Anika and Siobhan!

Anika, The Collector's secretary, was relaxing on the porch after work one day, enjoying a beer, an enema and a beautiful sunset. Her friend, Siobhan, dropped by unannounced and was startled to see Anika with a hose up her bum and water flowing in!



Siobhan was immediately intrigued! She followed Anika into the bathroom to see how things came out. This got her even more aroused, the girls talked and Siobhan got her nerve up and asked Anika to administer the first enema she'd ever had in her life.


Anika got out the old B. F. Goodrich Sojourn and oblidged her! That's when she made the pleasant discovery that Siobhan enjoyed it, right from the get-go!


Siobhan managed to take the entire two-quart enema on her first try!


Siobhan was in no hurry to rush off to the potty, either. Amazed at how much water she was able to hold, she stuck around for a minute or two, just to enjoy the sensation of fullness.


After a loud session of gushing on the potty, she showed her appreciation to Anika for turning her on to the new thrill!


Siobhan was all charged up and ready to roll, now, so they picked out a big, old, red Wearever #90 hot water bottle, attached a Black Bullet, threw in a load of liquid castile enema soap and the two were off again!




Siobhan had Anika give her a third enema using the same apparatus so that she'd be really cleaned-out. Two beautiful girls, four enemas, exotic equipment - Anika and Siobhan is a must for the enema video conoisseur!

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $60.00

18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Record Keeping Compliance Notice

©1999 The Collector