Enema Improv!

Kajira and Onyx Raye already had ideas for a script and they turned up in Fifties' Dress.

It's the script all of us know; the one that starts out, "Oh, Mom, why do I have to have an enema?"

And it's Over The Knee for Onyx Raye!

By the time the bag was empty, it was, "Let me out of here! oooooh!"

But she began to feel so much better on the toilet, she changed her opinion about enemas.

That's when "Mom" asked if "Daughter" would like to help her have an enema.

"Sure, why not, Mom? Let me lube that Silver Bullet!"

"That bag's bigger than I thought!"

Good to the last drop.

Diminutive Thunder

Now, change of script...

we have two girls on a sleepover, telling tall tales about tails.

And guess what Kajira has found in Mom's dresser drawer!

"Oh, yeah, let's play!"

We're all infatuated with the flow meter!

Whoa! That's 2½ Quarts!


"Oh, wait; let's stop and play with Kajira's thermometer fetish!"

She curls up her toes and gets goosebumps.

"Well", she said, blushing, "I think I'm recovered from that. Now what's that gigantic green thing?

First, the Silver Bullet.

Then, nearly three quarts of water!

Well, we said "nearly"

"I probably could have finished it if I'd cleaned-out better, first."

While Kajira's evacuating her colon, Onyx is filling a sensible-sized bag for her next enema.

But first, a baby powder bottom massage!

Look at those goosebumps!

Look at the size of the nozzle Onyx chose!

With that big-bore nozzle, it was as though her butt sucked the enema out of the bag!

Right in the middle of a nice shit, wouldn't you know the other kid would run in and snap a nudie!

Onyx finds the perfect big, flexible, droopy nozzle for a getback and fills a bag for Kajira...

But when Kajira sees it, she says "No way!" and a pillow fight ensues.

Onyx wins the pillow fight and Kajira submits and agrees to try the new, weird nozzle.

She managed to get it about halfway up her before the amber latex lady called time.

And getbacks are a bitch, aren't they?

Above , you see Onyx saying, "You sent that to WHOM?"

It was great to get these two back together!

This is one you're sure to love!

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