Siobhan's Big Gush,

The Director's unCut

18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Record Keeping Compliance Notice

Just like with "Jordan, The Director's unCut", we had trouble deciding what to call this digitally remastered video. Unlike "Fiona" and Cydney", which were shot with an analog camera, Siobhan's Big Gush started digitally, but since DVD burners weren't commercially available yet, the dubbing master had to be an analog sVHS tape.

To remaster it , we've taken the video straight digital all the way, from the camcorder masters to your DVD.

Titling it "The Director's Cut" would imply the Director's favourite scenes. The problem is, they're all his favourite scenes!

"Siobhan Un-Cut" would be closer. Unlike the original "Big Gush" video, The Director didn't cut anything. Hence the title.

You're going to see the same scenes as the original "Siobhan's Big Gush", in better resolution, plus the bonus features of an awful lot of previously-unreleased camera angles.

What is a "Director's unCut"?

Answer: It's when the Director refuses to cut anything! Follow us through...

The Collector uses "A-B Roll Edit" with Camera A handheld and Camera B on a tripod. Sometimes Cam A has the best view, sometimes Cam B. And sometimes Cam A is moving around and the action is blurred. Sometimes the cameraman is walking in front of Cam B. There are lots of reasons to use two cameras.

But it creates a problem - or perhaps an opportunity. What does the director do when Cam A and Cam B both have equally good views? Too much good stuff often ends up "on the cutting room floor".

Here's an example. Which view do you like best?

, , , . .

With "The Director's unCut", you don't have to decide. You get both.

First, you get what the Director considers the best A/B Roll Edit of both, cross-fading between cameras just like in any Collector video. Then, in the Bonus Features, you get the raw Cam A footage, uncut. Then you get all the raw Cam B footage, uncut.

Added to the original 55 minute feature, it makes for a whopping 1 hour 41 minutes of video!

That and digital remastering are the difference between the old "Siobhan's Big Gush " DVD and this one.

It's a lot of extra Siobhan, for no extra money! Still at the popular $60 price!

So, that's what a Director's unCut is. Now, let's continue with what we said about Siobhan the first time....

On this DVD, you'll see four enemas, ranging from enormous to 4-quart gut-busters.


Siobhan is our enema volume princess, having taken a full 3-quart enema in her competition with Anika. ( Anika and Siobhan II.) This video starts with Siobhan taking another 3-quart enema, just to be sure the first time she managed to do so wasn't a fluke.


She uses a 1950's-vintage Rexall Kantleek fountain syringe with a black, hard rubber bulbous douche nozzle.


She got so full on her tummy, she had to turn, first, on her side, then lie flat on her back to get the whole 3 quarts in.



When she finished, she was one well-cleaned-out girl!

Another day, another enema.


Siobhan decided to go for four quarts! What's more, she decided to up the ante by trying it while wearing a tight Merrywidow corset! She's a real glutton for punishment, eh? She started out by taking a normal 2-quart castile soapsuds enema from a B. F. Goodrich "Sojourn" folding travel syringe.


She hadn't tried soapsuds many times before, so the results were thunderous!


She picked out her favourite 3-quart bag, a Davol Paris fountain syringe, and tried to take as much of it as she could while lying on her stomach.


Her position and the merrywidow corset created some tremendous pressure!


She finally had to give up and roll onto her side. (It was either that or explode.)


As the Davol emptied, Siobhan was in every position she could think of, all over the bed.

And there was even more thunder on the potty!


Still wearing the tight corset, Siobhan got out two separate two-quart bags: a Davol Comfy combo syringe and a "Merito" fountain syringe. She filled both to their full 2-quart capacity and hung both at once over the bed.


Right in the middle of the festivities, of course, Siobhan had to stop, remove one nozzle, insert another nozzle, then keep on taking more water. She was already feeling somewhat full when she finished the Comfy, but she was one determined girl and kept going with the Merito.


And, sure enough, she made it - with a big smile for the camera when she finished the second bag and showed off how it had gone completely flat.


When she headed for the bathroom, her tummy was pressing out of the corset and, of course, more thunder ensued!

This is the video for large-volume enema lovers!

And if you like watching Siobhan from any angle you choose, plus getting better resolution and clarity than on even the original Collector DVD, this remastered video is for you!

Original Time: 55 minutes

Remastered Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Price: still the same $60.00

©2000, 2009 The Collector