A Fantasy

featuring Buffy and Lilly

Beginner's Enema

Suspend disbelief with us while we imagine that Buffy is an enema virgin and her friend Lilly wants to turn her on to the enema scene.

Already being lovers helped.

So did a little action with the vibrator before the enema.

Lilly inserted the Silver Bullet and away they went.

It was quite apparent that both girls were enjoying themselves!

New rule - you have to stop for a kiss before going to the potty.

And, sure, Lilly's ready to try it, herself.

Buffy had never given an enema before, but she caught on quickly enough.

And she even added some vibrator action for Lilly to enjoy during the enema.

Again, it's that "Let's sit here and talk or kiss for a while before I go to the potty" routine.

It's Buffy's turn again!

These two had way too much fun!

And now Lilly's at it with the vibrator again!

"Now, before you can go to the potty..."

Musical thunder!

It's Lilly's turn again!

Buffy looks like she's catching on to this!

And here comes the vibrator again.

Lilly sucked the bag dry, gave Buffy a kiss and was off to the potty.

What a nice afternoon! Let's go shopping now!

This is simply the hottest girl/girl action The Collector has filmed in a long time! Enjoy!

Time: 1:01

Price: $70.00

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