Buffy & Me

This is the other half of what started out to be "Sabrina Meets Buffy". When we first tried to get the girls together after Buffy returned from out-of-state, Buffy became ill, so we shot Sabrina, Cabernet & Me II. The second time we tried, Sabrina became ill, so we shot this video with Buffy. We promise, we really aren't trying to keep those two girls apart and we'll eventually get them together on video. But for now, Buffy's back and we're delighted that she is!

We followed the same "reality TV" format as we did in Sabrina, Cabernet & Me, without the Cabernet.

Since she hadn't had an enema in months, Buffy started with the smaller amber latex folding syringe and a 3/4" Silver Bullet nozzle.

Ever notice how it feels better when someone else inserts the nozzle for you?

It didn't take Buffy long to finish the bag.

Then she did what we can't show you on a public website - you'll simply have to get the video if you want to see the mess.

Things were still gurgling, so...

A nice bottoms-up gush with the ol' red hot water bottle loosened things up. We set up a second cam so you could see Buffy's priceless facial expressions.

The "ahh" of relief.

Time for something larger: the rare Seamless "Nearkid" fountain syringe.

That extra half-quart of water sure makes a difference. It feels huge!

Finally, it's a flat bag!

"That was HOW much water?"

Let's play!

The Collector put cameras on both ends of the girl so you could see her facial expressions as he induced some goosebumps, first using a normal rectal nozzle...

Then a Silver Bullet...

Then, a tiny wee vibrator that has about a dozen different settings and speeds...

...eliciting about a dozen different expressions.

Buffy says she wants an enema nozzle that does that!

Same bag, but this time Buffy's all cleaned-out so she won't have to worry about obstructions in the way as she takes a very, very warm large-volume gush, strictly for pleasure.


More buttplay, more goosebumps!

The Collector left the hoseclamp open when he used the rectal nozzle and Buffy's bottom made some funny sucking noises. Here's where you get to hear what she sucked in come out, along with the rest of the water from her last enema. Buffy thought the phenominon rather comical.

"Now, that's a good cleanout!"

Time: 1:03

Price: $60.00

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