Documenting Kajira

We've made a lot of types of videos before, nut never an actual documentary. In this video, Kajira explains the whys, hows and wherefores of her fetishes, while demonstrating each one.

She starts with a castile soapsuds enema.

Using, of course, a Silver Bullet

And she tells us all about it as she enjoys the warmth and fullness.

Bag empty. Girl full.

Next, the big, pink dildo and a rectal thermometer

With a little help from Ulf

Ah, but she's not done yet - then she takes another enema, this time with an Aloe Vera solution!

And, sometimes, it's a lot more fun to be given an enema than to give it to yourself!

"Ahhhhh, what a relief!"

OMG! Not the big pumpkin bag!

Do we think she can hold it? No way!

And she even has Ulf insert the giant white penis-shaped nozzle!

Oh, what a feeling! Maybe she'll hang the bag a little higher and...

...OOPS! SPLAT! Yes, we leave the bloopers in! It's more fun and more real that way

She hangs it back up and gets on with it, again!

But there's no way the girl can hold the whole pumpkin bag!

Most of it? Sure! All of it? No way!

This time, it even took a few jumping jacks between releases to get rid of it all!

But she finally released every last drop!

Then, she explained, among other things, why her bathroom always looked this way after an enema session and she even invited you, our viewers, to think up ideas to send us for your own custom-made videos! What would you like to see next? Nevermind that; first,have a look at this one and give yourself some great ideas!

What one fan has already had to say: "Documenting Kajira" is "Smashing"! This one's a keeper. Lighting, composition, and presentation are all excellent. Ulf did a masterful job in bringing out her playful sexuality. I especially like the way Kajira wore her hair which plays to a wider audience. The challenge will be projecting this same energy and quality in future female on female videos."

Time: 1 Hour 14 Minutes!

DVD: $34.95

Hi-Res Download: $14.99

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