Sabrina recently celebrated her 12th Anniversary as a Collector Enemate.

And just like the wine she's holding in both pics, some things get better with age.



After 12 years, she's still the same tiny (5' 1") hardbody!

Sabrina had taken a two-year break from video, so she figured she was plenty plugged-up!

In keeping with our "reality TV" theme, we started with no script except that (a) Sabrina was to clean herself out, (b) we were to have our first expulsion scene in quite some time and (c) we might shoot some "Buttmunch".

Sabrina started with a good dose of soapsuds in a disposable hospital bag.

As always The Collector gives you the best close-ups and most-erotic views.

Anything falling out back there, like maybe a hose?

We can't show you what Sabrina did next on this publically-accessable website; you'll have to buy the video to see.

During the evacuation of her bowel, she mentioned that she really didn't get off on enemas - she just liked the healthy aspects; it was the anal play that turned her on.

So, after she emptied her colon, we decided a "Buttmunch" session was in order. That's where she tries to bite The Collector's finger off as he gently strokes the parts that turn Sabrina on the most.

He followed with something longer than his finger.

Isn't this view a gorgeous invitation to play?

Next, it was time for a 2-quart saline enema using one of the special folding amber latex bags The Collector made. She threw in a tablespoon of sea salt and headed for the bedroom, where she made awfully sure that she was well-lubricated, outside and in, before inserting the nozzle. You don't think she was playing with her anus, do you?

The gush of really warm water is such a turn-on, even Sabrina was enjoying it.

Funny how it took her a minute to remove the nozzle - it kept slipping back in, somehow.

She wasn't getting all the sludge out she wanted to, so she had a suggestion for The Collector.

She asked him to stimulate her in hopes that the rest of the enema would come out.

They had no luck, so she asked The Collector to fill up the bag again and give her just a little water to get things started again.

She rode the nozzle for a while, then said, "Enough!"

And look how much she ended up taking! About 2/3 of the bag, in addition to what was inside her. It made for an explosive session on the toilet!

She just can't keep her finger out of there, can she?

Look at those goosebumps!


Another two quarts with very nice results.

Now, time for some real fun!

Sabrina filled the bag again and attached a 3/4-inch "Silver Bullet" nozzle.

The warmth of the bullet, the slow rising of her tummy and some expert manipulation of her clitoris while she thrust the bullet in and out with her other hand soon had Sabrina in the throes of ecstasy!

By the time she finished (both the bag and herself) she was so relaxed that some clear water gushed out around the Bullet as she removed it.

Ahhhh! Nice workout!

Sabrina was happy with the way her formerly-distended tummy had flattened, The Collector was happy to record all the toots and blaats as Sabrina flattened it and Sabrina said she was not going to stay away any longer and that she'd try to make a session like this one a regular thing.

Time: 1:21

Price: $60.00

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