Kajira's Delayed Gratification!

This is "Reality Video" to the max. The cameras never stopped rolling for an hour and 6 minutes. We had to decide where to cut it into scenes, so we usually did it when Kajira was getting off the toilet.

In our last video, Kajira had just started using her new Showershot when she to stop, lest she burn herself. Do you know how difficult it is to use a Showershot unless you've installed special tempereature-control plumbing in your shower? Hard to do in a rented house. Then a neighbour came to visit - a long visit. That day just didn't work out! But, now, she's got it down and is she ever having fun with her new toys! It's almost an art form, but Kajira's learned how!

Kajira got another new toy that fits the Showershot and wanted to try it out, but she knew she'd have to have several enemas, first, to get herself cleaned-out enough to hold this monster!

She decided to start out with the Showershot's version of a standard-sized enema nozzle.

Wow! That thing flows fast!

It wasn't long until Kajira was on the toilet!

Now, there's a nozzle that looks like fun. It even has several holes so it squirts out all pretty like a fountain.

So, let's give it a try! "OMG, this things fills you up fast!"

So fast that Kajira had the equivalent of a two-quart bag enema inside her bowel is only a minute or two. And when it all gushed out, it was a big"Wow!"

Oh, yeah, let's try that one again!

Wow! Another super-fast gush of a fill-up and back on the toilet again. and you should hear the gushes as it comes out - we're talking "large volume" here.

And one more super-fast, gigantic-volume gush, filling Kajira as full as she could get, followed by a noisy expulsion!

Wow, that was four big enemas in a row. It must be time to play with the new toy!

Kajira managed to get that monster about 3/4ths the way in, which was some trick, considering it was spewing water at the same rate as the other nozzles!

She filled herself until she couldn't hold a drop more, then expelled into the bathtub.

And expelled and expelled and expelled. Heck, we didn't know if she was ever going to finish!

Wow! We thought she was going to "go" forever. She really likes her new toys!

Kajira bids you farewell until next time. Don't miss this unusual, fantastic video!

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