Enema Sex Fetish Blog

THIS PAGE IS WRITTEN BY THE ENAMIST CREATOR OF THE NEW ENEMAS SEX FETISH BLOG. ITS A COMPLETE SELF DISCRIPTION. . . so there may be a bit of bias. . . but I stand by my site. . . and if you have better suggestions, comments, critiques, use the post comment option in the blog. . that is what a blog is all about!

The enema sex fetish site is a blog focusing entirely on the enema fetish. It is mainly a pornographic site offering a selection of enema pictures, enema specialists, and some enema pay site reviews. Enema enthusiasts today are receiving more attention than ever before (even wikipedia mentions the subtle erotic side of enemas) and this new blog wants to become a valuable resource for enema enthusiasts everywhere.

Enema sex fetish blog looks to tackle more options beyond its current posts and add in more enema stories, recipes, tips, history, and more. The blog also hopes to add in the blogging component of enemas which is yet to be fully explored such as having users post comments and suggestions. Also, in true blog fashion, working with other new enema blogs to help share greater knowledge. The enamist loves his own posts most (dr. tushy, enema picture gallery), but learns something new every day by reading others. Did you already know about this years Efest?

The eroticism of enemas already has a great community of active participants offering great products such as the wizard of ass, and of course the collector himself. Now lets try adding some more active participation. I know the site touches on topics and word choice often shuned upond by enema enthusiasts as debasing such as 'enema sex', and 'sex fetish', however we try to cover all areas and bring everyone into the fold, letting each enthusiast chose their own path. If you are really offended you can always just search google, and yahoo, or better yet create your own resource. I hope this explains thouroughly the www.enemasexfetish.com blog. If you want more information about the enema sex fetish site click here.

Special thanks to The Collector for allowing me to give a full description of our new blog before your drop by!