Kajira Preps For A Plug!

Kajira got a new plug she wanted to wear under her bikini at the rooftop pool in the hotel she was staying in in Los Angeles.

Of course, she had to spend a little time just enjoying the fact that she was back in "The City of Lights"!

Then, she had to pick out the right toy to start with.

The old red bag with a Silver Bullet looked good!

Hmmm. It seemed to feel good, too!

It also looked like Kajira had been having some fun with someone who liked to spank her - hard!

Good to the last drop!

Next, she pulled out a newfangled version of an antique douche syringe and mixed up a special solution a friend had given her, telling her it would assure a good cleaning-out.

She took a few injections from the syringe...

...then decided that she needed to put some water in behind it, just for more pressure.

Now, that's what we call full!

On to bigger nozzles and the amber latex folding travel syringe The Collector made especially for her!

Hmmm... It doesn't seem to be flowing.

Nope, the level in the bag isn't going down. What's wrong?

She decided to try a much larger bag, the Davol "Petal", with its inline flow indicator so she could see if it was flowing properly.

And an even bigger nozzle!

And still the water wasn't flowing.

It was then that Kajira realized that she was inserting the nozzle too far, pushing it up against the side of her colon, blocking the hole in the nozzle so nothing could come out of it! It was one of those "duh!" moments. She pulled the nozzle part way out and, sure enough, the flow indicator started racing!

It didn't take long to finish the "Petal" bag!

Now, what next?

Aha, yes, this one!

Once again, she finished every last drop and absolutely thundered on the toilet! And talk about letting out some loud gas! She had to laugh!

Now, time for some toys! Mayber a buttplug? Maybe a dildo?

Maybe both?

That did it! And with that, she was off to the rooftop pool!

Don't miss this video! It has all the sexuality and action you've come to expect from Kajira!

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