201 Motels, Part VI

Lola and Maeve


The Girl from Planet Bathtub


"Do you look how I feel?"

Lola has awakened in a few strange places, but none so strange as this. She's in a hotel room, but she doesn't know what hotel or how she got there. What's even stranger is that when she gets up to pee, she finds a girl she'd met at a party the night before asleep in the bath! Neither girl can remember how she got there, but both have raging hangovers and Lola sees that some unknown person has stocked the room with enough enema equipment to cure the hangovers of a whole crowd!

Maeve doesn't know the first thing about enemas, but she's willing to take Lola's word for it that they're her favourite hangover cure, so Lola fills up a 1947-vintage Davol Comfy with a mini-Silver Bullet nozzle and shows Maeve the ropes - or at least the hoses.

She leaves Maeve holding the bag, literally, as she fills up with two quarts.

Once Lola's tummy is as full as an overinflated balloon, she creates a thunderstorm on the potty.

After seeing Lola's look of relief, Maeve decides she's ready to try the first enema she's ever had. (Note to viewers - Maeve really was an enema virgin before this video was made.)

Maeve manages to take the entire contents of a Rexall Victoria fountain syringe, but she's uncomfortably full!

Worse than that, he bowels seem to have succumbed to stage fright, because no matter how she grunts or wiggles, not a drop will come out! Lola shows her how to move her body and massage her tummy to try to get her bowels to loosen, all to no avail. This girl is in distress!

Lola's not sure what to do, but she figures more water can't hurt - Maeve will surely tell her if she's getting too full, won't she?

Yes, she will. But not before she's taken all but an ounce or two of the Victoria bag - again! Here's an enema vigrin with nearly 4 quarts of water in her! When it finally busts loose, it's something to behold!

Lola decides she wants a second enema, just to make sure she's thoroughly cleaned-out, and she wants one a bit larger than the Comfy could deliver, so she fills a Davol Paris combo syringe, attaches a Silver Bullet nozzle and has Maeve hold the bag, again.

This one was accompanied by some moaning and groaning - evidently Lola hadn't completely gotten rid of her first enema and had the remains of that one pressurizing her innards, along with 2½ quarts of water from the Paris.

Here's one FULL girl!

We must comment favourably about the acoustics and lighting in this chain's toilets. That's because they're about the only things they got right. They had the good sense not to tile the toilet walls. Full-tile gives farts an unreal, slapback echo. The vinyl wallpaper allowed us to capture, in 24-bit stereo, Lola's crisp, full, surprisingly-explosive farts. Notice her look of surprise, above, as she startles herself with her own flatulence!

Maeve's still got enough sloshing around inside her that she's certain she wants another enema. Since she held nearly 4 quarts the first time, Lola grabs a Davol Paris Fountain Syringe, which can hold about 3 quarts when overfilled, and a Black Bullet. She has Maeve bend over.......

And this one REALLY pressurizes the girl!

But, it did the trick! Maeve thundered on!

Finally, with their hangovers somewhat attenuated, the girls ease back into restful slumber, still unaware of where they might actually be. "If you don't care where you are, you aren't lost."

Time: 1:15

Price: $75.00

©2005 The Collector