Anika & Siobhan II

(Turn up the Volume!)


We had requests for this video and we listened, so Anika and Siobhan decided to have a contest to see who could hold the largest volume of water. They decided to give each other a good clean-out before using any really gigantic bags, but they didn't start with any "normal" 2-quart bags, either. Here, you see Anika starting Siobhan off with a 2½-quart Miller "Flaming Beauty" and a "Black Bullet" nozzle.


Siobhan has always enjoyed large volume enemas, so she did pretty well, but she certainly wasn't expecting to get a whole 2½-quart bag as a warm-up exercise!


Siobhan blew up like a cute little balloon and was she ever surprised at all that came out!


Anika also started out with a larger-than-normal bag: The Davol Paris 2½ quart combo syringe!


Anika may have bitten off a little more than she could chew! She struggled, groaned and panted, but she was only able to take a little over 2¼ quarts!


Anika got quite a shock when she sat down to evacuate, too! We think, perhaps, the residue of a hot dog she ate nine years ago came out to precipitate the expression at left, above. Undaunted (but surprised) the two dived into the competition for real, with Anika filling a Davol Paris fountain syringe for Siobhan.


The Paris fountain syringe will, if you fill it right up to overflowing, hold three quarts! She attached the Black Bullet and gave Siobhan a fill-up she wouldn't soon forget!


Anika grinned as Siobhan got so full that she had to get on her hands and knees in order to allow her tummy to distend enough to hold the entire bag.


Siobhan did it! She held the entire three quarts! But she was totally bloated and in some real pain until she was able to let it loose. And let it loose she did! We believe the proper term would be "thunderous".


Not one to let Anika get away with anything less than she, herself, had just received, Siobhan suggested that Anika fill up one of the very few commercially-produced bags ever to hold three quarts: a Rexall Kantleek fountain syringe. And, of course, she topped it right up to the three-quart level!


It took both of them to hang it up without spilling any! Of course, they did spill a little and the bed got a trifle soaked, but that didn't slow our intrepid argonauts down! They just got wet outside, as well as inside.


Siobhan used a bulbous, black, hard rubber douche nozzle, giving Anika quite a thrill when she inserted it! Then it was time to see how much the little girl could really hold and if she could match Siobhan's three quarts!


Anika was in serious trouble! She wanted to win the competition, but she ran headlong into the laws of physics: there just ain't no way to put five pounds of shit in a four-pound can and there just ain't no way to put three quarts of water into such a little girl! She left about 8 ounces in the bag and ran for it!


After all was said and done, Siobhan won the competition and we had two very-well-cleaned-out girls! And Siobhan said she might like to try for four quarts..........

..........and she did just that in "Siobhan's Big Gush".

Time: 55 minutes

Copyright 2000 by The Collector