before she expelled it.


Siobhan, of course, didn't want to be left out, so she and Anika filled up the bag again and attached a "Silver Bullet".


Siobhan decided she wanted to have her enema in the living room so she could be closer to the upstairs bathroom.


As you can clearly see, Siobhan certainly doesn't dislike enemas!


Siobhan filled up, then showed her musical ability by performing The Third Movement from The Bathroom Suite!

This video has a little something for everyone! Three male enema virgins, great footage of Anika and Siobhan both administering and receiving enemas and noisy potty scenes.

Time: 1 hour, 14 minutes

(plus 6-minute video trailer)

Price: $60.00

©1999 The Collector