Kajira's Box!

Strangely enough, this video has been getting great revierws!

Read on . . .

Why are we looking at a picture of Kajira with no head?

To warn you that we tried out an amateur videomaker and this is actually the bathroom scene from one of the five scenes he shot.

And if the cameraman would get rid of that noisy tripod he had camera A mounted on, we'd be happier.

The other four are better. The sound is out of synch so much in many places, it's worse than a badly lip-synched Japanese movie . But, to his credit, he got better toward the end and got some very good close-ups of Kajira. They're just not in the proper order or with the proper soundtrack, that's all!

We can't give this our "Worst Video" award because he did get some really hot views. Let's call it out "Funniest Bloopers" video.

And with the views he got (except for the toilet shot, above) who cares what we call it?

Let's follow along...

Kajira checked into an old hotel nd found a box on her dresser that said, "Kajira, open me". She did and what she found was an old Beth Tyler film, converted to DVD. She played it on the room's DVD player and ended up hot and horny. At which point, the closing titles on the DVD told her to look in the bag on the wall behind her. She did and found one of her favorite kinds of enema bags. "Well, enough hints", she thought and filled up the bag.

This is one of the videos where the A Cam wouldn't synch with the B cam, so, you don't lose anything - first, we show you the A Cam, here.

That's some distension!

And, even out of sequence, the B Camera still made a very entertaining sequence!

Well, that was fun! What's new?

Once again, our man delivered the goods as the giant penis-shaped nozzle slid up Kajira's behind.

Our guy was on a roll, both camcorders synched and some nice views. And then, she went to the toilet and...

Well, the framing IS good, even if the cropping is not. And you can still hear what Kajira has to say.

A much larger green bag. Looks like a challenge.

And, far be it from Kajira to leave a bag unfinished. She went back and flattened it.

"Oh, wow, what a relief! I could do another one that big, like the Seamless Nearkid."

Standing up!

And then...

...Kajira, being empty of everything but clear water, did a large volume expulsion scene in the hot tub

What an experience! Still, it's got all the right erotic scenes - some of them from two camera angles. Those made it run to an hour-and-a-half of viewing, unedited. It's definitely erotic, due to Kajira, and possibly our best blooper video yet.

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