Kajira's Tarot Reading!

Just hanging out, Kajira decided to do a Tarot reading

She was puzzling over the meaning when it came to her that she was meant to pleasure herself anally.

Looks like she was prepared for it!

She started off with a red bag and a sea salt solution.

She lubed the Silver Bullet and away she went!

Finally, full to bursting, she headed for the toilet.

"That felt great, but I want another."

This time, with the large, black nozzle.

Wiggle and try as she may, Kajira could not get any water out of the black nozzle!

Time to switch back to a known quantity: the Silver Bullet.

That got things moving!

Now, the big, pink nozzle with the amber latex bag.

Same problem! The pink nozzle wouldn't run! "Now, where'd I drop that Silver Bullet?"


Much better! And now, for something completely different.

Kajira prepared her special cholorophyl mixture, pulled back the plunger and sucked it into the barrel!

She had to use her toes to push the plunger down!

Then, it was time for some fun with Kajira's thermometer collection!

Bettter expel the chlorophyl!

And what to do after such a good cleanout? Why, a nap, of course!

This may be the cheesiest excuse for a plot Kajira's come up with yet, but she makes up for it with her allure and expertise with the enema!

Time: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

DVD: $34.95

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