This is one unbelievable gal! She's appeared in Playboy (under a different name, but if you look back about 12 years, you'll probably be able to find and recognize her). Talk about drop-dead gorgeous! A true sweetheart, too! She started the video as a true enema virgin, but she caught on quickly! Brandy's brand of action isn't the outrageous stuff Jodi pulls off, either - instead, she's so quietly seductive, you won't believe your eyes! And what a lingerie collection!

You'll see her both with and without wigs, depending on her whims.

Here, you see Brandy losing her enema virginity.

Seems like she did just fine, so we invited her back for more!

This two-hour video shows Brandy getting seven enemas.

And her first scene with her "Peg Bundy" wig.

Brandy liked enemas for health, not so much for pleasure, so you'll hear quite a bit of bitching, moaning and groaning as The Collector mandates that she finish every last drop of every bag.

And, of course, it includes two new expulsion scenes.

As well as her first "Showershot" scene. Enjoy!

Time: 2 hours

Price: $60.00


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© 1997 by The Collector