the Enema Virgin

Anyone else remember those fountain syringe boxes from the sixties with the good-looking woman staring out at you? You always wondered what she'd look like getting an enema from the bag in the box with her face on it. Well, I think we've found her twin or sister or daughter - with the unlikely nickname of "Buffy".

Can you say "sultry"?

What's more, she came to us as an enema virgin, so you get to see her deflowering, then four more enemas!

We started her out with something mild - tap water with a teaspoon of salt in one of those amber latex folding travel syringes The Collector makes now and then and sells on eBay or gives to gorgeous young ladies like Buffy. Notice how she opened the clamp with that "here goes nothing" look.

First flow and a startled expression from one who's never felt the flow before.

"I was afraid this was going to hurt or something. This is pretty cool!"

We think that Buffybutt is some of the nicest butt we've seen.

"I'm really done?"


"So, what was (plop) the big (sploosh) deal about that?"

"Kind of exciting, really!"

For her second enema, we gave Buffy an antique Rexall "Symbol" fountain syringe that has an interesting ovoid shape.

We'd told Buffy that four large enemas would be an excellent colonic cleansing and that was her aim.

As you can see here, she's right on target.

It didn't take her long to relax and enjoy the fill.

"mmmmm" and "aaahhhh", respectively.


So full, she was almost gasping.

We decided some of the first enema had to have been left inside when she took the second, because both bags hold within an ouce of the same two quarts and she felt much fuller during the second enema.

She decided to use the same "Symbol" again, but stay closer to the toilet, JIC.

She managed to get the hose between her legs, which made for a different rear view than what we're used to.

What you can't see in these stills is the way she has the nozzle and hose moving in and out as her anus sucks the water right out of it. By the end of this video, Buffy's anal moves proved we'd discovered a "natural".


Let's get daring and try a Silver Bullet with a bigger Davol "Petal" 2¼-quart bag.

And this time, let's lie on our back so the pressure doesn't get so bad.


She managed to finish the bag. Barely.


"Wait a minute", we said, "we told you four would be a good cleanout".

"I know", she said, "and I'm cleaned out. Now there's something I want to try".

Actually, we didn't say that and neither did she. In fact, she didn't say a lot...

She just did what she'd wanted to do earlier, but was too plugged-up to enjoy.

Which was to get her rocks off while enjoying the rush of heat through the Silver Bullet

"Whoa, not quite empty, fine, gives me more time ro ermmmm....uhmmmm...."


"Yeah, I could do that all over again. I probably will"

We certainly hope she does!

Right now, you can see Buffy progress from losing her enema virginity to displaying overt, natural enema eroticism in the short span of five enemas.

Time: 1 Hour 2 Minutes

Price: $60.00

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