Miko Jordan

This video is Rae's second shoot as our Enemarotica Camera Girl. We like the way she interacts with the models and inserts herself into the action, occasionally.

Niko applied for a position as an enemate, claiming she was experienced in enemas. Not just experienced; very experienced. She claimed she loved enemas, anal sex and anything to do with either one.

We'll let you decide. She was a complete squirrel, proceeding from one blooper to the next. All of which actually made her quite entertaining. We'll simply post some unedited vidcaps taken from the video here in sequential order and let you decide.

We think that, despite her performing a complete clown act, she was extremely entertaining, as well as quite erotic, to view!


Niko managed to take four enemas and while we're not sure how much fun she had, we're sure that you will have fun watching her!

Time: 1 Hour

DVD: $34.99

Hi-Res Download: $14.99

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