We've always filled enema virgins' bags for them, but we'd been doing it for a couple of years for Kaz until we decided she'd better learn how to do it for herself.

"Oh, look! Baby-Mild Liquid Castile!"

Kaz made sure her nozzle was clean, then dumped in a healthy load of soap.

She made sure the water was the right temperature.

Then, she made her first mistake, trying to be sure the air was out of the hose. First, she thought it would do it automatically, if she closed the clamp. Next, she held the hose higher than the bag and tried to make water run uphill.

We finally got that straightened-out and she was off to the bedroom to enjoy the fruits of her labour.i

We love the way she always takes so long to lubricate the inside of her rectum!i

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that'd cold!!!"

"OK, now it's warmed-up!"

It's so warm, in fact, that Kaz had to start wriggling out of her knit dress.

We really like watching her wriggle!

"What a relief!"

She's ready for another go!

She did well on screwing the stopper into the hot water bottle, then blew it again by holding the bag wrong-side-up and expecting it to exhause the air from the hose.

Once again, she figured it out and the next thing we knew, she was playing with her butthole again. It's cute. You'd play with it, too, if you could!i

"Ahh, the warmth of the flow!"

"It's kinda dreamy!"

Kaz loosed one of her patented loud hiccoughs and interrupted our dream, but it didn't take long for us to get back into it.

Didn't take long for Kaz to finish the bag, either!

We simply love it when she loves doing what we lo9ve watching.

"Ooooh, tricky! Another open-top fountain syringe, but this one's red rubber.

Time to get comfortable!

She almost sucks it in, with her hungry little tush!i

She barely finishes it!i

"oooooooooh, I'm full!"

"ooooooh, I'm suddenly not so full!"i

"Let's try the big Davol Paris!"

"This thing's heavy! Think it will fall on my head?

That first rush of pleasure.

And it just keeps on rushing!

Kaz was all over the bed, but she finished the bag!

Then, did the toilet dance until every last drop came out.

All cleaned out and nothing more to do. Or is there?

Let's start with a bulb syringe full of nice, slippery mineral oil.

Then, let's stir it up a bit.

Add a little pressure....

Then, insert a Silver Bullet nozzle and have Kaz bend waaaay over, with her bottom as high in the air as she can hoist it...

...and listen as she whistles a tune, sucking air up her bottom.

Next, The Collector put a large dollop of lube on Kaz's electric anal dildo and inserted it.

And she was off to the races!

One orgasm later, she was worn out, but satisfied!i

This video has some of the best curvy feminine figure angles we've ever photographed. Kaz has curves in places where other girls don't have places. Enjoy!

Time: 1 hour 31 minutes

Price: $60.00

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