Lindsey's Prep


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors when women who don't like enemas have to give themselves enemas?

Meet Lindsey McLean.

A thirty-something housewife...

who hates enemas.

She knows about Enemarotica videos, but she would never consider appearing in one because she would never consider taking an enema unless she absolutely had to - it would have to be on doctor's orders.

And, even then, she'd bitch and moan a lot.


So, what would one of those enema-hating women do if they couldn't get around it - they not only had to have an enema, they had to figure out how to give it to themselves?

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall, watching that situation?

Well, here's your chance. Lindsey's doctor called and told her she needed a hospital procedure which required Lindsey to prep herself at home with "enemas until clear".

Would she take advantage of The Collector's long-standing offer to film her anytime she was willing to receive an enema?


You bet she would!

Lindsey was by no means an enema virgin, but despite having been given enemas, she had never, ever given one to herself. Why should she? She hates them.

Her inexperience with the equipment and procedures added to her charm as an almost-enema-virgin out on her "first solo".

We decided it would be fun to stand back with a camera, not coach her and see how the average enema-hating woman might deal with having to give herself a thorough hosing.


Lindsey bought one of those disposable "Fleet Bagenema" large-volume soapsuds prep kits and proceeded to do it "by the book".


So much "by the book", in fact, she took the book with her. There she was, reading the procedure to us out loud off the back of the Fleet box. The problem was that she was too busy reading about how to do it right to do it right. Made for interesting bloopers.


She wasn't even able to go to the potty on camera, at first. We actually had to shut off the camcorder, let her take her Valium and come back to the potty before her tight little rear would unloosen a drop.

We think she may have set some sort of record for "longest time holding soapsuds enema by newbie enemate".


When The Collector gave her some interesting antiques to use, she tried to get into the spirit, even if she didn't enjoy it.

But it took Lindsey a while to grasp the hydraulic concept that the higher the bag (or the lower her butt) the faster the flow. "Oh, no wonder it doesn't go as fast when I'm up on my knees".


If you like audible moaning, groaning, whining and lots of writhing around in various positions as the lady gets so painfully overfilled, this video's for you.


After the soapsuds, Lindsey groans and grimaces through four more 2-quart tap water enemas, all delivered by various antique enema bags. Here, she uses a Davol Travelfold.


Lindsey always tidied-up. Here, she finished her enema, took down the Travelfold, put the bag in the sink, went to the toilet, then returned with the Comfy combo syringe. Despite fullness and cramps, Lindsey never seemed to be in a big hurry to rush to the toilet.

Once, she actually put the bag in the sink, then went back and reclined on the bed for a while, before deciding it was time to potty. She seems to have an amazing knack for holding large amounts of water for long periods of time.

You'll wish she had the knack of not whining about it, too. Unless, of course, you happen to like whining.


Here you see her repeat her tidy-up act again, going from combination syringe to Sojourn.



Playing Suzie Homemaker one last time before heading to the potty.

Lindsey polished off five big enemas in an hour! Not bad for someone who hates enemas.

You need no longer wonder what goes on behind closed doors when women who don't like enemas have to give themselves enemas.

Time: 1 hour

Price: $60.00

©2001 The Collector