Cat, Kelly, Cindy (who went by the screen name of "Misty") and Margo were first filmed in May 1995, but then, in 1996, we found Stef and Fiona and simply had to add them to the video, which fills this video out to a full two hours long!

It wasn't easy finding six women who had never had an enema in their lives AND who would agree to have their first enemas filmed. See their startled expressions as they find out what it's all about! Four realized they liked it and made videos of their second enemas! This tape includes the first enemas for Margo, Fiona, Cindy, Kat, Stef and Margo's friend Kelly.

Time: 2 Hours!

Price: $60.00

©1995 The Collector (re-released with added Fiona material in 1996)