Kajira's Back at The Collector's!

Kajira's worked with a couple of cameramen, the last one of whom didn't work out perfectly (although it is quite ereotic). We decided it was time to bring Kajira to The Collector's place and shoot something really good. And we did. And, for once, The Collector didn't open his mouth during the entire video! That's because Kajira needs no direction.

She decided to try sexy lingerie with a mask for the first scene.

She used her Silver Bullet and amber latex folding travel syringe to start with.

It's her favorite equipment!

Bag empty, girl full! Time for some thunder!

Next, Kajira picked a bigger bag - the Seamless Nearkid.

She used the Silver Bullet again.

OMG! What a rush!

She decided to try the same bag with her green Barium retention nozzle.

A nice, slow, erotic fill-up.

She couldn't quite finish the bag, so she went to the toilet, then back to finish the bag, sans stockings.

That did it!

And we got more thunder, with some amazingly funny farts.

Now, for the big bag with the flow meter and a gigantic rubber nozzle someone sent her.

She lubed the heck out of it and tried to insert it.

And tried, and tried . . .

Ow! Well, damn! It's just too big. Kajira will have to take it home and practice before next time.

For now, she'll get the Silver Bullet out to finish the bag.

Now, that's much easier!

But that's still an awfully big bag!

Finally, the flow meter came to a stop!

Kajira went and went and went and still felt like there was more to come out.

She tried a few different positions and some jumping jacks and got the rest out.

She finished with a shower and a "come back next time!"

Simply the best Enemarotica video released this year!

Time: 1 Hour 11 Minutes

DVD : $34.95

Hi-Res Download: $14.99

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