“I don’t remember eating anything that smelled like that!”

When’s the last time you said that? This page and the videos associated with it are offered for exactly those health and educational reasons.

When you have a colonic irrigation, what comes out is often directed through a lighted glass tube to view the contents of your colon for diagnostic purposes.  The two colonic therapists on The Collector’s staff led us to believe it would be helpful if everyone who took enemas for pleasure and health were also able to see the contents they expelled because, while not everyone’s a licensed colonic therapist, it’s pretty easy to tell if you’re seriously ill through a self-stool-exam.  Therefore, we offer visual instruction on the several ways our colon-cleansing ladies have found to perform this function.

Of course, you won’t see anything graphically depicting such bodily functions anywhere on this website. Put simply, you have to buy it to see it and you have to prove to our satisfaction that not only are you an adult but, also, that the stuff isn’t illegal where you live.

"SCAT" video is illegal in some localities.


We need our usual electronically-signed disclaimer, certifying that you are an adult and that the material you request is not illegal wherever you live.  Don’t ask us if it’s illegal where you live.  We don’t know.  It’s up to you to check it out and certify to us that it’s OK there.

The point of not showing any pictures on this webpage is to keep underage persons from seeing that sort of material, which, on a free website like ours, they could do without actual proof of age and without signing our disclaimer. We don’t want that. Don't ask us for sample pictures from any of these videos or even for a more-graphic description than you see here.

Expulsions I

A compilation from several early videos featuring Fiona, Amber, Jodi, Cydney and some early expulsion scenes by Brandy.

Time: 2 hours

DVD Price: $99.95 / Download Price $49.95

Expulsions II

A solo expulsions tape by Brandy. Gorgeous girl, uninhibited and rather "full of it", as you'll see in this video. Some of the scenes in this video were shot especially for Expulsions II. They are not taken from other Brandy videos and can be found on no other video besides Expulsions II.

Time: 2 hours

DVD Price: $99.95 / Download Price $49.95

Expulsions III

Another compilation of expulsion scenes from several videos released after Brandy left for parts unknown, this two-hour video contains scenes from the following videos: "Tori", Anika", "Kara", "Veronica" and "Kali". Release date was 1999 and it contains no scenes from videos newer than those listed, above.

Time: 2 hours

DVD Price: $99.95 / Download Price $49.95

Expulsions IV

It's finally out! This long-awaited video features a compilation of expulsion scenes by three models from several videos, just like Expulsions I and III did. However, unlike those earlier videos, this production was digitally-mastered from the get-go, giving you the highest DVD video and audio quality throughout, instead of "copied from tape" quality.

It includes the following scenes: Sabrina's gawdawful trainwreck-messy soapsuds thing we coined the "Corn-Out" from EnemaroticaME, then Sabrina's outdoor expulsion from Sabrina II, Sabrina's bathtub expulsion from Sabrina II, Tori's first bathtub expulsion scene from Tori V (the messier of the two on that video), Tori's incredibly messy bathtub expulsion from Tori Forevermore and Lola's two bathtub "Corn-Out" expulsions from Lola II.

Almost all the enemas on Expulsions IV included soapsuds and on a couple of occasions, the girls porked-out on canned corn and other colourful items the night before, then, intentionally, they didn't use the potty before the video session. Lola, inventive as usual, turned up stuffed full of an interesting mixture of the previous night's culinary delights, then sat on one of those portable camp toilets that amount to no more than a seat on spindly aluminum legs. She positioned the contraption in the bathtub, making for some nice camera angles on "ground zero". (She even said, "Bombs Away!") What's more, she positioned a second camera she called the "PoopCam" on a mini-tripod on the tub's edge and ran the thing herself. It captured a brown waterfall into a running river that could only be described as "spectacular" and elicited the comment, "Whoa, look at all the colours!" from Lola. By the time she finished, the bathtub looked like the first twenty minutes of "Saving Private Ryan".

Time: 1½ hours

DVD Price: $99.95 / Download Price $49.95

We've filmed a lot of expulsions in videos which aren't advertised in the "All-Expulsions" series on this page. For those of you who want to find all the videos in our catalogue which include at least one enema showing the expulsion, look for a small letter E or e way down in he lower lefthand corner of those preview webpages.

For instance, "Colon Health and Pleasure" (DVD only) might as well have been called "Expulsions V". Check it out!

We expect you to know and observe all laws!

Especially customs regulations and laws specific to your locale. We don't want you busted for possessing illegal stuff and we don't want ourselves busted for mailing stuff that's illegal at its destination address. The burden of proof is on you.

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