35,691 Enema photos on one DVD-ROM disc

"The Collector's Hard Drive DVD-ROM"


It's the entire photographic content from The Collector's Hard Drive,

copied onto one DVD-ROM!


Released 14 October 2018

Contains all material through the video "Kajira Preps for a Plug"!


It also contains:

1. The My-Enema collection

2. The Anika Sondholm collection

3. The Beth Tyler collection

This DVD-ROM respresents twenty-five years of videoing, photographing, scanning, vidcapping and publishing!

No, you won't see The Collector's business records, filled orders, email or other boring stuff like that. Those are all kept on the c:\ drive and the entire d:\ hard drive is dedicated solely to photographic material for and from Collector videos, including many (mostly, really) raw, uncompressed "outtakes" never used on the website. It even contains the pictures from a video ("Trinity") which was never finished or released and photos from discontinued videos.

Simply EVERYTHING The Collector has is there. And he never throws anything away!

There are even pictures of expulsion scenes that we can't show on the website!

This is NOT a screensaver. It's raw data, folders and subfolders of unedited digital still imagery, as well as the edited stuff, and you can sort through it, print it out or do anything else with it you want to (except resell it - it's copyrighted). It takes days just to sort through and look at all the images on it!

Here's an example. Below you see a JPG from the webpage for "EnemaroticaME". It's shrunk to 320 X 235 pixels and compressed by 40%.

As seen on webpages

Below, you see the raw vidcap from which that JPG was made.

Uncompressed Vidcap

Here's another example. Below, you see the image "s&t000.jpg" from the webpage "Sabrina Meets Trinity" at 320 X 240 resolution with 40% compression.


Below, you see the raw digital photo at 1280 X 960 resolution, uncompressed, from which that image was made. It might not even fit on your monitor! (But you can downsize it yourself.)


Now, by all means, we can't promise you images such as this from the older Collector videos. Most of them were made before digital still cameras were invented. From some of the earliest Brandy videos, for instance, all that's on the DVD-ROM is what you see on the webpage. What we can promise you is that you'll get everything The Collector, himself, has or has ever had. For many of the videos, that's a whole lot of "out-take" JPGs which never got onto the website!

Furthermore, since we started using a megapixel still camera (around 2006) to shoot extra publicity stills for some of our videos, you will get them full-sized and uncompressed on the DVD-ROM.

There's even a whole folder called "Tori Stills" that contains, at last count, 522 megapixel photos.

We simply enjoy shooting stills of Tori, like the ones above, and on the DVD-ROM, they're all 5 megapixel (2576 X 1932) images or bigger.

What you'll see on your DVD-ROM is that most video title folders contain the HTML page and pictures from the website and a subfolder called "incoming" which contains all the raw pictures gleaned to make the smaller ones used on the website. There are more than 200 raw pics in some "incoming" subfolders.

Also, you may have noticed over the years that you could view an Enemarotica picture online and think it was, let's say, 320 X 240 pixels, because that's the size it appeard to be in your browser, but when you downloaded and viewed it, lo and behold, it was actually 640 X 480. We've had to quit that practice for reasons of bandwidth, but the ones which were online at the larger size are still included at the same larger size on this DVD, not shrunk and compressed as you see them on the website.

Twenty-five HARD years in the making and it's all yours for $200.00!


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OK, so updates aren't quite free, but you can update your "Collector's Hard Drive" to the latest version for just the cost of the blank media, copying, packaging, postage and handling. The modest $20 charge compensates Anika for her time and costs and she prefers cash with your order.

If you want an update, you can either order online, entering your original online order number (or anything else you think will convince us you already have a copy) into the space provided for writing stuff at the bottom of your checkout form - or mail Anika your old disc as proof-of-purchase, along with a $20 bill.

The address to send your old discs and cash, check or money order to is on the

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If you have proof-of-purchase, or a really good line to convince us, you can buy the newest revision for $20 online here.

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