Kajira Loves Christmas!

Kajira got caught again! Her master came home early and found her playing with enema gear . . .

. . . without his permission.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, a tech note about this video.

Kajira's not the only one who got a surprise. The Collector got one when he tried to turn an artistic shoot, made with soft, sexy Christmas lighting, into JPG stills for this webpage. What looks nice in motion on a big screen turns out to look really dim as a still JPG. We had to gamma-correct some of these, just to see them well.

We can tell you that the video plays better than the stills.


Kajira started with a squeezebulb syringe and some proprietary solution she makes which seems to clean one's colon with the gentle action of a hand grenade.

Hands and knees on the bath floor, she slowly drained the bowl of solution.

That was quite a lot!

Oops! I thought I was empty!

Time for a big bag, hung by the tree in the living room!

Talk about filling up in a hurry!

She managed to drain the bag and make it to the potty without spilling a drop!

Next, her favorite toy, an amber latex bag specially made for her by The Collector and a Silver Bullet!

Feeling the heat!

Another run for the bathroom and more thunder on the potty!

She was about to take down the bag and clean up when her master walked in and caught her.

Uh-Oh! She tried to explain her way out of playing without permission, to no avail.

Some punishment was in order!

Trussed-up and filled-up, using the squeezebulb!

Kajira's master empties the bowl and inserts a buttplug!

And gives Kajira a really good spanking, aided by those black rubber gloves!

Finally, she's released and allowed to go to the bathroom!

Her master got a half-hearted apology, which sounded like she's probably going to get herself in trouble again in the future.

Follow Kajira through her Christmas play and her Yuletide punishment!

Time: 54 Minutes

DVD : $34.95

Hi-Res Download: $14.99

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