Return of Kaz

New shooting location! (Filmed on a small island off a large island off the coast of Europe.)

New 3CCD Camcorders! . . . . . . . . Almost-new Enemate!

Filmed by The Collector, himself!

Kaz hadn't had an enema in several months when she began a thorough colon cleansing using a fountain syringe at least twice her age.

She barely managed to drain it and she was awfully full.

So full, in fact, that she finished the bag, then erupted from both ends on the bed before she could run for the toilet.

Once she was cleaned out, however, the second enema went MUCH easier!


Kaz wasn't done, however. She wanted nothing but clear water coming out!

But, if felt so good, she got carried away.

She wasn't even off the toilet when she hiccoughed (she does that a lot) and decided she needed just one more quick rinsing-out.

Kaz decided to give it a go, standing up in the bathroom, thinking that that might generate a little more pressure and clean her pipes better.

Seems to have worked!

At the end, Kaz gives a short recap and teases us with things yet to come.

Kaz is the prettiest thing to grace The Collector's videos in quite some time and her English accent is lovely!

Time: 1:01:37

Price: $70.00

©April 2008 The Collector