Buffy Meets Sabrina


This is the video we tried to make three times before we got it right. Between illness, car trouble and immutable solar forces, it took us a while to get these two ladies together.

It was worth the wait!

Yes, it's another of those "Reality TV" things we do, where the girls make it up as they go along, the cameraman tries to spout a direction or two and the result is as real as it gets.

We timed this video to get the best natural light in the bedroom, starting at the awful hour of 7:00 am. You can see the underwhelming enthusiasm!

Sabrina told Buffy about a couple of enema bloopers and mishaps while the two girls got up their gumption to begin a cleanout.

Buffy started Sabrina off with one of The Collector's favourite antiques, a 1947 model Davol "comfy" fountain syringe, along with a load of soapsuds.

Not to be outdone, Sabrina returned the compliment by giving Buffy a gut-expanding dose of the same suds.

Can you hear "mmmmm, can I hold this ?

Almost empty and it's "ooooohdear..."

Something a bit larger, a Davol "Petal", holding 2¼ quarts.

Not to be outdone, Buffy took 2½ quarts from the Seamless "Nearkid", throwing in a little sea salt to make it go in and out easier and graduating up to a Silver Bullet nozzle.

Sabrina grabbed another Silver Bullet and attached it to the "Petal".


Distention? What distention?

We had a nice blooper when Buffy let the air out of the big bore hose of the "Nearkid". She managed to soak herself, the mirror, Sabrina and the Cameraman.

Buiffy wanted the enema on her back and, Ohhh, the feel of that Silver Bullet!

"I think this one may finally get that sludge from my ascending colon out."

After six enemas, you're looking at two very cleaned-out girls!

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Price: $70.00

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