Lola Meets Tatiana!

Re-Released for 2008

No new footage. No director's commentary. Absolutely nothing new added!

2007 Director's Comments: This video was produced in late 2002. It has since become a classic. Stonefox happened by and acted as second cameraman. Lola performed what we'd call "Stand-up Comedy", except she was sitting down on the toilet. If you can watch her first toilet scene without breaking out laughing at some point, you obviously don't speak English.

LolaLola & Tatiana

Lola was hanging out alone at The Collector's house, watching TV, when who should drop in but Tatiana. She'd gone back to Russia and we hadn't seen her fora while, but when she returned to America, she took a chance and simply dropped in to see if anything was happening. She'd never met Lola, but she'd enjoyed her previous enema experiences and wanted to learn more. She couldn't have found a better teacher!

Lola & TatianaLola & Tatiana

Lola & TatianaLola & Tatiana

Lola started Tatiana with a 1947-vintage Davol "Comfy" and a mini-Silver Bullet. With someone besides herself handling the insertion and flow for the first time, Tatiana was able to just lie back and enjoy the ride. What amazed everyone, however, was that when Lola had filled her up, Tatiana proceed to lie around on the bed instead of going to the potty. In fact, she was halfway through filling up a bag for Lola when she suddenly dropped everything and announced that (ohdear!) she had to run.

Lola & TatianaLola & Tatiana

2007 Director's Comments: This was one of the first Collector videos available on DVD. Unfortunately, the technology was just maturing at the time and there was a 10-second audio dropout and a bit of video flickering as Tatiana got up off the toilet and flushed, as well as a couple of other annoying flickers nobody seemed to be able to compensate for at the time. At least they didn't occur when someone was getting hosed.

After Tatiana finished on the potty, she attached a 3/4" Black Bullet to the same "Comfy" fountain syringe Lola had used on her and proceeded to show Lola a very good time by moving the Bullet around in a very sensual manner!

Lola & TatianaLola & Tatiana

Tatiana did her best to drive Lola crazy.

And she succeeded! We think.

(just listen to the girl)

Lola & TatianaLola &Tatiana

Lola stopped long enough to admire her swollen tummy before she sped off to the potty where she uttered such gems as...

"There's a rock coming. I might break the toilet."

(when things weren't moving) "I'm having some stuckness."

(when the "rock" finally broke loose) "It just launched."

"Did that noise come out of me? No... The toilet's alive!"

At one point, she accidently elbowed the magazine rack and said, "Excuse me".

You never know what's going to come out of Lola (besides what normally comes out of a girl when you give her an enema).

Lola &TatianaLola &Tatiana

Lola decided that if Tatiana could hold an enema for that long, she probably wasn't filling her up enough. She grabbed a 3-quart Davol "Paris" fountain syringe, attached the Black Bullet and proceeded to make Tatiana one very full (and very aroused) girl!

Lola &TatianaLola &Tatiana

Tatiana still managed to admire her enlarged tummy, but only for a moment. This time, she was quite a bit quicker to head for the potty!

Lola &TatianaLola &Tatiana

After having seen Tatiana take three quarts of water, Lola decided she'd see if she could hold as much, too.......

Lola &TatianaLola &Tatiana

Which she managed to do, but only just barely. Look at that distension!

(Then listen to the thunder!)

Lola &Tatiana

After a thorough cleanout, the girls relaxed on the bed, showing each other some very interesting (and erotic) yoga exercises.

We've said before that our Gonzo Girl has what it takes, and now Tatiana knows it, too, having experienced Lola's antics This video is packed with great action and excellent two-cameraman videography. And, of course, if you happen to enjoy very young "eye candy" (Lola's 19 and Tatiana is 20) who are thoroughly anally-erotic in real life, you can't afford to miss this video!

Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Price: $70.00

All images and content ©2002 The Collector