Kajira's Prep!

Kajira was scheduled to have a colonoscopy, but she didn't care much for the "Go Lightly" stuff they had her drinking to evacuate her colon and decided to let The Collector help her clean out in a much more fun way.

She took out the old B. F. Goodrich "Sojourn", attached a Silver Bullet and added a little sea salt to the water.

She was already half-empty from drinking the doctor's icky liquid, so the first enema went very quickly

And it came out just as easily!

Time for something larger: a Davol Petal 2½-quart fountain syringe.

Along with the special mini-bullet she had The Collector make for her.

It's nice to be able to see the flow indicator!

Bottoms up!

And this enema took a while because of the larger volume!

Almost done!

She finally had to get down off the sofa to get anough elevation for the last of the water to flow in!

Ahhhh! Relief!

Time for amber latex!

And her special nozzle again!

This turned out to be a fun position because she could masturbate while taking the enema!

Full, she dashed for the toilet and gushed!

Time for the big bag, again.

But, this time, with a radiological "non-slip" nozzle.

And in the bathtub, as well. She washed first, figuring she wouldn't have time when she was full.

Nice and slow!


Almost finished!

Wow, what a load!

She evacuated the last enema...

...then wiped her beautiful bottom with Witch Hazel to sooth it...

...then had a nice soak in the bathtub!

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