Kajira & Onyx Raye

(& Buffy as Housemother)

Kajira's back and she's brought her friend, Onyx Raye, who's completely new to the scene.

Just as Kajira was leaving last time, she confessed she has a rectal thermometer fetish.

So, we simply had to immobilize her while Onyx played butt games for a while.

Onyx noticed the enema bag and asked about it. She'd only ever tried a Fleet enema, never a large-volume bag.

Buffy was happy to show her how it worked.

Meanwhile, Kajira still had a thermometer inserted and was forbidden to move.

She loved trhe feeling of the Silver Bullet going in!

And when Buffy started the flow, it was "OMG"!

This was something Onyx had never felt before.

And the heat of the bullet along with the pressure was driving her wild.

Wild to the point where she was leaking around the bullet onto the bed!

She left more than water, in a trail to the toilet. The cameraman actually slipped in something.

While Onyx was on the toilet, Kajira was anxious to get her first enema of the day.

With a towel.

ooooOOOoooh! The lube's cold!

Now', we're cookin'!

Between the assplay from Onyx and 2+ quarts of warm water, Kajira was definitely having a good time!

Done! And she had to keep her hand ready, in case she didn't make it.


How about an enema bag race? Two bags, same size.

Onyx didn't want to leak again and The Collector found a large nozzle someone sent him.

It looked intimidatingly-large, but Onyx wanted to try it.

Two bags, hung side by side.

Ohdear, can onyx get this thing in?

Kajira wisely chose a hospital Barium-type nozzle, with plenty of large-bore holes for fast flow.

Ready, set, go!

As expected, Jakira won by a large margin and got the right to choose where she pottied.

Poor Onyx was left trying to get two quarts of water through the small hole in the end of the big nozzle.

Just as Kajira finished, Onyx came running in. Kajira took the camp stool in the shower, in case she had more to come out.

So, what did you think of your first large-volume enema?

Onyx finise and Kajira cleans the shower stall where she had a few dribbles left.

Kajira shows off her gorgeous bottom while Onyx finishes.

And another bottom picture opportunity presents itself while Kajira fills the 4-quart pumpkin bag.

Onys wanted to try the same bag and nozzle again. She really liked the size.

This, of course, is not a race. There's no way Kajira could hold that 4-quart bag.

Onyx has a flow problem and Buffy comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Kajira simply has tro stop before she pops.

Kajira's going and Onyx is "still going".

Removing the nozzle takes as long as inserting it.

Buffy finds another interesting nozzle and Onyx says, "Next time! Maybe!"

And while Onyx is cleaning up in the shower, Buffy and Kajira are sword fighting with two long, flexible rubber nozzles.

"You two!"

Well, surprise, surprise. Kajira says, "On principle, I'm finishing this bag".

A fist in the air and a yell of "Hooray!" as the flow meter stops.

Then Onyx - "still going" like the battery bunny.

Meanwhile, Kajira poses on the bed.

Onyx isn't sure she's finished, so all thre girls end up on the bed, wiggling their legs in the air to stimulate some peristalsis. It turns into a dance.

Two gorgeous ginger girls on the end of a hose with Buffy adding her charisteric zanyness to the video.

There's nothing wrong with this picture show!

Time: 1 Hour 32 minutes

Price: $70.00

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