Kajira Prepares For The Faire

Kajira found she couldn't fit into her corset for the Ren Faire.

She tried one thing . . .

. . . and another.

It didn't take her long to figure out what was needed!

She started with something simple - amber latex and the Silver Bullet.

It's so nice to be able to feel the temperature of the water with the Bullet.

Good to the last drop! That's one full tummy!

Feeling thinner, already!

But let's not stop there!

The good old red Victoria bag with the Barium nozzle!

She drained the bag again!

And thundered on the toilet!

Time for Kajira's BIG, black nozzle.

Oh, crap! It's leaking like a sieve, all over the towel & the rug!

And it took a while to get the darn thing out!

Meanwhile, the cameraman was freaking out. Harrumph!

Back to something more reliable.

Back to a known quantity: the Silver Bullet! With her purty purple bag!

Love those curves, and we're not talking about the hose!

Ta-daa! Everything fits!

Kajira's latest video is her sexiest yet, her personal cameraman is only great, what's not to like?

See for yourself!

Time: 59 Minutes

DVD : $34.95

Hi-Res Download: $14.99

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